Sustainability Project Database & Surveys

Project Database

Yale has completed the first phase of its dual project with MIT by compiling a list of 88 different environmental initiatives throughout the different departments at Yale. Projects have been sorted into 3 sub-categories; Built environment, Behavioral, and Communications projects.

Yale Environmental Initiatives

Preliminary Survey Questions

Yale has also drafted the following Preliminary Survey Questions to interview the managers of each project and gather information regarding the development, funding, work hours, participation, goals, transparency, savings/reductions, and level of success of each project:

(If you have multiple projects, please answer these questions for each of them) 
  • What were the goals of this project when it first began? (Be as specific as possible.) 
  • How have these goals changed since the project began, if they have at all changed? 
  • How do you measure your project's success? 
  • Please send us any relevant measures you have made for this. 
  • How successful has it been in meeting its goals as of March 2010? 
  • When did this project begin/when will it begin? Is there an end date, or is it an on-going project? 
  • What is the scope of this project - conceptual, pilot, campus-wide, or extra-campus-wide (i.e. work goes beyond the MIT campus)? 
  • How many members are working on this project? Are they mostly undergraduates, graduates, faculty, or staff, or a combination of the above? 
  • What are the economic/fiscal requirements? Please list any technologies or other costs required and then the total estimated cost of this project. 
  • Has this project received any awards, such as grants or recognitions? How have these helped your project achieve its goals?