Incident 8 - Stuck on the Hill


In the 1990’s a uniform was introduced for the police civilian staff that worked in the police station front office. For the ladies it consisted of a white blouse, a dark blue jacket and a straight dark blue skirt, with a split at the rear. The choice of shoes was left up to the wearer!


A lady aged in her early 30’s was working the night shift with my Group. I will call her Sally. She was only about 5’ 3” tall, of slim build with shoulder length straight blonde hair. The best bit about her, apart from the fact that she was nice looking and a pleasant personality, was that she always wore high heels! Quite a few of the ladies who were front office staff did so also, however, the majority of them had heels of about 2 inches. Sally’s were more like 3 to almost 4 inches. I suspect that she wore them partially to increase her apparent height, as well as to make her look particularly attractive!


In order to help front office staff be better prepared at their job, we used to encourage the front office staff to go out on patrol occasionally to allow them to get to know the area around were they worked that much better. As you can imagine they were always being asked for directions and advice, so the theory was that if they were taken on a tour every now and then, that would be beneficial both to them and to the public. We used to share the role of ‘tour guide’ around between various officers as each had different local knowledge to pass on These patrols were normally with constables, but one night I was patrolling signally and decided that she could accompany me if she wanted to. There was a constable who had told me that he had a lot of paperwork to catch up on, and so I arranged for him to sit in the front office to cover for Sally’s trip out with me.


We spent an hour with me driving her around pointing out places I thought she should know about. I then had a radio call to investigate a report of some property that had been left in a park, and that apparently had a name and address on it. It was thought that this property might have come from a burglary at a house that backed onto the park that had occurred a few days before.


I drove to the park and went through a locked gate for which the police had a key, onto a gravel track. I asked her if she had ever driven a police car, and needless to say her answer was ‘no’. It made sense for her to drive so that once we got up to the area where we had been told that the property was dumped, I would be able to get out and walk around looking for it in amongst the bushes (with the help of a giant and powerful hand torch that we carried). It would not have been fair to get her to walk about in long grass carrying a heavy torch whilst wearing high heels. She would have got her feet soaking wet!


Obviously she was not allowed to drive the police car on a road, but there was nothing to stop her doing so in the park, especially if it helped us find the property. Apparently we were looking for a suitcase and a holdall, which the CID suspected had been taken from the house and used to transport the smaller items that had been stolen.


She was really keen and excited to drive, although she admitted that she was a very nervous driver, not owning a car herself, and therefore not having driven for a few years. She always walked everywhere, as she lived near the police station and was also close to the town centre.

She took over in the driving seat. She had to move the seat as far forward as it would go, but it was only just enough, and so she had to stretch a little to reach the foot pedals. I let her drive up and down the gravel track that ran along the bottom of the park, so that she got used to driving again. I did not fancy having to fill out all the paperwork (in triplicate!), if she damaged it!


We went up and back the gravel track a few times whilst she got used to it. She drove quite well and I was surprised, as she had suggested that she would not be very good, having not driven for so long. I thought that we had better start looking for the suitcase and bag. I had a reasonable idea of where to look thanks to the dog walker who had told his mate in the CID whilst in the pub earlier that night. Apparently he was old guy and that was why he had left it where he found it, as he could not manage to carry it all the way to the station. Needless to say the CID did not fancy searching for it in the dark, and so ‘uniform’ got the job!


Apart from a level section along the bottom of the park, where we had been driving backwards and forwards along the track, the rest of the park was situated on a pretty steep slope. There was a tarmaced path that went up the slope towards the woods at the top. There was grass either side of the path. I gave her the directions and she started up the driving up the path leading to the slope.


The directions I had been given for the property required her to veer right off of the path onto the grass, and to follow the fence that was then on our right, almost up to the start of the wood at the top of the grass slope.


The grass slope here was very steep but on a constant gradient. However, near the top there was a slight dip, which then steepened slightly before returning to the same gradient of the rest of the slope. I told her to stop so that I could shine the hand light out of the passenger window looking for the dumped property, as I thought I might as well have a good look from within the car to start with. No point in getting my boots wet unless we could not find it and I therefore had to go walking about in the wet grass!


She put the handbrake on whilst I shone the light and looked around. I could not see anything and so I asked her to move the car a bit further up towards the woods. She gave the car some revs and slowly let off the handbrake. She managed to start to pull away, but was travelling very slowly. I was surprised that she did not spin the wheels, as the car was on a really steep gradient and on wet grass. She was only just managing to keep the car moving because she was using so few revs. For an inexperienced driver she did really well to pull away with just enough revs to get the car to move, but not enough to loose traction – how annoying!


I suggested that she give the car a few more revs, as the slight dip was immediately ahead of us followed by a short section of grass that was even steeper. Unless she speeded up, she would have stalled the car once she got onto the steeper section.


She pressed the accelerator some more and suddenly her near side wheel started to spin and the car stopped moving forwards. Her left foot was lifted completely off of the clutch and she tried to get going by pressing the accelerator nearly to the floor. The engine revs nearly went through the roof! The wheel was spinning like mad. She said: “The wheels are spinning, it won’t go”.


I told her to stop and try again. She put on the handbrake and then tried again by carefully letting out the clutch as she gradually built up the revs. She gradually let the hand brake off, but as soon as the clutch started to bite, her wheels started spinning again. The front of the car then suddenly slid over slightly to the left, towards a bush. She said: “Ooh I don’t like this”.


This time it was the front offside wheel that was spinning. It was going so fast it started making smoke, as she kept the power full on for what seemed like ages. I thought she would wake up everyone living anywhere near the park!


