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      MY BLOG WILL COVER ALL THE ABOVE SUBJECT MATTER, AND MORE.  I have been a plaster for 35 years I have frescoed, stuccoed, plastered, repaired, restored, and created over 10,000 jobs personaly. I have a fine Art degree and a M.B.A. from a top 10 school of Business.  I' am a very passonate person, PLASTERING IS A VERY PASSONITE SUBJECT. I never fell for the e.i.f.s. SCAM,  and I never EXPLOITED , THE HUNGRY ( ILLEGAL LABOR FORCE)  I have broken preety well every bone in my body PLASTERING. Including my back , I fell over 30 ft. on concrete. March 10th 2005. 
    I was critical for a long time. I cut my tongue  nearly off. ( my father use to say to me " if you keep that thing handing out of your mouth while you are working one day you will bite it off.")  He was right I bit it off.  The hospital in our town has a picture of my tongue. With the caption under that reads  that is the best battle scar I have ever seen. My doctor put it up. Thats when I had a doctor , thats a whole other topic.  
    I know the laws of the land, but I also know " thier is no wrong, or right in AMERICA thier is only popular opinion" what a great quote. I think it may have been Booker t. Washington 1880 or so. or maybe it was Lincoln.    I do go off on rants quite often.  I have also been a derivative trader for over 30 years. 
   I tie all of it into the world of plastering. It makes for a great METAPHORICAL discussion.  WE BOTH MAY LEARN SOMTHING. I want to hear from ARTIST, and creators . Of all walks. We will get into subjects WITH A COMPLETLY DIFFERENT TAKE , than comtempary America has. POPULAR OPINNION WONT CUT IT HERE. When was the last time popular opinion got anything right.
         kevin d. blanch march 24 2010          

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