Repairing my bad concrete e-book

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Repairing and Restoring your bad concrete



 I would say 80 % of all concrete can be saved, taking out and replacing is a very expensive invasive and stressful project. Concrete is made from sand rock Cement and lime. That is exactly what you need to repair it. NOT EPOXY,


Epoxy overlays will not work, they look great when they are new but it is U.V. ultra violet rays that break them down after just a few years they turn to peanut brittle like any oil derivative. Epoxy is an oil derivative PLASTIC the ultra violet rays turns it hard over time, a very short time. They fail 100 percent of them fail.


I have been in the restoration of concrete Business for 35 years. Good concrete should last for decades many decades. IT IS NOT THE SUPPLIERS FAULT, I hear that fallacy over and over. Look the Batch plant buys the cement powder by the train load, it is very inexpensive. They batch for Government, residential, and commercial jobs out of the same batch. THEY HAVE NO Incentive TO CHEAT THE MIX.


  It is simple poor workmanship or preparation 99% of the time. The skilled craftsman has been replacing by CHEAP LABOR. And lake of skill,



        You can replace your own concrete with concrete. Remember concrete is NOT CEMENT. Cement is a very complex ingredient that is used to make Concrete. The Ingredients in the mixture and preparation of your bad cement are very INEXPENSEVIE. This is a very easy to understand and apply proses in the restoration of your bad Concrete. Follow along you will save yourself thousands of Dollars. Many thousands in many cases,


You r cost including this Instruction packet will cost you very little most cases under $ 200 dollars. And it will last unlike the Epoxy overlays that fail 100 Percent of the time.





Very simple to follow Instructions, on how to restore, and repair your bad concrete. What materials to use, what tools to us, how to mix the materials and how to apply the material.


      A few short pages, with a life time of my restoration knowledge in those few

Pages, if you follow along you will be able to save any concrete, to its original

Form; Restore your concrete with cement,

 So it will last for decades, the way it was intended to last. This purchase will

 Save you $ 1000's of dollars. Get a bid on removal and replacement, maybe you have already, I am sure it was a large number, and who is to say it will last,    

MOST REPLACMETS DON'T LAST.  My method will cost you very little,

 Cement is $7 a bag that is what I use to restore Cement.  KNOWLEDGE IS



      Just follow the short instructions, if you have any problems my personal

Phone Number is on the Instructions, give me a call.  Kevin d. blanch owner of 


       I am also available for how to classes, consulting, and seminars, you or your

 Organization has assembled. Or privately just email me at