Reality Fair

Friday, May 24th, 2019

The Student Council is very excited to be working with the Framingham Rotary Club to create a Reality Fair for members of the senior class. The purpose of the Fair is to teach students about fiances, credit score, and other real world budgeting skills. Students will participate in a number of activities that will help them develop and manage these financial skills. By choosing an occupation with a corresponding annual salary, students will make life choices pertaining to paying for their food, clothes, appliances, house, and other luxuries.

We need your help! Whether it be parent volunteers to run the "luxury" booth or professionals in the automobile industry helping students choose the best type of transportation, the Fair is a great way to support the community and teach students about everyday expenses. We are looking for volunteers with a background in:
  • Housing and real estate
  • Furniture
  • Health and nutrition
  • Clothing
  • Transportation
  • Charity and community service
  • Career counseling
  • Credit and lending
  • Credit counseling
  • Saving and investing
  • Insurance
Furthermore, we are looking for additional volunteers (who don't necessarily have any experience in those fields) to assist in the booths and to help run other aspects of the Fair. The Student Council is also looking for local businesses and organizations to make donations of $100 or more to go towards the funding of the Fair.

If you're interested in helping with the Fair, please fill out the volunteer form below. If you have any questions, feel free to email the Student Council at We are excited to bring this Reality Fair to life and looking forward to engaging the entire community in this event!


Volunteer sign-ups:

Reality Fair Volunteering