Real Venetian plaster Walls ARE FRESCOS

Miichaelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni

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 Fresco Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, Rome, Italy.
 ALL FRESCOS LATH AND PLASTER done with a hawk and trowel , then painted while wet. REAL FRESCO
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VENETIAN PLASTER is a American term , borrowed from Venice Italy, artist in the 16th 17th 18th and 19 th century’s would refer to painted Real Frescos as Venetian plaster, because of Michael angelo and many Venice artist work with Frescos.  Fresco is a work that derives from a very, very old word in what is now called Germany meaning FRESH.   In the 19th and 20th centurys as many Europeans had migrated to the UNITED STATES, they would return to Europe for long vacations, if they had the means to do so.   Many Italians who had came to the UNITED STATES PEENYLESS and had made it. When they would go back to Italy they would of course visit Venice and when returning home.  Influence the American culture with the word VENITAN PLASTER, which was in reference to FRESCOS. 


            Then came along artist like DIEGO RIVERA, who loved the art of Fresco, and started being commissioned by wealthy Americans to do documentary style fresco work. Telling a story of America. Rivera became very famous in the UNITED STATES he was extremely controversial figure.  He had ties with the so called Mexico communist party. He had been in Lenin Russia and was kicked out of Russia.  His work was the big attraction to the opening of the NEW YOUR MOMA, his Detroit works.  He was commissioned to do a FRESCO At the Rockefeller centers R.C.A. BUILDING. By Nelson Rockefellers wife.     When it was finished a NEW YORK reporter. Begin to call attention to one of the figures in the fresco. It was said to be LENIN , of course the fire was lit, their where scenes of red square, then it was said their where negative figures of VANDERBUILT AND ROCKEFELLER HIMSELF.  Nelson Rockefeller original intended to have Picasso paint the fresco using New York City plasterers.   But it was Rivera’s opening of the New York moma that influenced the choice of Rivera. (Next time you are in NEW YORK, if you visit the Rockefeller center, just stroll right over to the NEW YORK MOMA, They are only a short distance apart; they have original Rivera’s and Picassos, along with every other piece of Iconic art. It is truly one magnificent place.)    There was a lot of debate in how to preserve this masterpiece Rivera had created, Rockefeller demanded it go. Finally it was destroyed. Rivera later recreated it in his home MEXICO CITY.

                All this attention created a big movement in Frescos in America.  When the W.P.A. was created in the height of the depression 1930‘s the government hired artist.  They begin to do large murals FRESCOS all over America.  The plastering trade was very heavily influenced in America by European plasterers who had migrated to the United States.  Many Italian.  As the Fresco artist where doing 100 s of grand frescos all over America.  They would refer to them as VENITAN PLASTER, in reference to VENICE ITALY. Which is full of the greatest Frescos ever plastered.  

                The reality is frescos are one of the earliest art forms EVER.  Carved stone with pigment in it is FRESCO.   There are grand frescos all over turkeys caves (where some say the gospels where written.)  Native Americans used fresco. For 1000s of years.   So called VENETIAN PLASTER are Frescos. If they are not painted while wet they are simply DRY FRESCOS.  .  I recently restored the 1905 Masonic Temple in our town.  A few years earlier, a LOSER LOCAL CONTRACTOR, AND OWNER, not to mention the losers we have for HISTORICAL PRESERVATION in Utah. Remodeled the Interior, Their where two very large very grand FRESCOS in the ceilings, Arched huge spans.  Painted to the Masonic way very romantic earth and sky pagan scenes I saw them 15 years earlier and begged the loser OWNER TO LET ME RESTORE THEM they were in pretty good condition, I could have saved them quit easily.  I also begged the city historical Group. To restore them.  They where and are as ignorant as it comes. They are government paid right across the street from the old MASONIC TEMPLE.   Some loser contractors took them apart, they are still their under neath the dropped ceilings they put in, they are still savable.  But too much Ignorance I am a people in a sea of IGNORANCE. (OGDEN UTAH THE ART ILITARATE CAPITOL OF THE WORLD).  This is the same ciy that tore down the ORPHEUM theater, let the greed of Ogden take down John Afflec Park ( pioneer  leagues baseball s most  Iconic  park)  after he left it to the city of Ogden , under the conditions it always remanid  thier as a baseball park. Not to mention electric Ally ( One of Americas greatest Jazz gathering locations).

