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Student Anthropologist


Student Anthropologist is pleased to announce a new Editor, Jessica Hardin (see "Meet the NASA Officers"),  for the 2012-2014 term. With the assistance of the NASA Executive Board, Jessica has assembled an Editorial Board to assist with the development and expansion of SA. The Editorial Board includes:

Student Anthropologist Editorial Board

Marley Roberts Brown, Undergraduate, Georgetown University

Dylan Clark, PhD Candidate, Harvard University

Anna Jaysanne-Darr, PhD Candidate, Brandeis University

Paul Keil, PhD Candidate, Macqaurie University

Adil Khan, PhD Student, Graduate Institute

Fabienne Labbé, PhD Candidate, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS)

Stephanie Moorman, PhD Student, University of Illnois Chamagne-Urbana

Alexander Orona, MRes candidate (PhD Track), University of Cambridge

Laura A. Thompson, MA Candidate, Harvard University

Sarah Simponson Trainer, PhD Candidate, University of Arizona

Brent Vickers, PhD Candidate, University of Georgia

Kara White, Undergraduate, Brown University

Note on Name Change: After the release of issue 3 the Executive Board of NASA voted to change the name of the journal from NASA e-journal to Student Anthropologist. 

Aim and Scope

Student Anthropologist (SA) is the flagship peer-reviewed journal of the National Association of Student Anthropologists (the largest organization of anthropologist students in the world). It is an annual digital publication. Students from all levels and disciplines are encouraged to contribute. 

With each issue, Student Anthropologist will explore thematic areas and new directions in anthropology from the perspective of the best young anthropologists. We seek a plurality of voices from all subfields in each issue. Student Anthropologist welcomes not only original research addressing anthropological issues and problems but also submissions that explore how anthropological skills, ideas, and ethnography can have an impact on contemporary social issues. 

Student Anthropologist 2012 Call for Papers

Deadline: April 15, 2012

We seek scholarly submissions from undergraduate and graduate students worldwide,  in particular those emphasizing anthropology’s capacity to shape public issues, social problems, and global realities. These submissions should containoriginal research.  

The two types of submissions accepted include:

1. Scholarly articles: under 4,000 words in length, subject to a peer review process.  

 2. Commentary submissions: opinion or theory pieces that are the original work of the author. Commentary submissions might include such mediums as written pieces (approx. 1,000 words in length), photo essays (10 photos + 1,000 words of commentary in length) and videos/YouTube© clips (10-minute maximum in duration + 1,000 words of commentary in length). 

Submission Guidelines

Any student currently enrolled in a BA, MA, or PhD program is welcome to submit original research to be considered for publication.  While this is an anthropology journal, students do not need to be enrolled in an anthropology program.

All submissions should be sent as attachments and saved in Microsoft Office Word (.doc or .docx) or Mac Pages (.pages) format and conform to AAA style (http://www.aaanet.org/publications/style_guide.pdf).  Submissions should be double spaced and adhere to the word limits outlined in this CFP. Rarely, we consider longer submissions or those of an irregular nature.  Manuscripts should include a 200 word abstract.

Send submissions, as well as any questions, to nasaejournal@gmail.com


Student Anthropologist 2012 Call for Book Reviews

Student Anthropologist is pleased to announce the introduction of a regular book review section. Beginning with our next issue, Student Anthropologist will feature a selection of reviews of recently published work (last five years). 

Student Anthropologist is interested in three types of book reviews:

  1. Book reviews of current award winning anthropology texts, including those of AAA section award winners; 
  2. Book reviews of recently published ethnographies (within the past five years), edited volumes or other texts, which possess particularly useful pedagogical qualities; 
  3. Reviews of two or three books focusing on a particular topic (i.e. well-being, kinship, etc.).

We request that you summarize the text and offer substantive commentary on the quality of the theory, methodology, writing style, relevance, innovation, connection to other published work, and pedagogical value. Please avoid lengthy quotations and minimize outside references. We will accept reviews of non-English books. Manuscripts should not be longer than 1,000 words. Authors will be provided copies of books to be reviewed through the generous support of the Department of Anthropology at Brandeis University.

Submission Guidelines

If you are interested in writing a book review please contact the Student Anthropologist Editor, Jessica Hardin and Fabienne Labbe, SA Book Review Editor (nasaejournal@gmail.com) with a brief description of why you are an appropriate reviewer and the text you wish to review. The Editors will also contact students directly inviting them to contribute a book review. 

Publishers are invited to send review copies to the address below. The Student Anthropologist editor would also consider suggestions for works to be reviewed in future issues. 

Contact details:

Jessica Hardin

Student Anthropologist Book Reviews

Department of Anthropology

Brandeis University

415 South Street, MS 006

Waltham, MA 02453

Reviewers Wanted!

Student Anthropologist 
not only aims to publish excellent student research but also to provide an avenue for professionalization for students to become involved in journal processes. Students act as peer reviewers and editors. Please email nasaejournal@gmail.com if you would like to act as a peer reviewer or get involved with other journal production opportunities. Please include research interests and experience.