Southern Miss Student Constructor Organization (SMSCO)


Student Constructors is an umbrella organization housing the officially chartered student chapters of:
  • Associated General Contractors of America (AGC)
  • Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.(ABC)
  • American Institute of Constructors (AIC)

The AGC and ABC are construction industry associations that represent general and specialty contractors, vendors, and suppliers. They represent every aspect of the construction industry, including: commercial, industrial, civil, public and private, large and small construction firms. These two organizations represent over 100,000 construction firms nationwide. Services these organizations provide to their members are plan rooms, lobbying in relation to contractor sensitive legislation, communication on construction issues, education, publications, and insurances.

Reasons to Join SMSCO

  • Networking
    • Our activities allow you to meet and work with other students, alumni, and company representatives who have knowledge to share. An extensive contact list is also highly valuable when starting your internship and career search.
  • Social Skills
    • By participating in our student organization, you will have the opportunity to learn effective communication and presentation skills that will serve you well in college and in your career.
  • Professional experience
    • Our professional student organization will give students the opportunity to learn more about the construction field, and take part in events and activities that put construction concepts into practice.
  • Leadership Skills
    • If you become an officer within the organization, you'll learn how to balance the challenges of decision-making, delegating and accountability that comes with being a successful leader. You'll also learn about fundraising and financial management, marketing and working in teams- all of which are essential skills to prepare you for your career. 
  • Friendships and Fun
    •  Our student organization will help you keep priorities in focus, and having a familiar group of friends with whom to study and take part in recreational activities significantly impacts the perceived satisfaction of construction students.

Student Constructors is a very active student organization. Some of the activities this group will attend in the future are :

  • Attend AGC and ABC meetings and other related events in Jackson, Hattiesburg, and the Gulf Coast 
  • Participate in the ABC Construction Student Competition and other Student Competitions
  • Invited speakers to student meetings
  • Involved in job placement
  • Social functions
  • Construction projects
  • Volunteering in the Community
  • Tailgating for USM football
  • Golf Tournament
  • Have fun!