It was strange that she knew to try and pull away with as low a revving engine as possible so as to not induce wheel spin. However, as soon as the wheels lost traction, the only thing she seemed to know to do, was to rev the engine at really high speed and therefore spin her wheels at high speed also! She was not able to get the car to move, and eventually she stopped again. I suggested that she reverse a little way, and as I did so I turned on the interior light telling her that it would help her to see what she was doing. I was surprised that she did not complain, as it probably meant that she would not be able to see out to reverse. As she turned and looked behind her she looked really worried. She then had the sense to put her window down and then looked out of it as she allowed the car to run back a few feet.


She stopped a few yards further back and then tried again. This time I was able to watch her legs. She was wearing dark blue high-heeled shoes, dark brown tights and a tight navy blue skirt that stopped just above her knees. She kept her left foot upright on the clutch pedal, and so her heel was off of the floor. This meant that I had a nice view of her shapely calf, which was in view from her high heels up to her knees. It’s a good job that they had fitted an extra internal light in all police cars, that was nice and bright, rather than having to use the dim internally light normally fitted to cars! Her left leg started moving up as she allowed the clutch pedal to rise. The wheels span again as soon as the clutch took the power, but she did not rev the engine so much this time, nor for so long. Her leg looked lovely as she dipped the clutch and held it there as she put on the handbrake again.


She said: “Its no good I’m stuck. I don’t like this, the wheels are spinning. Can I go back a bit more?”


I said: “Yes, a little way, but I really need you to be able to drive right up to the top, as I don’t want to have to search by walking about if I can help it. I will get wet feet and then have them for the rest of the night. You know how rubbish police issue boots are at keeping out the wet”


She said: “I will try but I can’t seem to get enough grip. The wheels start to spin and I just can’t move. I will need to go backwards a bit more before I try again”


I said: “I will see if I can help by getting out and having a look. Perhaps you are just on a piece of wet grass. After all, you drove all up the grass slope to get this far without spinning, so it can’t all be wet”


She said: “Yes I did, I didn’t spin until I was nearly at the top did I. It must just be up here that it is slippery”


I got out with my lamp and had a look around. I could see the two sets of wheel marks that she had made by spinning her wheels slightly further up the slope. I then walked around to her side of the car, which was nearest to the fence. There were a couple of bushes that had grown up next to the fence and who’s foliage jutted out onto the slope a little way back from where she was stopped. I walked past her and down towards the bushes. I then turned and walked back up to her open window.
(Sorry about the 'manufactured picture - just trying to show how she ended up)


I was trying to think how I could get this experience to continue, without it being obvious to her that I wanted to see her spinning for longer. Also, she was not actually completely stuck. She could always reverse from anywhere on the slope. It was just that she could not get to the top like she wanted.


I was worried that sooner or later she was likely to suggest that she reverse right back down onto the tarmac path and then drive back up the slope at a higher speed. This was very likely to then enable her to make it all the way to the top of the slope without any more wheel spin. It was only the fact that I had made her stop before she got to the top that had enabled me to see her spin in the first place. I needed to stop her reversing all the way back down. If only there was something that she could reverse back towards, that then stopped her going backwards any more. She would then be forced to drive up the slope from a standing start. Going by her attempts at that so far, I would be in for more fun! 


There were only two options. I had to either get her to reverse towards the massive tree that was on our left, or towards the bushes on our right. I decided on the bushes, primarily as they are more flexible. You can’t move a tree, and even if I did manage to get her to reverse right back close to it, when she then got stuck, there would be no escape. If she was really close to it (without enough room to reverse around it), that would be it. We would have to get a tow.


On the other hand, if she reversed back almost into the bushes and got stuck, she (or I if she did not fancy it) could always reverse into the bushes and turn sharply to get past them. They overhung the grass but the main stem was next to the fence. There was therefore 5 or 6 feet of overhanging bush that was ‘movable’ if there was a need. Hopefully she would not fancy driving back into a bush and would therefore think that the only way out was forwards! 


The interior light was still on and so I had a nice view of her really tight navy skirt being stretched across her thighs as I looked in. I tried hard to look her in the face rather than at her legs as I said: “Its looks to be much drier over towards the fence. Can you turn slightly and instead of reversing straight back like you have already tried twice, can you head towards the bush. You should be able to pull away then”


She said: “Okay, can you see me back”


I walked slowly beside her drivers’ door as I directed her to turn towards the bushes. I was lucky that she did not turn round to see behind. She just looked at me and reacted to what I told her to do. Once she had started to make the turn I told her to straighten up. This meant that the car was then heading towards the first bush on a slight angle. Although this would mean that the car was not facing so much up the steep slope, it did mean that the back was heading towards the bush. When she was about 3 feet from it I told her to stop. I then suggested that she turn her front wheel so that they were facing straight up the slope. I was sure that with the car still on a pretty steep slope and with her front wheels turned to the right, she would struggle to pull away, even if the grass was not quite so wet.


Just to try and make sure I said: “I need you to really go for it. Give the car plenty of revs and let the clutch up nice and quick. I want you to try and accelerate quickly across the grass so that you get up as much speed as possible before you get onto the wetter part where you span just now. When you get over that part you will need to slow right down as you go into that slight dip, but then you can accelerate hard once you start to go up the steeper hump after the dip. When you reach the top you can wait for me to trudge up there, getting my feet wet on the way”


She said: “You could drive?”


I said: “I can’t take you back with wet feet. You will get ill sat in the office for the rest of the sift with wet feet, so you drive and I will walk”


She said: “It would be ok, I’ve got a spare pair of shoes and stockings in my locker”


I nearly fell over with surprise!


