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If you have been scammed by a builder, or seller, realtor, or subcontractor, it is


 Important to think about this, IT IS NOT ALWAYS THE STUCCO




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    In many places in the U.S. we have government played building inspectors,


And sub contractors count on them, as do home owners. In most cases, THEY


 HAVE NOT A CLUE. The bottom line they are LIABLE.  They have rules they


Must follow; check your local LAWS INREGARD TO THE application of stucco,


 Many states have laws that read like this. 



    All applications, and products used on the building, or remolding of a


Structure must meet.  I.C.B.O. approval or other pre. State approved testing.


ICBO is the agency that independently tests all building products, on a national


 Level, here lies the biggest problem. Stucco and e.i.f.s. contractors rarely


 Compile with the product specifications, they are using I.C.B.O.  Standards,   All


 Products in the market have copies available.  In the case of e.i.f.s. or so called

Synthetic stucco,  



                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I have inspected, and repaired 1000s of them.  I have seen less than 10 that

 Meet the materials standards. IT IS THE INSPECTORS JOB TO ENFORCE

THIS, in many states, I know it is hard to sue city hall. But in many cases that is

 Exactly what should happen? It creates accountability.  If you contracted with a

 Contractor and he gave you a breakdown on his bid, look and see if it says

Stucco, if it says STUCCO, AND YOU HAVE E.I.F.S.  You have a strong case



   If you had a subcontractor who did your job and you reside in a state that

 Requires a license?  And your sub contractor did not have one; you have a very’

Good case against the subcontractor and the general. 

 In most states the general contractor is responsible for knowing his

Subcontractors are lic. And insured, Remember this, in many states if a

Subcontractor is using illegal labor; his contract with you is void.  Again it is up

 To the general to make sure his subcontractors are compiling with the contract

 Which means laws of the land?    I would consult a construction attorney


   Remember every state is different.  AND IN MANY states county, by county.

City, by city, can be very different.  Know your state, and local laws.  


   I will be

Linking good attorney sites to this page, I will also post information, and


Material for subcontractors and contractors to help they protect themselves.

Being a subcontractor in America, is a jungle.  Less than 5% of them survive

 Even 10 years. 

  THE BOTTOM LINE IS, as a buyer, builder, seller, sub, or general. Know your

 Local and state laws, and follow them.  And talk to your builder or realtor about them. 

kevin d. blanch may 2010


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