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  Stucco became a term for exterior plaster. When is unknown.  Stucco has been used (exterior plaster) for 1000s of years, some historians say the pyramids where plastered white, over 4000 years ago. But what changed stucco, was the invention of Portland cement in 1843.   In England, in a brick layers kitchen, heating limestone hotter and hotter, Joseph Aspin; it gave it more strength.

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    The Greeks and the Romans came up with a volcanic ash mixture 2000 years ago. (Maybe softer cement was better, that is a whole debate I will get into on this site.)  There is a lot of great stucco work that pre dates Portland cement, that has held up very well.    Some 1000s of years old,


    Before the use of volcanic elements stucco was fairly soft. There was no modern cement as we know it today. Cement is a binder, made from crushed natural elements, and cooked at very high temperatures. 1450 c.   There are historians who say it’s too hard now.  Hydrated lime and sand (aggregate) mixed together is STUCCO.  E.I.F.S. IS NOT STUCCO. 



     Stucco has been used by many great artist, and designers. Macintosh is generally noted for his design, and work with stucco exteriors, he is just one of many. If you have ever watched a MASTER PLASTER, use a hawk, and trowel with real stucco (not drywall it sticks to the hawk, and is a 1000 times easier, not much art to it) you would see a construction violinist. LIKE A MUSICAN WITH A VIOLIN AND A BOW, IS A PLASTERER WITH THE HAWK AND TROWEL.



     Michelangelo wrote about it many times.  The entire world is full of very old stucco work, in some case's stucco jobs 1000 - 2000 years old.  The United States has used stucco from day one.  It really took off as an exterior to homes in the 1900 to 1920 era.  The past 30 years in America, STUCCO has evolved into not stucco at all.  But a general term for all kinds of exterior finishes (e.i.f.s.) elastomeric insulated finish systems.  It is a problem.  Their has been 100s of these e.i.f.s. systems marketed.  THEY ARE NOT STUCCO but 99% of America calls them stucco.  There is the problem. 



      I will be posting dozens of links and writings on the history of stucco. I will focus on the past 40 years.  There is a multibillion dollar problem out there. Stay tuned kevin d. blanch 3/28/10



Product # 4 Home Inspection and Identifying Instructions


Product # 5.Legal Options In regard to bad E.I.F.S. Stucco Instructions

   * Stuccodamage.coms HOW to PRODUCTS BAD CONCRETE

Repairing or Restoring Bad Concrete

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