Is a very serious site; Inregard to very serious problems

     this site 100 % supported by donations, I was given 2 Mths to live in the fall of 2011 with aml leukemia IN THE GREATEST FIGHT OF ALL ,, if this SITE HELPS YOU PLEASE DONATE TO MY CAUSE, is a very serious site.  In regard to very serious problems in regard to Stucco, plastering and concrete of all kinds.  I Kevin d. Blanch created this site.  With the goal of cutting through all the lack of real experience and knowledge. In regard to the plastering and stucco world.  I have been a plaster for over 35 years. I have personally plastered stuccoed, fresco-ed, venetian-ed, restored, and created over 10,000 jobs.

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  I stood alone when it came to the GIANT E.I.F.S. SCAM; I was the only stucco contractor in our area that refused to fall for it.  I stood alone when it came to the EXPLOITATION OF ILLEGAL labor.  I stood with the things my father (Dwayne Blanch, a special forces Marine who paid the ultimate price, GOD BLESS HIM SIMPER FI.)  My uncles who raised me ( Harold Blanch who stood on Normandy beach on d-day, and fought in the battle of the bulge) Claude Blanch (who was a fighter pilot in Vietnam)

       My coaches,, my church leaders, my Mother, My grandparents, taught me growing up on a large ranch. 
 HARD WORK, HONESTY, INTEGRITY.  I STOOD ON THOSE PRINCIPALS, even when it took my business to the brink.  I stood for honesty and integrity over short term money.   I was attacked by all angles, suppliers, inspectors, general contractors,
sub contractors. I stood up to all of them.  I was the lone wolf in the stucco plaster world. I refused to do e.i.f.s. I refused to exploit illegal labor, I refused to bow to Ignorance, I refused to put colored drywall mud over sheetrock, and call it Venetian Plaster, I refused to paint murals over drywall and call it a Fresco. 



 I paid a huge price, I lost my big grand house, I lost my pretty wife, and I lost my

GREAT PLASTERING CREW, who had been with me for decades.  And most of all, I almost lost my life. I fell over 30 feet of concrete.  I broke my back in multiple places, I severed my tongue off (my father and my plastering mentor both would always say “If you keep that thing hanging out of your mouth, while you are working, you will bite it off one day."  They were right I BIT IT OFF) I fractured my skull in many places; I had my face crushed, and lost some of my upper jaw, and most of my teeth. (Cosmetic doctors thank god)   I fell because; I was going to fast number one. (Why because the competition had exploited illegal labor to the point I had to out work 10 men to break even)  Number two. Some scab roofer, with illegal labor and NO LICENSE, or insurance.  Had put some new rain gutters up, and saved himself  $6 dollars, by not using gutter spikes.  But instead three roofing nails.   I leaned on the gutter for balance with a hawk in one hand and a trowel in the other. The gutter went and I went.  It took me 3 years to recover (and yes my insurance scammed me, I received not one Penny for three years) try that one.



     After all the dust settled, and Hear I stand, with ALL THE E.I.F.S. FAILING BIG TIME, just like I said it would, With all the exploiters running for cover, Just like I said they would, with all the suppliers going out of Bus. Just like I said they would, and all the HOMEOWNERS HOLDING THE BAD.      IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT, It is the fault of the LOCAL BUILDING OFFICIALS who failed you, It is the E.I.F.S. suppliers who scammed you, It is the IGNORANT WANNABE STUCCO AND PLASTER CONTRACTORS who screwed you, It was the General Contractor (Who was dumb as dirt, and was no more than a car sales man; bottom of the bucket) who put you together, and then there is personal greed, build it cheap now sell it tomorrow let someone else worried about it. Yes the real estate Industries agents and firms. They beat you up big time.  And let’s not forget the UNREGULATED HOME BUILDING INSPECTION INDUSTRY.  (No stucco or plastering back ground, no working back ground, no nothing, they make the car salesman look like hard workers, they are scammers for the most part.) 


