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1905masonic temple I restored it 2009 to its origanl grand status ( Hodgsen was the arch.)

Hodgsen- Art deco architecture Ogden Utah ( he did Ogden high school 1930 's , and the Ogden Municapal 1930 's among others.) This may have been his first Victorian Ogden Utah

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       I have worked on many restoration projects, big and small.  I just finished @ 1905 Masonic temple restoration project. It had arched frescos inside it, and some moron drywall took them down.  The exterior had been plastered over, 4 times including once, with synthetic junk.  I dangled from a rope, and hand chiseled every sq. inch I.  It was a beast. 2009, I had trouble sleeping, because my arms would aaaaach from the hammer, and chisel. 
    I made sand stone, from labara’s pit in CALIFORINA, their white clay, and sand is something. I grew up with my grandfather ABRAHAM HUNSAKER THE 5TH who owned and founded one of the great white sand pits in the world.  Sand from the shores of ancient Lake Bonneville.  That is where I leaned to turn sand, and cement into almost anything.  They made cement tile there with no oven kiln. And no washing of the sand ( it comes right out of the side of the Mighty Wasatch, pure, strong, and white ,as glass.)
  I see a lot of it around on roofs all over the west. And they still are perfect. My mom’s house: I remember my father (god rests his sole, he was special forces Marine. semper fi.) installing it, when I was very young in the early 60s.  It still looks like new.    Great restoration projects are hard to come by.  The majority of them get thrashed, because general contractors want speed, not quality. And pure lack of history knowledge. And respect for great buildings.  
      I will be posting ideas and photos of some of the great restoration projects all over the world.  Some of the bridges in Oregon are getting some great restoration tools incorporated and learned.  P.B.S. has a great documentary on the concrete bridges of Oregon.  They are using a tech.  Of coating with Zinc, they are using electricity to draw rust away from the rebar. They also get in to Portland cement debate.   And point out the issues, of how hard cement should be, and how hot the kiln should be. (Portland cement is cooked@ 1450 c. I have seen kilns over 7,000 degrees f.)  In regard to Portland cement.  I will try to find the link on P.B.S.'s site.   

     I will be posting and writing about great restoration projects around the world. Hopefully; I can get a lot of photos sent to me. And post them.  Also use some of stuccodamage.coms products.  In regard, or correlated to your, restoration projects. I will show, HOW TO MAKE STONE FROM PLASTER.  Stay tuned kevind.blanch march 10th 2010 

punks vs. lath and kevin blanch ogden utah

lath and plaster 4 punks 0 kevin blanch plastering old masonic temple Ogden utah

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