BLOY 2011 - Kyong Hollen

Business Leader of the Year for 2011, Kyong Hollen. Nominated by her peers and chosen by a committee of students, faculty, and a previous Business Leader of the Year, Kyong is the 35th recipient of this award. She will be joining the ranks of leaders chosen for their business achievements, leadership, community service, and educational support. Kyong came to the United States in 1986, speaking almost no English and knowing very little about Western culture. She worked as many as four jobs at a time to make ends meet. Thanks to her boundless energy and never-ending perseverance, Kyong was eventually able to start her own business, K Janitorial. In between her hours of work at her cleaning business, she began working part time at Santina’s Flowers and Gifts. In 1999, she purchased the business from the retiring owner. Santina’s held a special place in Kyong’s heart, as she says, “Flowers make people happy.” Remembering her own earlier financial struggles, Kyong makes it a business practice to provide employment opportunities to those in need who are willing to embrace hard work.

Way to go BLOY team! A large part of the business world and community world came together on 03/25/11 to honor Kyong Hollen. The event was a smashing success, selling out far in advance, and featuring a number of prominent guests, including the governor. ASB's own Michelle Stringham chaired the BLOY committee, and with a number of other hard working students from the ASB and other business orgs across campus under the direction of Tammy Tragis-McCook, helped to make the event the success it was. By all accounts, BLOY gets better every year.

A word from ASB's advisor James McDermott:

"Michele Stringham (ASB Vice President) and your ASB planning team I have one word to describe this year’s BLOY “AWESOME”. Michele you were as composed as a professional when publicly speaking at the BLOY. Additionally, the job your ASB BLOY process action team delivered was simply the best UAF BLOY event ever held. To see our UAF & ASB students shine at this year’s BLOY just about had my heart bursting out of my chest with pride. While sitting at the Fort Knox table; the individuals sitting there with my wife (Janet) and I constantly remarked and marveled at the extent of professionalism our students reflected. I am humbled to receive acknowledgement at the event but much more pleased to see my ASB students shine like the bright stars they have become. Great job ASB BLOY planning team you all would make excellent “Project Managers”. Now, new ASB leaders are you ready for what’s ahead for you next year?"