When a very short time ago it was one of AMERICAS GREAT ART CENTERS. Right next door was the GREAT ORPHEUM THEATER one of AMERICAS PRMIER OPRA HOUSES.  I found a 1948 magazine in an antic store that rated the 10 most cosmopolitan cities in AMERICA.  It ranked  NEW YORK CITY ONE SAN FRANSICO TWO and yes OGDEN UTAH THREE.  I spend a lot of time in NEW YOUK CITY my daughter is a artist in NEW YORK CITY, I tell her all the time NEW YORK  reminds me of OGDEN when I was a  boy.  She thinks I am crazy. She was born In OGDEN UTAH in the early 80s. It was all over by then. 


               The return of so called VENETIAN PLASTER returned to the UNITED STATES IN THE 1990S, the old look of plaster walls become very much in vogue.  The problem was in the early 80s we began the conservative movement. And a byproduct of that movement was to replace skilled craftsman with cheap labor. Which was accomplished very quickly, by the early 90s their where very few real plasterers and, or fresco artist left.  And something that has always baffled me, happened. Somehow drywallers where being equated to being plasterers. They are as far from each other as a dentist is to a Brain surgeon.  They are a bugoti to a ford pinto, they are a Van Gogh to a home decorating print,  you get my point.   So the drywall contractors and the IGONARENT home and Business owners.  WENT TO WORK DEFACING THE SOLE OF VENETIAN PLASTER, FRESCO, AND SKILLED ARTIST.  99.9 % of all so called VENETIAN PLASTER IN AMERICA, has nothing to do with VENITIAN PLASTER, it is tacky gross disgusting, putrid, and plane ugly.  I do real Venetian plaster AND I AM THE ONLY ONE IN THE STATE I LIVE IN that is a fact.  I AM THE ONLY fresco artist in the state that is a fact.  I tell home owners and Business owners if you are so shore you have VENETIAN PLASTER take a photo of it and travel to VENICE. Start showing your Venetian plaster around and explain how it is over sheet rock, you will more than likely be assaulted if not jailed.  I recently was in our so called historical district 25st. U.S.A. Which I have done many jobs.  I was talking to a new Restaurant owner, she said "oh look at my Venetian plaster."  I told her that is not VENETIAN PLASTER she was appalled I said that is drywall mud with paint thrown in it and it is tacky and ugly.  She tried to argue with me. It was like arguing cold fusion with a first grader (no offense to all you first graders).  The restaurant is in the NATIONAL HISTORICAL REGESTRIE, I said HOW DID you get away with that one. I HAVE DONE A LOT OF HISTORICAL WORK, AND KNOW THEIR STANDARDS Are of original product and material only.  So I knew it was in violation, but then I remembered the Historical employees are the same Ignorant people who let the grand frescos be tore out of one of the most important Buildings In one of the most important American cities OGDEN UTAH THE JUNCTION CITY home of John Browning (the inventor of the automatic gun Mariner Eccles the F.D.R. FED CHAIR the home of the 25th street U.S.A.  OGDEN IS THE RAILROAD ICON OF AMERICA.  The building in reference was the original project of one of AMERICAS GREATEST Art Deco Architects, HODGSEN. My point is IGNORANCE IS bliss here. And in much of AMERICA In-regard to art of any sort and to the 10 Th power of Ignorance in-regard to frescos or Venetian plaster.  


              I am going to save this art form watch me, I am like the Ivory billed wood pecker. Thought to be extinct for decades, but one of each has been spotted.  I am currently looking for a platform to teach this art. I have been talking to a few Universities but their art departments are like THE AMERICAN PUBLIC, hard to get to think past contemporary thoughts.  My email is   I can do frescos and Real Venetian plaster so fast it blows people away when they watch me do one.  I have been doing frescos for 35 years. 1000 s of them.  Mostly dry frescos it is hard to find a venue in Utah to do a real fresco.  I am going to setup shop somewhere hopefully in a UNIVERSITY that has respect for this art. Michelangelo Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, an all the others including RIVERA DESERVE are respect. Not to mention the entire great w.p.a artist movment ,  who yes Ogden nite  Marriner Eccles was very involved in creating,  ( the said frescos torn out I belive was his original office I am sure he was a mason in Ogden.)   and all the great plasterers of the American past.

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What is a Fresco

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What is real Venetian plaster

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The Most Iconic Fresco of all Humanity

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