Paper Wings requires the use of an Xbox Controller. 

Analogue Stick - Move
B Button - Breaks
X Button - Checkpoint Restart
Right Trigger (Controller) - Boost
Start (Controller) - Game Restart
Select (Controller) - Game Quit

5/27/2015 - Paper Wings is flying into Desura!
We're extremely excited to announce that Paper Wings will be launching on Desura on June 27th, 4PM CST. You can pre-load the game starting to day. We're super excited to be launching through this store and encourage everyone to go create an account and follow us on the store front! Full details can be found here.

5/26/2015 - Version 0.85 is live!
Version 0.85 of Paper Wings is now live! Head over to the blog to read the updates and changes to the game. 

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