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REPAIRING YOUR BAD CONCRETE   You will save 1,000 s of dollars.  Not to mention the mess of replace, and removal.  I would say 70 to 90 % of bad concrete in the U.S. can be saved.  CONCRETE IS CEMENT. NOT LATEX OR ACRYLIC. 


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     Here is the problem, with over- lays using epoxy, latex, or acrylic.  The concrete cannot breathe which it needs to, vapors and water pass through concrete constantly, in and out, and then there is U.V. ultra violet sunrays.  IT BREAKS DOWN, all oil based derivatives which all, over- lays EXEPT CEMENT ARE.  Over-lays can look very nice, for a while, but it is a short while. 


 DO NOT LET LOOKS DECIVE YOU, and then you are in worse shape, than when you started.  Good concrete should last for decades, many decades.



  Poor workmanship. Is the answer in most cases?   Everyone wants to blame the concrete supplier they are rarely to blame. I hear it all the time the batch plant was mixing to lite or to rich, BULLSHIT.
       MOST BATCH PLANTS IN THE U.S., batch all of their concrete at the same time, most batch plants are shipping to residential, commercial, and government jobs out of the same BATCH.

 Plants DO NOT TAKE RISK in order to save them a few dollars to risk many dollars, think about it.   They are buying cement from the kilns by the bulk very cheaply to cut the mix down is a fallacy.  That poor finishers love to use this lame excuse, IT IS BULSHIT, It does not happen.


        I have been involved with 1000's of bad concrete jobs, 90 % of them less than 10 years old.  I have seen 100s of them pull core samples and test the quality of the concrete 100 % of them come back GOOD CONCRETE.      SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?   SIMPLY POOR WORKMANSHIP,    

          For decades in this country good concrete finishers were held in high regard, and made very good livings.  Over the past 3 decades, hard work and skill has been CRUSHED.  Popular culture made it ugly to be a construction worker, and imported VERY CHEAP LABOR skilled craftsman where crushed.  Their families destroyed by very cheap labor. 

       Who is to blame NOT THE CHEAP LABOR, NOT THE REAL CRAFTSMAN? THE PERSON PAYING THE BILL IS TO BLAME. Yes YOU, HAVE NO ONE TO BLAME BUT YOURSELF.  You hired cheap labor you got cheap work it is that simple.    

  Look; a good concrete finisher is like a good baker.  He know’s the amount of moisture matters, he knows the climate matters, and he known’s he has to pull the materials together, at exactly the right time.



 Today’s concrete finisher, Pulls up to your job while talking on his cell phone, with a crew of very unskilled cheap labor. While he talks on the phone and eats hamburgers on his fat ass, His cheap labor finishes the concrete. 

 (REAL CONCRETE FINISHERS AND PLASTERERS ARE IN INCREDIBLE PHYSICAL CONDITION, IT IS EXTREMLY PHYSICAL HARD WORK.)  IF THE PLASTER OR CONCRETE FINSHER PULLS ON YOUR JOB WITH A BIG FAT BEER BELLY MORE THAN LIKLY HE IS AN EXPLOTER OF CHEAP LABOR.  And has not a clue about workmanship, He is equivalent to a car sales man.  The bottom of the bucket,   they lay down the concrete,   and then they take the path of least resistance.  Run a float over it, and broom it.  THIER IS THE PROBLEM the general contractor in most cases is as big of an exploiter as the subcontractor.  He could care less about your job.  And who is to stop them.

  Only you   A good craftsman will MAG FLOAT EVERY SQ. INCH ON HIS KNEES ( EXTREMLY PHYSICAL WORK)  That is why for decades great plasterers and great finishers where all rich. THEY EARNED IT.  Not anymore. 

  Now it’s all about cheap labor, cheap work get in, get out, and get paid.  When a driveway or sidewalk is not pulled together with a mag, and pressure (arm and back strength) it is lose.  Remember the concrete is a very complex product, made of many natural elements, cooked in a kiln to 1450 degrees c. 

 It is a complex product and requires a master finisher to apply it.  (When you got married did you have a guy standing in front of a day labor spot bake your cake, or make your dress.)  Why would you have the biggest investment you will ever make?  Built by unskilled contractors,   HELLO,   

  The price of taking out and replacing a driveway is huge, and think about this one WHO IS TO SAY THE NEW ONE WILL LAST ANY LONGER THAN THE LAST ONE.   I see it all the time 2 year old concrete replaced, and in two more years it is bad again. I HAVE BID THE SAME JOB FOR MULTIPLE OWNERS OVER THREE ITMES, AND IN ONE CASE 7 TIMES.  (Pass the buck, WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO FULLDISCLOSURE LAWS, THEY DO EXIST) 

  It’s the same old story;  " their is no right, or wrong there is only popular opinion".   And popular opinion in the U.S. over the past three decades has been AMERICANS SCAMING EACH OTHER.  Is that that we are, fast money at any cost.   Their are a lot of bad actors out there, subcontractors, general contractors, building officials, home inspection companies,  they all have a agenda ( a fast  buck) and the agenda is not yours.   I have restored 1000’s of bad concrete jobs.  

DO NOT RECOVER WITH EPOXY, LATEX, OR ANY THING BUT CEMENT. You will be sorry in a few years when the U.V. TURNS IT TO PEANUTBRITTEL.  I am available as a consultant, and I still do large restoration jobs MYSELF.  35 YEARS OF IT. Over 10,000 jobs personally.  I am available for classes or workshops just email me at   

  Stay tuned I will help you, I am part of the solution, contractors, inspectors, and public opinion are part of the problem.   Your bad concrete, or stucco job makes me as made as you. I am on your team.  And we are huge underdogs. Don't roll over, fight back. Stand up.   Let’s turn this thing around. SKILLED CONSTRUCTION LABOR IS NOT, THE BOOTOM OF THE PECKING ORDER, IT SHOULD BE NEAR THE TOP.  Fat assed labor exploiters are right there with car salesman.

 They are the true bottom. Remember this country for 100s of years RESPECTED HARD WORK, AND INTEGRATIE.  When I was a boy in this country it went like this, Honesty, hard work, integrity, was the road map to a good life.  My father was a Special Forces marine, (who paid the ultimate sacrifice) my uncle who raised me stood on Normandy beach on D-day. Those where the type of men this country was about, Your mother, your father, your uncle’s, your coach's ,your  teacher's ,your church leaders, all of them pounded in your brain, hard work integrity and honesty. 

 WHAT HAPPENED?  America lost its way A LONG TIME AGO. HOW DID THAT GREAT QUOTE GO “We do things as Americans; not because they are easy, but because they are hard”?   Think about it next time you take the cheap path.  America needs to stop screaming at everyone and start looking at them self’s.  If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!!!!!!!!      

  kevin d. blanch March 27 2010    save your concrete yourself with cement, your driveways, sidewalks, retaining walls, and decks.  It’s about knowledge.

Product #1.Repairing your Bad Concrete Instructions



Repairing or Restoring Bad Concrete

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