        I have repairer, restored, and told home owners to call a bulldozer.  Literally hundreds of times over the past few years broken back and all.  ENOUGH ALREADY.  HELLO STOP GETTING SCAMMED.  The same people who scammed you the first time, is in most cases are the same people who are claiming to help you. For example; you have bad stucco/E.I.F.S., so you get in the phone book and call a stucco contractor, or general contractor to come save you. 95 % of the time they are the same people who scammed you the first time.


    I created this site TO GIVE REAL SOLOTIONS TO REAL PROBLEMS. Bad stucco or E.I.FS., bad concrete, bad fake plaster walls. Is serious business.  BIG TIME.  $ 1,000 to one Million dollars.  I just finished saving a home that had been restuccoed twice had the roof completely replaced twice (bar tile) and a full mold removal project. Total cost $ 380,000.   I came in after they had spent $ 377,000.  THE ONLY THING THAT WAS EVER A MATTER ON THE ENTIRE JOB WAS TWO LEAKY CHIMNEYS CAPS. COST OF REPLACEMENT, LESS THAN 3,000.   They where scammed by two roofers, two so called stucco contractors, and 4 different home Inspection company's.  My point is NO ONE IS LOOKING OUT FOR YOU, YOU HAVE NO CHANCE AGAINST THE IGNORANCE AND MONEY PRODUCING SCAM THEY HAVE CREATED.  You have to be your own teacher.  KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE, is your great equalizer.  You think Wall Street scammed you; they are a drop in your molded, rotted, stucco, painted drywall bucket.



I do know what I am talking about.  I Graduated from a top ten school of business. I have a fine art degree, BUT MOST OF ALL I HAVE 10,000 JOBS and a whole life time of hard work Integrity.  I have stucco jobs 30 plus years old all over. I have literally worn out hundreds of pairs of boots, hundreds of wheel barrows hundreds of Hawks and trowels, and thousands of floats many thousands.  I have broken pretty well every bone in my body plastering. I have scars all over my body from sharp sand and lime burns.  Plastering is a very passionate subject.  I could have entered any field I wanted.  I had the family, the strength the intelligence, and the passion. I come from a large family of BRAIN SURGEONS NEURO SURGEONS, HISTORIANS, PROFESSORS, and very dynamic people.  I could have gone down any of those paths.



 I took on PLASTERING FOR ONE REASON, ART--- I love the sun, I love working in the sun, I love great art, and as a boy, I loved to read about art history Michealangelo (read what he said about plasterers, he said they where the most refined skilled artist on earth) Diego Rivera, Leonardo, Macintosh, Millet, I loved them all, and they loved plasterers, they where plasterers.  Diego Rivera and Michaelangelo would both rollovers if they could see what people call frescos or Venetian Plaster. Macintosh would freak out if could see them calling paint over foam (e.i.f.s.) stucco. Millet and all the great masters would CRY, If they could see what this country has done to skilled craftsman and their family's (they have been destroyed, from top to bottom foam a to z. every aspect of their life's crushed).   It is a pathetic commentary on us as a people. 



    I recently restored the 1905 Masonic temple in our town, Hogdsen was the architect (one of Americas greatest art deco architects) it was his first major project.  It had arched REAL FRESCO'S IN THE CEILINGS, HUGE SPANS; 40- by 40- two of them.  Mariner Eccles office was in this building.  In one of the most historical places in the history of this country 25 street U.S.A.   Some loser contractors tore the frescos out. I have done some research and believe the artist was one of the greats of the era from Europe, I estimate the fresco's values at $ 500,000 each. 


      I begged the city and the owners for decades to restore it.  They condemned it.  Thank god two men with souls stepped in and bought it, Randy Richards, and Bernie Allen.  After listening to me ranting for years, they let me restore it.   No one thought I could put it back to its original status.  I am getting older, and I had recovered from a critical fall broken back. I would not be able to just supervise; I knew I had to do every square inch myself.  And it would take all of my skill and knowledge. I replied 60 ft. with a climbing rope and rig. I hand chiseled every square inch, while getting dumped on by hundreds of pigeons.  I had trouble sleeping at night, because of my arms aching from the chisel. 4 layers of bad plastering over 104 years. The building is next to the public defender’s office.  So every know- it- all; never worked a day in their life attorney, would tell me you are wasting your time.  (I think Bernie and Randy where half way in that camp). After months of chiseling it was naked.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            A very old attorney, 80 years old, who I have known for years;  came by one day and said " Kevin you know that's why they plastered over it the first time, the sandstone was spa-ling and crumbling. I have been watching with great interest the whole time. Now we will see if you are the artist you say you are, you showed you still know how to work, now let’s see the craft."  He was right;   I had I sign that I made, that said "I am doing the work Americans do not want to do, from the ground up, not because it is easy but because it is hard."  I knew I would get a lot of negative feedback that is what I was asking for. 


    Jerry my Giacomo ( 20 plus year hod tender) said " Kevin if you don't pull this one off, after all the ranting and raving you have done, you better pack up and leave town, everyone is looking for you to fail, except the old attorney, and the owners."  Boy was he right:  this job was more about VINDICATION of me as my choice to stand alone.  As a metaphorical plastering matter.  I had lost everything standing on my principals; my money was gone, my wife was gone, my health was almost gone.  But I still had Integrity and strength.  I would tell everyone.  All your money can not buy what I have. Integrity and strength. SEMPER FI.



    I played with my plaster mix, I keep remembering what my old mentor, would say, "Everyday for 30 years you might be getting close. Until you have your own recipes you will never be a great plaster."   Jerry said one day “I know you have been using your own recipes for years, and even I do not know all your tricks. But you will have to come up with one great recipe on this one."  Jerry knows, sometimes it takes me dozens of mixes to get where I need to go, when it comes to restoration projects.   THE FIRST MIX;    THAT WAS IT.    I had taught about this job for decades, I had watched it being covered over, two of the 4 times, I remembered it form the 60s, Next door to grand orphan theater (torn down by losers).   I had driven by it every day for 35 years on my way to Morris Hansen's supply yard. (When I started going there, they still sold animal blood for glue and horse bags of horse hair for fiber, not to mention wire lath hangers.  I still have some and do know how to use them). I would make my mix at home; I would be questioned every day by dozens wanting to know what it was made with. I would say you; don’t know do you.  And no one probably will ever know. I sculpted in some cases over a foot deep. All kinds of scroll work with a trowel. 


     I had a photograph, Randy at the bakery; inside the building, had found for me to work from.  It was from the UNITED STATES Historical World War One archives.  It had been taken right across the street during the 1917 Parade. I looked at it for about an hour a day, every day for two months, as I sculpted the plaster.  I was almost done, and the old Attorney came by and said" kev. I need to talk to you." O.K. I said what it is. He said “DO NOT EVER LET ANYONE IN THIS TOWN EVER SLANDER YOU AGAIN, YOU ARE THE ARTIST, IT HAD BEEN TRIED 4 TIMES OVER 105 YEARS BY SOME GREAT PLASTERS AND NOT SO GREAT PLASTERS. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE THAT GOT IT RIGHT.  And don't you ever forget it. “I had not shed a tear while all the ugly pain was ragging.   I had been through a lot over the past decade.  The last tear I had cried, was when they zipped up the body bag on my father. SEMPER FI.   The old attorney gave me a hug; I don't think he was the hugging type.  - Nor am I.              He was hit by a car and killed two months later. Right in front of the old Masonic temple.   Semper Fi.  I will never forget him or, what I always knew.       ALWAYS;      THAT PLASTERING WAS THE THE GREAT METAPHORICL ART REALISUM, AND TO ALL YOU beaten down 50, 60, 70 something, craftsmen. You have something they do not, and can never BUY, STEAL OR SCAM.  A SOLE EMBEDDED WITH INTEGRITY.  THE OLD ATTORNEY SAID SO.


Kevin d. blanch May 4 2010   (I do not want to hear about my poor grammar, or spelling. I am after all an old plasterer, and you know it is a metaphor)

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