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  Woodpeckers are magnificent birds, but they have a problem and so do you. 

        They love your fake stucco ( E.I.F.S.)  They are looking for a nesting spot they are territorial birds, the e.i.f.s. stucco sounds hollow to them,  

Remember E.I.F.S. is not stucco

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   Killing them is NOT THE ANSWER, most are endangered, having a contractor repair them over and over is very costly, I know I have repaired 1000s of them. Not to mention most contractors do not know how, and just make a mess.

  When you are finished after using my Instructions, no one will ever know you or the woodpeckers where there.  I have put 35 years of plastering knowledge in a few short easy to understand pages.  

    This will save you 1000 s of dollars over time, if you have any problems simply call me kevin d. blanch owner of, my personal phone # is on the Instructions.  


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