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Afstuderen op het eigen bedrijf bij StudentsInc (AOEB)

AOEB is a program of StudentsInc where students of UU and HU, regardless of training/education they follow, can graduate at their own businesses under supervising of StudentsInc. StudentsInc offers you an internship and gives you the assignment to create a business design for your own business and to test its feasibility. You will be guided through the graduation process by a company supervisor (teacher) from StudentsInc and you will be guided in the development of your business by a business coach from StudentsInc community. You are also to follow the Pressure Cooker program and be at least two days a week at StudentsInc office. 

Graduating at your own business is not easy. You have to write a thesis on a certain topic, to prepare a business design and make all the settings on your own. You will be coached but unaccompanied. You make your own schedules, set your own priorities and make sure that both you and StudentsInc are satisfied with your performance. Of course you can ask questions and you will be helped as needed, but you need to ask figure out yourself what problems or issues you face. Therefore, we make great demands on your independence and your perseverance. Furthermore, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to try to graduate on his own. If after a few weeks your progress is insufficient, we will have to reconsider your strategy and plans or ask you to find another graduation company.

The procedure of Graduation at the Own Company in StudentsInc is as follows:
- You (or your) final proposal should primarily meet the graduation criteria of their own program. 
- Go through the final protocol carefully and note the most important learning objectives and competencies of the graduation program;
- You need to have a distinct idea about the business you want to start or you need a company that wants to grow. Your company should offer sufficient basis to do graduation study at the bachelor's level, meaning that you should focus on growth ambitions, scalability and impact. We assume that you want to be a leader in it through your defined market segment. The further away you are, the easier it is to write a good research proposal;
- Come in the beginning of the process to talk with StudentsInc about formulating a thesis and make a plan B (in case if your thesis proposal is not accepted by your school); 
- Along with StudentsInc you write a thesis*, the company supervisor of StudentsInc signs the contract and will guide you through the entire process until you get the final project;
- StudentsInc offers you a job (co-working space), Pressure Cooker sessions and coaching in the field of entrepreneurship;
- Part of the intake is an introduction to the Student Board that deal with the co-working space and an introduction to your company supervisor who has been formally your supervisor;
- For the technical aspects of your company or graduation, you can use an external coach;
- StudentsInc will be next to your content performance also assess your entrepreneurial achievements;
- Participating in the StudentInc programs and the use of the co-working space is free of charge.

Preparing for graduation process:

- Think carefully about your own business idea and your thesis;
- Meet StudentsInc and your company supervisor and discuss your final project before submitting it;
- Submit your thesis proposal to the graduation coordinator of your training;
- If necessary, make an appointment with your supervisor and your company supervisor;
- If your thesis proposal is accepted, we draw your AOEB agreement and you can start at StudentsInc;
- Before you move to StudentsInc, draw the Co-working agreement.

- The internship begins in the first week of the block in which your graduation program begins;
- In week 1 (Monday) we hold a kick-off where we introduce our graduation program and you have to prepare your pitch about your business idea (who you are, your customers are, what the problems or desires are, what you will offer to your customers and why it’s better to do business with you and not with your competitors);
- In week 3 (Monday) you will present your pitch (five minutes) in front of the business coaches and we will advise you whether it is wise to proceed with the graduation at your own company or it’s better to find another graduation company;
- In week 3 (Wednesday) there is the first workshop and feedback session of the Pressure Cooker;
- In week 5 (Wednesday) there is the second workshop and feedback session of the Pressure Cooker;
- In week 7 (Wednesday) there is the third workshop and feedback session of the Pressure Cooker;
- In week 9 (Wednesday) there is the fourth workshop and feedback session of the Pressure Cooker;
- In week 11 (Wednesday) there is the fifth workshop and feedback session of the Pressure Cooker;
- Between week 12 and week 18 (Thursday) you are asked to plan you final pitch with your coach/supervisor. 
- When your business design, portfolio, reflection report and final pitch are presented, you company supervisor evaluates you. 
On this site you can find further relevant information to graduate at your own company.

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PS: participation in the Pressure Cooker is also available if you do not graduate with your own business.

* If you have to do the job with making a business design for your own business and examine the feasibility of it, see: