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     Real Venetian Plaster is a magnificent product, I am one of the VERY FEW real Venetian Plasterers in the country. Real Venetian Plaster is: Lath, metal lath or wood lath, nailed, or hung up, or masonry walls concrete or brick, with the proper plaster imbedded into the lath, or over the masonry substrate, with Polished Marble finish. When done right, you cannot put a baseball bat throw it.  You polish it as you go, with your trowel, the finish can be blotched color, or pure white, it can be smooth like glass, or showing heavy detail.  It is all a matter of taste.

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     I have done jobs this year that have used the base coats as finish to give a very rustic look, I have done many frescos and real venetian plaster jobs that are as smooth as glass.  It is not up to the applicator to decide, it is a good craftsman working with the owners and designers, to make the finish match the job. Period plaster is my favorite Gig, a good plaster is a great artist in design and skill.   Follow my Instructions kevin d. blanch owner of,  I have packed in 35 years as a plaster, A REAL PLASTER, into a few VERY EASY TO FOLLOW  FEW PAGES, 


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What is real Venetian plaster

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