I managed to mumble: “Are you actually wearing stockings then, or do you mean tights”


She said: “No, stockings, I always wear them on nights. They are more hygienic but I don’t wear them when on day shifts, in case I give a glimpse to all the office staff that work in the station. I am there on my own on nights so it does not matter”


I said: “Well its still best if you drive, as my boots are already wet, and you would not want to have to walk to the top of the hill in those heels”


She seemed quite relaxed about driving again. She did not plead with me to drive, so she was obviously happy to have another go. I decided to stand by her door and watch her legs as she tried to pull away. I could not help looking at the top of her skirt. It had not occurred to me to look for the signs of suspenders as she drove earlier, as I had looked closely at her once before when we were on day shift and had convinced myself that she wore tights. It never occurred to me that she would change what she wore for her night shifts!


I reminded her to really go for it and to accelerate hard. She dipped the clutch and put the car into first gear and then she turned to look down at the handbrake and started to release it. I was studied her legs and saw the bump of her front suspender on her left leg, as the material of her skirt tightened across both of her thighs. I glanced at her right thigh and there was the other clasp clearly showing as a bump as well. So not only did she wear stockings, they were ‘real’ ones with suspenders, rather than ‘hold up’s – fantastic!


What was even better was that as soon as she started to let the clutch she slammed the accelerator pedal down and immediately span her wheels at high speed. The car did not move at all. She turned and looked at me with a sort of surprised look. She then pressed the pedal a bit more and the wheel span even faster. The engine noise was like she was about to take off! The tyre on my side started to smoke after a few more seconds and so I told her to stop.


She said: “I thought I was going to be alright over here. Thought you said it was not so wet”


I said: “Try dropping back a couple more feet, and this time when you start off, steer straight ahead, don’t turn up the slope until you have actually started to drive across the grass. Also, you could try pulling away much more slowly. Like you did the first time, perhaps that would be better”.


It was obvious to me that now that the front wheels were covered in mud and that the grass was no drier over by the hedge, she was very likely to spin whatever she did. I therefore quickly considered what it was that I really wanted to see and how I might see it. I quickly decided that I wanted to see if I could get her to rock the car, whilst being completely stuck, with nowhere to go as an escape.


I told her to reverse a little way whilst I stood right by her door almost blocking her view if she had turned to try and look out of her window. I knew that she would not be able to see anything out of the back window, as the interior light was still on and there would be a reflection from the light.


She started to reverse with her wheels still turned to the right, from when she had been trying to turn up the slope as she pulled away. This had the effect of making the rear of the car head towards the bush even more. I told her to straighten the steering wheel, whilst she was still rolling back the couple of feet, but did so very slowly. Once she was back so that the rear offside of the car was touching the start of the hedge, I asked her to stop and suggested that perhaps it would be better if I got in, as my extra weight might help her to get a better grip. What a load of bull I talk sometimes!


She did not object and nor did she look round behind her. She waited for me to get in and I reminded her to pull away more slowly.


She put the car in gear and slowly let up the clutch until she felt it start to bite. She then slowly released the handbrake and held the car just on the clutch. She then very slowly started to lift the clutch pedal. During all this time I was watching her legs. She really did have to stretch her left leg out straight to press the clutch pedal down far enough to disengage the engine to change gear!


The car started to inch forward and for a second I thought she was going to be able to make it. Suddenly her front offside wheel started to spin and the car stopped moving. She maintained her left foot on the clutch in the same position and did not move her right foot either. The car just sat there with its wheel spinning slowly round and round.


She turned to me and said: “What now?”


I said: “Keep trying like that. Perhaps it will get some grip in a moment, once it has spun down through the wet grass”


She maintained that exact position for at least another 20 seconds or so. It was obvious that she was not going to move so I said: “Try pumping the accelerator up and down, but not too much”


She did exactly as I suggested, rocking her foot backwards and forwards on the heel of her right shoe. It was really nice watching her leg move. After about 20 pumps, I suggested that she give it more revs and that she pump much quicker.


Again, she did exactly as I asked, but this time she took her foot right off of the pedal each time she lifted it up. After a while I said: “Go on, really go for it, you might as well try. Slam your foot down”


What a site she then made. I have never really been into ‘pedal pumping’ as such, but god did she look fantastic as she really banged her foot up and down on that poor accelerator pedal. Even though she was quite short, her right knee came up to the steering wheel as she took her right foot completely off of the pedal each time, before slamming it back down. All the time her lovely wheel just span and span and span!


I let her carry on and decided not to say anything, and so see what she did. Eventually she said: “Can I stop my leg is aching and I’m not getting anywhere”


I said: “Yes, okay, but what are we going to do now?”


She said: “I will have to reverse right back down to the path and then try again, but at high speed”


I thought, clever girl, not just a pretty face then!


She put on the handbrake and then selected reverse. She was just starting to release it when she turned and looked out of her drivers’ window. The car had just started to move about a foot (and I was about to tell her to stop because of the bushes) when she saw how close she was to it for herself.


She immediately braked and turned to face me with a really worried look, saying “I can’t do back anymore. There is a hedge or something in the way”


I said: “Oh shit, you had better not scratch the car driving into that. You will have to try forwards again”


She said: “But I have been trying that for the last five minutes. That’s done it I am really stuck now, because I can’t drive forwards but I can’t reverse either. I was enjoying this up till now, but I have never been completely stuck before. I don’t like how it feels. Why did you let me go back so far? We will have to get someone out with the Landrover to give me a tow. It will be so embarrassing”


I said: “There is one more thing you could try, that often works when a car is stuck, but I am not sure if it will here”


She said: “What is it, I will try anything, I really don’t want to have to get someone to tow me”


I thought ‘Well, she seems to have forgotten that she is not meant to be driving, and so I would have to ‘pretend’ it was me who got us stuck’ – never mind!


I then explained how to rock a car by continually dipping and raising the clutch pedal, with the hope that enough forward momentum could be gained to get the car moving. I told her it was best off where the wheel was in a rut, but that it might work here, as she had probably created one with her wheel whilst pumping the accelerator. I had forgotten that she had reversed back a foot or so since then!


She said: “So I pump the accelerator like I did just now, but at the same time let the clutch up and down in time with that?”


I said: “Yes that’s right. Give it a go and I will tell you what to go. Assuming that you do not drive straight out from here”


She said: “Some hope on this hill with this wet grass”


She dipped her clutch and selected first whilst I again had a nice look at her front suspenders showing under her skirt material. Her hand then went to the handbrake and blocked my view. She slowly released it as she let up the clutch and gently pressed the accelerator. Amazingly the car started to move but once it had gone about a foot or so her offside wheel started to spin again. I then remembered that she had reversed about that far, and it was probable that she had gone back into the rut or onto the mud that she had made previously. Then I realised that she was further over than before and so it could not be the same rut! She must have just hit another slippery patch – great!


She said: “I thought I was going to make it for a second then. Shall I start rocking?”


I said: “Yes, straight away. Dip your clutch and accelerate as you let it up but then immediately dip it again and ease off on the revs. Just keep repeating that”


She dipped the clutch but pressed the accelerator and then raised the clutch and took her foot off the accelerator! The car stalled!


I said: “Almost, but you are doing it the wrong way round” I explained it again and she was happy to have another go.


She started the engine and as soon as she released the brake her wheel started to spin again. She tried again, but still did not time it right. She managed not to stall the engine, but she was still not right with her timing. I tried telling her when to dip her clutch is relation to what she was doing to the accelerator, but she just could not get the hang of it.


I said: “Its still not quite right”


She said: “I am finding it really hard, trying to listen to you and work both pedals in opposite directions”


I told her to stop. I said: “We have got to try and get this right. This is probably our last chance if we don’t want a tow. I have an idea that might help. Unfortunately for you it involves me placing my hand on your leg. I was thinking that I could push down when I want you to dip the clutch, then, all you have to do it concentrate on pumping the accelerator up and down. Would you mind?”


She said: “No, carry on. Anything that gets us out of here is fine. I hate being stuck”


I went to place my hand on her left thigh, but realised that she could not operate the hand brake. I said: “You pull away, I will do the brake”


I released it slowly as she let the clutch up, but made sure that she had already started spinning her wheel before releasing it fully! I then moved my right hand onto the middle part of her left thigh. I immediately felt her suspender clip pressing into the palm of my hand. I could even feel the edge at the top of her stocking when I let my fingers lie around the curve of her thigh. Her foot was already lifted off of the clutch and she was pressing down on the accelerator. I told her to slowly start to pump it up and down, and as she did, I pressed down on her leg at the right moment. I felt the suspender dig more into my palm, and it must have pressed into her leg as well, but she did not say anything. She was so busy concentrating on what she was going!


Her wheel was spinning round and round continually speeding up and slowing down in time with her pedal movements. I loved the feel of her firm thigh muscle as she stretched her leg out straight each time I pressed on her leg and she then extended it to dip the clutch pedal.


After quite a few goes, the car did start to rock slightly in the rut that she had obviously made by now with her offside wheel. This gave me the excuse to say: “It’s working, can you feel the car moving. Just keep going, don’t stop whatever you do, you must keep up this momentum”


She said: “I’m trying to keep going but my left leg is starting to really ache, I don’t know how much longer I can keep going”


I said: “If you did not mind I could actually help by pressing quite hard on your leg, instead of just pushing down a little to show you when to dip it”


She said: “Do it, I am so worried that I have got us stuck and it’s hurting so much I wont be able to carry on for much longer”


I said: “Stop for a minute whilst we sort this out”


She pulled on the handbrake and took the car out of gear, before looking straight at me with her pretty face and blue eyes.


I said: “Lets try doing it quicker, that might help. Also you could help by rocking in your seat and really pushing hard on the steering wheel”


She said: “When do I do that?”


I said: “As you left the clutch up and the car rocks forward a fraction, push forwards then. Rock forward in your seat and push on the steering wheel each time you raise it. Rock back in your seat and push back against the back of the seat when you dip it. I will do the same. It uses our weight to add some momentum to the cars movement. Go on try it”.


She released the brake and immediately started the process of dipping and raising the clutch like before. I watched as she started to rock in her seat and amazingly she was spot on with it straight away. She gripped the steering wheel really tightly and then either rocked her upper body forwards towards it, pushing on it, or used it to push herself back into her seat when dipping her clutch.


I removed my hand from her leg for a moment as I changed position in my seat so that I could rock as well (well pretend to!).


When I put my hand back down on her thigh, I placed it a bit further up, but still flat on the top of her left leg, so that my middle finger then sat right on top of the actual clip part of the suspender underneath the skirt material. I pressed down quite hard the next time her leg extended to dip the clutch and I continued to press up and down with each movement.


I told her to speed up and pressed really quite hard as soon as she reached the limit of her left legs upward movement. I called to her “Give it more revs and speed up a bit more with the rocking”


I then had the fantastic sight of her rocking backwards and forwards in her seat, pressing really hard on the steering wheel, whilst at the same time lifting her lovely leg up and down at some speed on the clutch. All this whilst my hand was still pressing down on her leg and feeling her tight suspender!


I suddenly moved my fingers from being flat on her thigh, so that the thumb and fourth finger came together almost underneath my middle finger and momentarily gripped each side of the suspender clip. As I pressed down on her next movement, I used the tip of my nail on my middle finger to feel for the bottom of the bobble in the centre of the suspender clip, and slide it up a fraction. I immediately felt the bobble come loose from the clip and I knew that I had succeeded in undoing her stocking. The problem was did she realise? I kept talking to her encouraging her and pressing harder on her leg with each movement down, but without changing the position of my hand. I gradually released the grip of the suspender clip with my thumb and fourth finger and spread my hand across her thigh again. Whilst I was doing this, she was talking as well, saying things such as “Come on, come on you can do it” and “I am going to have to give up very soon, I am getting cramp in my leg”.


I persuaded her to keep going for a few more rocks, but then I lifted my hand off of her leg and held onto the dashboard and really rocked myself in my seat as well. She really went for it bashing the clutch pedal up and down and doing the same with the accelerator. All the time she was rocking in her seat and talking to both to me and the car.


She said: “Its no good it’s not working, we have only moved a few inches, and I have got to stop because of my leg”


I decided that I had just witnessed a fantastic scene and there was no point in really pissing her off, so I told her to stop. She immediately put the handbrake on and took the car out of gear.


Before I could say anything else, she opened her drivers’ door and almost jumped out. I could not believe it, so I said: “Where are you going?”


She said: “I have got to stand up and stretch my leg. I have got cramp, I told you”.


I said “I did not realise it was that bad, you should have said”.


She said: “I did tell you but I wanted to keep going for as long as I could, just in case I did manage to get us out”.


By then she was stood right by the open door, and thanks to the powerful interior light, I had a nice view of her high heel stood on its front tip. It was kind of the police garage mechanics to fit extra powerful lights in all patrol cars between the internal mirror and the windscreen, instead of above the gap in the middle of the roof; it then gave a really good light straight down onto a lady drivers legs as it was almost directly above them!


Anyway I stood and watched as she continually lifted herself up and down onto tiptoes as she desperately tried to stretch her left thigh muscle to overcome the cramp. She even leant forward and started rubbing her thigh with her hands. I was amazed that she did not then realise that her front suspender on that thigh was undone.


After a few minutes she told me that it was easing off. She must have then remembered her predicament, as she suddenly stepped forwards around the drivers’ door and looked at the front offside wheel. She came back towards the door and said: “Have you seen the state of this wheel. It’s no wonder I am stuck. Its dug a rut in the grass and the wheel is half buried in mud”


I got out and walked round to look. I noticed as I passed that the nearside wheel was not muddy at all. Obviously it had not been spinning. However the offside wheel was in a mess. Nearly the whole depth of the side wall of the tyre was down in the rut, which extended a few inches both in front of and behind the wheel. Obviously, this was what she had dug when she had managed to rock the car very slightly backwards and forwards. It was so deep that I even wondered if she would be able to reverse out from it, even though the car was sat facing up a pretty steep slope. Time to find out I thought!


Before I could speak, she said: “So what now, I am obviously completely stuck. I can’t get up the slope and I can’t reverse because of the bushes. My leg is hurting and I will probably have get wet feet in a minute”


I said: “Well to prevent that, you get back in the car whilst I check out this bush”


She was still stood by the drivers’ door as I walked past her to the rear offside corner of the car. This was almost right back against the edge of the first bush. I pushed my way into it and was relieved to find that it was all overhanging foliage that was by the car. The main trunk was against the fence.


I pushed past the branches and came back up to the passenger door. She was still stood by the drivers door and so I looked across the roof at her and said: “You are in luck, because its only branches sticking out. If you reverse back round in a curve and then straighten up, the back of the car will go in under the branches and then down your side, but there is nothing there to hit. The trunk way back tight against the fence”


She said “I’m not sure I fancy reversing under it, but at least it would get us out without anyone knowing I drove and got us stuck. Would you drive”?


I had a feeling she might have been going to ask that, and so I had already thought up an excuse when I was looking at the bush!


I said: “I am a little worried whether we will be able to get back up out of that rut straight away when we reverse. The wheel has sunk in quite a lot. I think it would make sense if you drove, then if necessary, I could give us a push. It should be pretty easy to push you out down a slope this steep, but I don’t think you would be able to do it in those heels, and in any case, you don’t want to get your feet any wetter, nor get covered in mud as there will be some flying out the front from the spinning wheel”


She said: “Blimey no, that would take some explaining. Fancy going back with my skirt and top covered in splashes of mud. Ok I will drive, but I am not very confident going backwards”


I said: “It will be ok, I will guide you”


With that she got into the drivers seat and I got into the passenger seat. She looked at me and was obviously surprised, because she said: “I thought you were going to see me back”


I said: “I will, but you have to get up out of the rut first. I will sit here so that I do not get muddy whilst you try. If you make it, you can immediately stop and I will get out and see you back round the bush. If you don’t, I will give you a push and then see you past it. It’s probably best to only try slowly to start with and to have your steering wheel already turned right round to the left as far as it will go. You don’t want to shoot out of the rut straight back into the middle of the bush do you?”


She said: “No I don’t, I will just try slowly. Ok, lets give it a go”


The car engine was still running and the interior light was still on. She turned the steering wheel as far as it would go to the left. It turned easily because one wheel was sat in mud!


She then pressed her left leg out straight and went to select reverse. However as she did so said “Oh” and instead of putting her left hand on the gear lever, she suddenly diverted it to her left thigh.


I said: “What’s up?”


She said: “I think I just felt my suspender move. I think it might have come undone”


She felt around on the top of her left thigh and then a little further up.


She said: “I thought so, my stocking has come adrift, that’s all I need”


I said: “Why did it do that?”


