Captures from our latest Movie Clip (see Incident 14 for details on how I managed to film this 'real life' stuck) 


Trying to pull away off of the pavement.

Her rear offside wheel is spinning (although it is not very clear in this capture)



Now trying to reverse down the slope to the main road.

That wheel is spinning again, even though she wants to move DOWN the slope!



Made it, but that slope was not very steep was it?




After stopping to chat with a neighbour at the road junction, her wheels spin as she struggles to get up the first slope.

Her rear wheels are spinning and on the recodring from inside the car, you can hear a banging sound as the car's computer controlled anti skid device, automatically tries to 'brake' the rear wheels to stop them from spinning!



Spinning as she gently tries to turn around the corner and onto the hill for the first time



The back end skids to the side as she spins her wheels



Another attempt and she can not stop her wheels from spinning nor the car from sliding sideways



This attempt is made more slowly therefore no sideways skid, but she still just spins to a halt in the middle of the road!



The back end is now sliding in the opposite direction as she clips the kerb and swears.

She really is struggling to get home!



Trying on the other side of the hill, but the same result.

Spiing to a halt and soon she will be sliding backwards into the kerb by the lamp post!



The corner leading to the hill, as seen by Stucklady.

The furthest that she got was to the lamppost, and that was less than half way to the top of the hill!

A good many of the skids marks you can see were made by her, although not all of them.

Looks like a few other had difficulty getting up this hill.

Fancy me suggesting that she try to get home via this route!