Fairbanks Concert Association 2012-2013 Concert Schedule

Concert Schedule

Date           Performance                                                    Location                 Time      Day

9/20/2012           Parsons Dance                                                                                         Lathrop                                   8pm            Friday

9/30/2012           Riders in the Sky                                                                                    Lathrop                                  4pm            Sunday

10/13/2012           New York Polyphony                                                                          Davis Concert Hall              8pm           Saturday

10/21/2012           In the Footsteps of Django                                                                Lathrop                                   4pm            Sunday

11/16/2012          Metta Quintet                                                                                          Lathrop                                   8pm             Friday

12/7/2012           Pink Martini                                                                                              Lathrop                                   8pm              Friday

1/20/2013           Cirque Mechanics                                                                                   Lathrop                                   4pm             Sunday

2/8/2013             Alasdair Fraser/Natalie Haas                                                            Lathrop                                   8pm             Friday

2/16/2013          The Good Lovelies                                                                                    Lathrop                                   8pm            Saturday

3/15/2013          LadySmith Black Mambazo                                                                  Lathrop                                   8pm              Friday

3/22/2013          BeauSoleil                                                                                                     Lathrop                                   8pm            Friday

4/14/2013          The Step Crew                                                                                              Lathrop                                   4pm            Sunday

5/3/2013            Bruce Adolphe with Marija Stroke & Mark Steinberg                 Lathrop                                   8pm            Friday