She said: “I expect it was when I was standing on tip toe, moving up and down and smoothing my leg. It will have been pulling really hard on my suspender because these stockings are a bit shorter than my normal ones. I think I must have picked up the wrong size by mistake. I am going to have to do it up, because otherwise it will show when I get back to the station, and I don’t want anyone knowing that I wear stockings on nights. You will have to excuse me for a minute”


As she said this she pulled her skirt up a few inches on both sides and then reached up under the front of the skirt between her legs with her right hand. It seemed as though she was trying to reach her front left suspender, supposedly to then pull it down, so that she could attach it to her stocking without having to pull her dress up very far. The only problem was the tightness of her skirt! With the hem only about three or four inches above the top of her knee, she could not open her legs wide enough to get her right hand up under the hem very far.


She removed her hand and tried lifting her bum off the car seat slightly, whilst she pulled at the sides of her skirt trying to pull it further up her thighs. She managed to move it a few inches, with the result that I then had a nice view of the welt of her stocking top on the side of her left thigh facing me, as she again tried to open her legs a little to make room for her hand to reach up to the top of her left thigh.


She fiddled about for a while and then said: “It’s disappeared I can’t find it. This dam skirt is too tight to try this sitting down”


I asked: “What has disappeared?”


She replied: “My suspender. It must have fallen off the top of my thigh, when I put my leg out to press the clutch and now I can’t find it. I thought it would have fallen towards the middle, but either its not there or I still can’t reach. This steering wheel is not helping”


She then used her left had to feel around on top of her skirt material at the top of her thigh. She then moved her hand slightly towards the outside of the thigh and appeared to find it, as she said: “That’s typical. It’s fallen over to the outside”


She struggled for quite a while using her left hand to try and move the suspender from its position hanging down the outside of her thigh, back towards the top. However, her skirt was really tight this far up and it was not helped by the fact that there were now folds in it where she had pulled the skirt further up her legs just before. 


She said: “I can feel it on the side of my leg but I can’t slide it back up onto the top. Perhaps if I reach up the side I will be able to move it”.


She then put both of her legs together and turned slightly in her seat, towards her right. She tried to pull her skirt up a little further on her left thigh using her left hand. She did not achieve much and then held the hem whilst she leant over to her left and tried to slide her right hand under the skirt and up the outside of her left leg. Her face was almost in the steering wheel as she tried to lean over as far as she could to enable her hand to reach up far enough to grab the suspender. I could see that she had managed to get her hand further up her thigh than I had imagined. However, when she used her left hand to try and slide the suspender round from almost by her hip towards the side of her thigh, she was not able to. Her skirt was just too tight.


Eventually, having struggle for about 30 seconds, all the time of which she was flashing some of her stocking top on the outside of her left thigh, straight at me, she gave up.


She said: “It’s no good, I have tried to stay ladylike and not flash you all my stockings and things, but I can’t do it sat here. I need to get out and stand up so that the dam suspender falls back down straight. It has managed to get over onto the side of my leg. I have never had that happen before. This is so embarrassing”


I said: “I will be honest, I am actually rather enjoying the show. After all, you have got really nice legs, so it’s nice to see them”


She said: “I don’t normally show my stocking tops to my boss, certainly not at night in the middle of a park”


I said: “I am glad to hear it, but I will continue to watch if you don’t mind, and please take your time!


She laughed, saying, “You men are all the same. I don’t have much choice about you watching. If I can’t do it, you might end up having to fix it for me. I am not going back with my stocking top showing to everyone, so I need to fix it here on way or the other”.


She stepped out of the car and made no attempt to move further away. She even turned so that she faced me. She looked at me as she reached down with both hands and started to pull up her skirt. She said: “I need to face this way so that I can see what I am doing, so you will have to either watch or look away”


I said: “I will watch to see if you manage it, if that’s alright. I don’t think I should actually help you though. That would be one step too far”


She said: “Whatever”


I watched as she wriggled her hips from side to side as she tried to pull her skirt up. It was quite a struggle but eventually she had managed to slide it up what she thought would be far enough. She then reached up under the front hem with her right hand. Already her skirt was up far enough to reveal her stocking top on her left leg. As she bent forward she tugged on the left side of her skirt with her left hand to try and raise the hem a little more. However, pulling the hem up at the front just made the skirt pull even tighter across her thighs. She groped around for a while, but it was obvious that her right hand was still unable to reach up far enough to touch the suspender, due to the restriction of the tight material across her thighs.


She removed her right arm as she stood up straight and in doing so released her grip of the skirt with her left. She said: “Its no good, I can’t reach. I will have to take the dam thing off completely in a minute, it’s just so tight across my thighs”


I said: “Just how a skirt should be”


She replied: “I agree, that why I wear them like this, but they are not very practical if you have a problem like this. I always put my stockings on followed by my skirt, so I don’t normally have this problem. I’m very sorry but I am going to have to pull it up a lot further and flash all my stocking tops and suspenders at you.”


I said: “Perks of the job I would say”


She then took hold of the sides of her skirt and pulled continuously until nearly the whole skirt was above her stocking tops on both legs. Even then it was quite a struggle and she had to wriggle a little to get the tight middle section up across her thighs, but pulling evenly on both side obviously made the difference.


Whilst she moved her left hand round to the front to find the undone suspender, I had a lovely view of the whole of her legs including the welts of both stocking tops. Her right stocking was being pulled up into a mountain top shape by her front suspender on that side. She was right when she had said that these stockings were a little short. The strain on the stocking top look tremendous, it was really wide! No wonder the bobble on her left suspender had released so easily once I had taken the pressure off and held the clip still.


