Creating Online Multimedia and Video Presentations

This site will include ideas for how to create multimedia presentations for online and blended classes for teacher preparation. I will continue to add tutorials and tips on how to create and submit video presentations of your teaching. To demonstrate your own teaching style and ability to engage students in your content, you will need to prepare examples for your methods and strategies courses in education. Hopefully, these ideas will help you be successful - and enable you to submit videos and slideshows that are small enough in file size and easy to embed in online classes.

Video Screen Capture


Online Multimedia Presentations

Do you own an iPad or Android tablet?

One of the easiest and most effective programs is an app available for both called Explain Everything. It costs $2.95 at the App Store or Google Play, but it could easily be the program for you - particularly as you create videos for your flipped classroom!

Embedded Slideshow Programs (Upload PowerPoints for Websites)

Teaching Video Demonstration

Video and Video Conferencing

Online Pedagogy

Websites with Video Segments of Good Teaching Techniques

  • Powerful Teaching and Learning - The Contrasting Video Series is designed to help educators see, study, and understand the differences between teacher-centered classrooms and student-centered classrooms. Viewers also get ideas for their own instruction by listening to teachers plan and reflect on their own lessons.