Photo Set 7
Captured from the Movie Clip 'Little Miss Stuck - Trouble with Ford KA?'        Click HERE for details



"I need to pull over and check my map. I am not sure if this is the correct road"




"I can't get back up onto the road because my wheel is spinning. I only have to move a few more inches and I will be on the tarmac"




"Its no good, I could not make it. I have had to try driving further along the bank to see if I can get up the slope somewhere else"




"Oh, this is just getting worse. I am spinning even more now"





"I can see that I only have a couple of feet to go, but this wheel will not stop spinning"

"I am trying revving it even more to see if I can get this wheel to grip a bit more, but now I am down onto some mud and so it is spinning even faster"
"I have tried reverse and that is no good, I still just spin and spin"



"Perhaps if I turn down the slope just a fraction I will be able to get going and then climb back up. This is getting really scary as the car keeps sliding further down the slope towards a ditch. I don't like this. Please help me"