Team Stuckey Future Educator Scholarships

The Team Stuckey Future Educator Scholarships will be awarded to two graduating senior students of NNHS or NCHS (2 students can be from one school) who will be pursuing degrees in education. The applicants should emulate the spirit demonstrated with a positive attitude and proactive choices. 
Each winner will receive a $5000 scholarship for their freshman year of school.

               Scholarship Winners

These winners have overcome  obstacles, demonstrated leadership ability and cared for the

 well-being of others.

2016: Elizabeth Lados            Naperville North

2016: Samantha Herron         Naperville Central                   Illinois State University

2015: Alexa Redeker               Naperville Central                    University of Illinois

2015: Xiao Hua (Kelly )Liu      Naperville Central                    University of Illinois            

2014:Elizabeth Wylly (Lizzy)  Naperville North           

2014:Sarah Dumler                 Naperville Central

 2013: Elaine Coppe:               Naperville Central                    Illinois Wesleyan                          

                                             2013:Ryan Cesario:                 Naperville Central,                   North Central College.