She collected the errant suspender in her left hand and then pulled it straight down in front of her thigh. Whilst still holding it with her left hand, she took hold of the stocking top on the inner part of her left thigh with her right hand and gave it a pull trying to move it further up her leg. She then switched the suspender into her right hand and caught hold of her stocking top with her left hand in the middle of her thigh. She pulled it up slightly and at the same time pulled down on her suspender intending that the two would meet. Unfortunately for her they did not! The stocking had obviously worked it’s way further down her leg more than she realised, probably when she was almost jumping up and down getting rid of her cramp!


She realised the problem and then had to let go of the suspender completely and use both hands to really tug pulling up on her stocking. She said: “These stockings really are a bit too short. I can’t get this one to reach up to my suspender now. This really is annoying”


She let go of the stocking top with her right hand and instead, caught hold of the dangling suspender and really tugged down on it. At the same time, she really pulled hard on her stocking top with her left hand. This time the two did meet, but she then had the problem of having to partially release her grip on her stocking top whilst she used her fingers to try and push the bobble through and down into the clip. Just as she tried to finish doing this, the strain on the stocking top pulled the welt away from the suspender.


She said; “I really might need your to help in a minute. I could go with a third hand”


I had never seen a women struggle so much with a front suspender. Yes, often with a back or side one, but from my experience they normally find the front one easy to do up. I think that part of the problem was that the rear suspender was already done up. There seemed to be one hell of a strain on it, as her stocking top curved up in the shape of a mountaintop towards it. I think this had the effect of reducing the amount of ‘give’ or stretch that was left available for the front one. Whatever it was, it was giving me a good show!


I said: “I have only got two hands, not three”


She replied: “Very funny”


This time Sally put both her hands right down inside the front of her stocking pushed it down as far as her knee before she gave it a really hard tug. She gradually allowed the nylon to slip through her fingers as she slowly lifted her hands. The welt at the top of the stocking stretched further up her leg this time, and when she took hold of the suspender, she was able to keep the welt in place as she tugged down on the suspender down to reach it. She was really quick at putting the clip on the welt and getting the bobble in place. She gave the bobble a really hard push down; obviously making sure that it was seated properly and not likely to come undone again. It was all over in a flash and she was soon tugging at the sides of her skirt to get it back down as well.


She climbed back into the car and said: “Would you please do me a really big favour, I am being serious now?”


I said: “Yes of course, what is it?”


She said: “Please don’t tell anyone at the station that I wear stockings on nights. It’s just that I know what will happen. Blokes will hang around me, asking me about them and wanting me to give them a flash of stocking top. I had that once before in another place where I worked. In the end I had to stop wearing them. I like wearing them over tights because of having a bit of air circulating, if you know what I mean. Please keep it a secret. I hope you enjoyed it, but lets leave it at that”


I said: “Yes of course, I won’t tell anyone, and yes I did enjoy it, but you do have fabulous legs so it’s not surprising”


She replied: “They are a bit short, that’s why I can’t understand why these stockings don’t come up to the top of my legs like most of my other ones. Never mind now, I am decent and we still have to get out of here”


I said: “Try reversing then but don’t forget to start off slowly”
(Another 'made up' picture - Trying to show how her car ended up almost backed into the bushes.
At the time these bushes were much bigger and extended out onto the grass quite a lot more)

She selected reverse and let off the handbrake. The car did not move and it was obvious that the wheel being down in the rut was stopping the car from rolling back down the slope. She slowly let up the cutch and immediately her wheel started to spin round in the rut, with that lovely sound or tyre slipping on mud coming from her side,. I suggested she speeded up a little, but even when she gave it a few more revs, she still could not move.


She said: “I don’t believe it. I am still stuck, even trying to go back on a steep slope like this”.


I was slightly surprised that she did not get out with this increase in revs. I said: “Well you know what you have got to do to save this situation, don’t you, but don’t forget to only go slowly”


She replied: “Yes I know, rock it. Lets hope it works quickly, I don’t want more cramp”


She then gave me a lovely display of very gentle rocking and pedal operating, all exactly coordinated. She was completely in time with every dip of the clutch. She is obviously a quick learner!


The car started to move back and forth slightly in the rut, whilst the wheel continued to spin round and round, but she still could not get it up and over the lip. She worked the pedals for about a minute and then looked at me and said: “Am I doing it right, I can feel it moving slightly, but I still can’t get back. I really am completely stuck aren’t I. My leg is starting to hurt again. Please can you drive or help me. This was funny to start with, but I don’t like it anymore”


I decided that it was time to come to the rescue. After all I had been on the receiving end of a fantastic experience, and I did not want her to finish up being really upset.


I told her to stop whilst I got out, and walked to the front. I stood and put my back against the bonnet and told her to do the same again. Once she had start to rock and I could feel the car move, I pushed when it was rocking backwards. I pushed as hard as I could. After about 5 or 6 rocks I could feel that we were getting somewhere. I shouted to her “Next time back, keep going and rev it like mad, but then stop quickly once you are out”


The car came forward one more time and then it started it slight movement backwards. I started to push as hard as I could and she really went for it. The engine revs went through the roof (or should that be the bonnet!). The wheel span at extreme speed, and although it was turned to the left, so that most of the mud went up under the front wing, plenty still found it's way out underneath and across the grass beside me. It was a good job that I had positioned myself towards the front nearside headlamp and not exactly in the centre of the grill, or else I would have been sprayed in clumps of mud!


I called to her to keep going and gradually the car started to move backwards a little more. Suddenly I felt it lift up over the ridge of the rut and she was out. She was really quick to put the brake on and stopped almost immediately. I walked round to the drivers’ door and she had a great big smile on her face. She said: “We did it, we are out and no one need know. Oh, thank you so much. If you had not showed me how to rock it I would have been there forever. It really does work doesn’t it”?


