"I need to turn round, this looks like a good place, as I am off of the main road"




"What is happening? I can't reverse back. Is my wheel spinning?" 




""I think I am down in a rut. I just can't reverse"





"Oh shit, I am really in trouble now. I have tried going forwards, but I can't move, my wheel just spins more and more, and I can hear the bumper catching on the ground. I must be in a really deep rut"




"I have managed to get back a little way, but I still can't get out of this rut, even whan I turn the sterring wheel the opposite way. i deep rocking the car in the hope that I get get it up and out of this hole. It must be really muddy because I just can't get any grip at all"





"Oh I don't know what to do. I really am stuck. I have stopped to try and think about this, but all I can do is to keep trying as there is no one around to help me"





"Its no good, I can't go forwards becasue of the gate and I can't reverse out of the rut. Why did I not look before I started to turn round in this gateway?"