Stucklady - Introduction

I have been interested in seeing ladies driving since I was a kid. A particular favourite has always been when they drive somewhere and then get their vehicle stuck. I am not quite sure why the fascination - perhaps it is their being so helpless, or maybe I enjoy the look of concern and bewilderment that you tend to see from ladies who find themselves in such a situation.

Whatever it is that causes the attraction, it seems as though I am not alone. You may be surprised to know that there is quite a following on the web for sightings of such incidents. Many also seem to like watching women 'pedal pumping' and 'cranking' their vehicles when they wont start. Although there is no direct incidents recorded on this site, many of the photos and video clips do show the drivers pedals being 'pumped' up and down, but in these instances, it is to try and free the car from the stuck situation, rather then trying to get it started!

I have kept a diary of all the incidents that I have been fortunate enough to witness over the years. Obviously, many of these occurred before the widespread use of digital still and video cameras. Therefore the older stories tend not to be illustrated, unlike the newer ones.

With a site like this, there is always the problem of Bandwidth restrictions. This site is a personal one, posted for a bit of fun. It is not done to make money, rather to share the details of the incidents that I have been fortunate to witness over the years.
In order to overcome the heavy bandwidth restrictions on small private sites like this one, I have decided to make the video clips available via the site. When I previously ran a similar site to this, I used to offer CD's for sale, showing the video clips that I had accumulated over the years. However, not wishing to reveal my home address (for obvious reasons), I had to pay for a Post Office Box for orders and payments to be sent to. The costs for these are now ridiculous and so hence the decision to use Clips4Sale. I have kept the costs as low as possible so that the clips are available to as many viewers as possible.

The clips are now available at our Clips4Sale site. Click HERE to view what is available
You will see when you investigate this site that it is in its development stage, with lots of further content to be added.

If you are interested, I ask you to pop back now and then to see what has been added.

I hope you enjoy what you see.

If you have any comments or critisms, you can email us at:



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