I thought, if I had not been her, you would not have been stuck!


I said: “And you did not get me muddy either. Mind you, I had to push as hard as I could. Its amazing that it took so much effort to get going when you were going down such a steep slope”.


She then asked me to see her back. We had turned off the interior light so that she could see me as I moved round behind to stand behind the car. She slowly reversed by releasing the footbrake and she was then able to straighten up and get past the side of the bushes before stopping for me.


Once I was sat in the car, she reversed back down the slope and then moved over away from the fence and stopped. I had assumed that she would have reversed right back down onto the tarmac path at the bottom of the slope (near where we left it to drive onto the grass), but I was not going to suggest that!
(Looking down the across the bottom part of the slope.
The nearest black line is where she struggled to get back up onto the path) 

She put the handbrake on and was then positioned just below a huge tree, whilst still facing up the slope. She turned the steering wheel to her left, obviously intending to pull away and turn to her left to regain the tarmac path. She said: “So you still want to go right up to the top to look for this stuff?”


I said: “Yes, we need to find it if we can. If not, the early tour will have to come up here, but then they might see yours ruts”


She said: “We had better go and find it then”


I watched from the light of the dashboard, as she dipped the clutch whilst holding the car on the handbrake. I could not really make out mush details but could see enough to know what she was doing.


She engaged first gear and said: “Lets see if I can pull away on the slope down here. Hopefully it will not be so wet. I am going to cut across the slope to the path other there (referring to her left) and go up the proper path to the top. Can cut across to the corner without having to try and drive up the wet bit?”


I said: “I don’t know, lets go and see”.


She was still facing up the hill on a section of the slope that was almost as steep as the wet part further up. She gradually released the handbrake and managed to do a very smooth hill start. However, just as she got moving, her wheels started to spin again. She carried on making the turn to her left as the car slowly slithered up the slope. Both wheels were spinning round on the wet grass she desperately tried to keep going in an attempt to get up far enough to rejoin the path. Her wheels were just continually spinning and spinning and she was only just moving. She gradually slowed so that she was soon only moving at a snails pace at best.


She said: “Oh I am spinning again. I thought I would be ok down here. I don’t want to get stuck again, shall I try to keep going. I am slowing down. I don’t think I can make it to the path?”


I said: “Don’t stop whatever you do” I suggested that she pump the accelerator up and down, but that there was no need to rock as well. She did not say anything but immediately did as I suggested.


Her gorgeous legs would have looked fabulous as she operated the pedal controls, if I could have seen them properly! However, I could not really suddenly turn the light on again and look at her legs! I realised that after a few pumps she was actually working the clutch pedal as well, completely in time with the accelerator. She had obviously now got knack completely! I had only meant for her to pump the accelerator pedal up and down, but she obviously thought otherwise!


By the light of the dashboard, I could still see enough to see that her skirt was still really tight across her thighs and although it stopped just above her knees, it was gripping her thighs so that their shape just about visable. What a lovely sight, especially when I eventually lifted my eyes up off of her legs and saw that she was almost willing the car to keep going and straining her face. All very determined like! Although I could not really see her heels, I could image the view!


It probably took over about a minute or more for the car to very slowly pull itself up and across the grass towards the path. She was pumping her pedals all of this time. She obviously realised that the technique was working, if only very slowly, as she said: “I am still managing to keep going. Before I started pumping, I was about to stop. This really does work. I just hope I can make it up the last few feet!


She eventually reached the path and she then stopped. She let out a huge sigh and said: “For a moment there I did not think I was going to make it. You were right about pumping the pedals. It was that which got me back onto the path. I could feel the car crawling forward so I just kept on doing it”


She then pulled away on the tarmac and drove up the path to where it met the wood right at the top. She asked where to turn and I showed her. She drove along the underside of the wood until she reached the corner, where the fence came up the slope to meet the wood. Her headlights then shone straight onto a case and a holdall pushed under a bush beside the fence. If we had managed to drive straight up over the wet slope to start with, we would probably have missed them!


I collected the items and put them in the boot. Sally then turned her wheels to the right and pulled away down the slope without any more spinning. She drove over the area where she had spun originally trying to reach the top corner.


As she saw where we were, she said: “I did not like driving it up here at the top when I could not move and then when the car slid sideways towards that bush. That was horrid”


I glanced over to my left and saw the marks of the rut and other marks that she had made in the mud, and I had a little smile to myself.


When we got back to the gravel track at the bottom of the park, we swapped over driving, as we needed to get back to the station to record the property that we had found.


As she stopped the car, l put on the interior light and made sure that I was round and sat in the drivers’ seat before she started to get into the passenger seat. I watched carefully as she stepped into the passenger foot-well with her right foot. She stopped and pulled her skirt up slightly as she made the step in, presumably to enable her to make a bigger step. However, the result was that the split at the back of her skirt opened to reveal her thigh, almost to the top of the back of her left thigh. I had another lovely view of her stocking top on the inner part of her left thigh. When she sat down the hem of her skirt was still in the slightly raised position, as though it had ridden up. It was then well above her knees and I thought I caught a glimpse of the lower band of her stocking top on the outside of her right leg. There was nothing showing on her left leg, probably because she had recently pulled her stocking up as far as she could, but it was nice to see that the hem of her skirt it was well above her knees. Unfortunately she then wriggled and struggled to pull it down. I told her “There is no need to do that, I like the view”.


She took no notice and continued to try and pull her skirt back down to it proper place. As she did so she said” I think you have had enough time looking at my legs for one night”.


I couldn’t argue with that!