Characteristics of good English teacher


What are the characteristics of a good teacher? Use reasons and examples to support your response.

In my opinion, a good teacher must be interesting, dynamic, and she/he must have vocation to teach to the students in order to success in their profession.

First of all, a good teacher must be interesting and dynamic because these two characteristics are very important to get all the attention of the students. For example, if a teacher has a boring class, some students can have problems to learn and lose concentration.

Secondly, she/he must has much knowledge of what is teaching, I think that this is an important point because in many occasions, I had professors without the minimum knowledge about she/he want to teach.

Thirdly, she/he must have vocation to teach. Sadly, most teachers don't have this characteristic. For a student, it is important that the teacher encourages to the students, in order to explore more.

In conclusion, if a teacher has those three characteristics the most probably is that all the students will like the to learn.