Hello, My name is NekoGirl29 and I am an artist.

I've been drawing since I was a child with my earliest creation being some toilet paper sculptures I made when I was little. my favorite mediums are colored pencils and digital art, however I do like to experiment with other mediums like markers, clay, and others.

I've decided to make this site because I want to do more then just art. I also want to do indie games and enter some indie game jams like Ludum Dare and Super Friendship Club.

so I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and make sure to visit me on live journal and deviant art.


Art Gallery - selected works of both my original and fan art.

Games - homemade computer games and visual novels made by yours truly.

News - Updates on current and future projects.

Links - where else you can find me online.

- - -

I'll might add more someday, but for now I'll just keep things simple.

Online Artist