Mission Statement: College Students for New Orleans is a volunteer organization based at San Diego State University in San Diego, California. We recruit and organize groups of college students to volunteer for non-profit organizations in the Greater New Orleans Area. We also secure resources and funding to support the groups and subsidize the costs of repeated volunteer efforts.

Nawleanteer Origins

It is said that If you don’t know your past, then you don’t know your future.

The story of College Students for New Orleans and its Nawleanteers began with the advice of Adam Kronenberg’s sister to volunteer in New Orleans after she had done so in November 2006. Taking up her advice, Mark Kellner, Aimee De Saxe, Keri Rosen, Julie Garrison, Ryan Breakstone and Adam Kronenberg accomplished a one-week volunteer road trip to New Orleans in March 2007. The six students assisted the city and its residents by gutting houses, tutoring, and helping at animal shelter and an elderly home.
The group returned to San Diego and Ryan Breakstone and others established a San Diego State University organization, College Students for New Orleans. Through a large effort in a short period of time, CSNO had a second trip planned to volunteer in August 2007 with 12 students. Upon returning there was an incredible amount of energy within the group after a memorable effort in New Orleans between the 12 Nawleanteers.
Following the second venture, a plan was devised so that student volunteer trips to New Orleans would be continuous each break. This includes: Spring Break, Winter Break and two Summer Break trips with up to 60 SDSU students/volunteers for each trip! Thus far in our trips, students have gutted and rebuilt homes, tutored youths, distributed food to homeless people and took care of rescued animals.
Experts estimate that it will take 10-15 years for New Orleans to be completely rebuilt and CSNO is confident that our students will prolong this effort until we see that day.