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Adam Pope

Hello one and all,

And welcome to the ASB (Associated Students of Business), future leaders in the business world.

My name is Adam Pope and I am one of the Liaison Officers whose duties include but not are limited to include greeting and meeting with other clubs and happily explaining what ASB is about.  I am happy to be here and to represent the club.  Just a little about me and what my goals and hopes are for the future.

Graduated March Mountain High School, 1993.
Graduated Fort Knox School of Armor, 1994
Served in South Korea, 1994 to 1995
Served with the California National Guard, to include the following duties from 1995 to 2000: Cavalry Scout, S-2 Shop, and S-1 Shop
Attended Riverside Community College, 1996
Served Fort Lewis, to include being part of the Army’s new vehicle test program where I took   part in evaluating the Stryker armored vehicle 2000 to 2002
Served in South Korea, 2002 to 2003
Served with the Washington National Guard, to include the following duties: Assistant State Personal Security Manager, Personal Security Manager.
Stationed in Iraq, Tallil, and Rahmahdi (Where I helped to transition the Second Infantry Division Home from South Korea, to Iraq, to state side duty stations)
I owned my own environment/landscaping business

I have been all over the world and have experienced many cultures and where ever I went the thing that always struck me that they all had one thing in common:

The want and need to succeed and excel in whatever business that they had or were in.  From the simple farmer
that took his goods to the market to sell…. to the street vendor that sat on the corner hawking his wears no matter
what the religious or political orientation of that country was.
I am currently taking business as a major that I am curtailing towards the human resources side, as well as getting my certification in medical billing to become a medical biller.  I am looking at later getting as many certifications as possible while I am in school while working on my major.  I am considering taking up paralegal for my minor later on.  My goal for next year is to take part in the Japanese exchange program where I hope to do a semester in Japan and possibly an internship in Washington DC with a Tech company.

When I graduate I look to put in for a position with the JDOD (Joint Department of Defense).  

You will find me an easy going, laid back kind of person that enjoys a variety of subjects and hobbies always with a yearning to learn and easy to get along with.  So feel free to come up and say hi when you see me on campus and strike up a conservation, I will be happy to talk business with you.