Product #1.Repairing your Bad Concrete Instructions this site 100 % supported by donations, I was given 2 Mths to live in the fall of 2011 with aml leukemia IN THE GREATEST FIGHT OF ALL ,, if this SITE HELPS YOU PLEASE CONATE TO MY CAUSE,
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       Very simple to follow Instructions, on how to restore, and repair your bad concrete. What materials to use, what tools to us, how to mix the materials and how to apply the material.

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      A few short pages, with a life time of my restoration knowledge in those few

pages.  If you follow along you will be able to save any concrete, to its original

form, no epoxy or latex recovers here.  Restore your concrete with cement,

 so it will last for decades, the way it was intended to last. This purchase will

 save you $ 1000's of dollars. Get a bid on removal and replacement, maybe you

 have already, I am sure it was a large number , and who is to say it will last,    

MOST REPLACMETS DON'T LAST.  My method will cost you very little,

 cement is $ 7 a bag, that is what I use to restore Cement.  KNOWLEDGE IS



      Just follow the short instructions, if you have any problems my personal

Phone Number is on the Instructions, give me a call.  kevin d. blanch owner of 


       I am also available for how to classes, consulting, and seminars, you or your

 organization has assembled. Or privately just email me at 


    Thank you kevin d. blanch   I will save you a lot of time

 and money, not to mention the mess and the stress.   



Repairing or Restoring Bad Concrete

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