Pressure Cooker was originally a part of the program "Graduation at own company”. The program is designed for all student/entrepreneurs. It aims to help you on your way to a successful own business. The program is taken place twice a year, in September and February (block A and C). The program lasts 20 weeks which includes the first 10 weeks of workshops and the second ten-week of individual coaching (optional). Your entrepreneurial skills can be developed in the Pressure Cooker and the Business Design can be reviewed and further developed again and again. The Pressure Cooker contains of five tasks and research is led up to five peers / feedback sessions with groups of entrepreneurs. The study material is in English. Lectures will only be given on request to clarify certain topics. Each group of three to four entrepreneurs / enterprises receives one (external) coach assigned. The coaches are experienced entrepreneurs and investors, with a minimum of 15 years of experience.

To develop the design of the business, you should use a website template where you may fill your inputs in yourself. You can participate in the Pressure Cooker program if you are enrolled as a student at StudentsInc and if you have registered for the program.

Utrecht School:

Entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurship support of StudentsInc are based on an approach that we call the 'Utrecht School'. The Utrecht School distinguishes itself from the "Amsterdam School" with more focus on the demand side of the value proposition. That leads to a more systematic approach to business design and research on critical assumptions replacing just facts mentioning. The approach is also called "Fact Based Business Design". The program is taught by the people who have essential knowledge in entrepreneurship: Guy Kawasaki, Saras Sarasvati, Alex Ostenwalder, Eric Ries, Steve Blank and Nils de Witte.

Self-study and research:

The teaching model of the Pressure Cooker is derived from the "Flipped Classroom", which means that students are obliged to study and do homework at home and in the classrooms. In our case it means that:
- you may take notes of teaching materials or lessons, which is offered on-line;
- you will be asked to apply for the teaching materials regarding your own situation and reflect on;
- you have to follow the lessons and do your homework before the workshops;
- we are going to discuss the assignments you have done at home in our workshops.
The preparation for a workshop takes about a day to complete. During the workshop we discuss the application of the knowledge on your own situations/cases and we seek opportunities to deepen and broaden the knowledge and strengthen your own business design.

The aim of the Pressure Cooker:

The purpose of the Pressure Cooker is developing your entrepreneurial skills. The development of attitudes, knowledge and skills is tailored to your own business. We focus on you as an entrepreneur. It does not matter to us whether this business will be a success or not, we want to make you a successful entrepreneur, regardless of the company you're working on. In this context, fail completely OK.

Format and end product:

The Pressure Cooker program consists of five workshops and the preparation for it. The workshops take place every week or every two weeks. In the meantime, there is an opportunity for individual coaching at the Business Design. You work one day per week on your business design and you work four days a week on your graduation assignment. 
For the Business Design, we recommend you to use a website template. The final product of the Pressure Cooker is a feasible business design and a comprehensive reflection on the learning experience.