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Fairbanks Concert Association Fundraising

The ASB has been fortunate enough to have a good relationship with the fine folks at the Fairbanks Concert Association (FCA). Currently, the ASB is allowed to attend FCA events, and sell ice cream to the audience during intermission. This means we get to enjoy the excellent shows that the FCA puts on, hob knob with some of the more notable members of the business community, and indulge in the decadent free ice cream; in fact, the ice cream we sell is a special flavor from Hot Licks dubbed "Raspberry Rhapsody", which was created specifically for the FCA.

Selling ice cream brings in a surprising amount of club funds for the ASB, and is one of the chief ways we're able to do cool things like providing mounds of pizza and soda for the ASB general meetings.

Join us! If you'd like to enjoy free ice cream, watch the show, and sell like a mad person, check out the ASB calendar and watch the announcements for ice cream scooping dates and please feel free to come by and participate. All are welcome.

Click the links under "FCA Fundraising" to see how past scooping events have turned out.

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Fairbanks Concert Association 2012-2013 Concert Schedule