Whos Fault is it ? My bad stucco - plaster walls- concrete

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  They have laws to follow. BUT THEY DON'T. I say sue them.  If I had bad e.i.f.s. or stucco in a city or county or state that has paid building inspectors.  I would sue them right here right now. YOU CAN SUE CITY HALL, it creates accountability.


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  I have inspected, restored, and tore down 1000s of bad E.I.F.S. stucco jobs. 100 % of the time, they DO NOT MEET LOCAL, FEDERAL, STATE BUILDING CODES, and do not meet manufactures specifications. NEVER, (WATCH OUT FOR MATERIEL SALES REPS. THEY ARE THE BIGGEST SCHEMERS OF ALL, DO NOT CALL ONE THEY WILL SCAM YOU.)  


    Most state building laws read like this.  All building material used in the construction, remodeling of any structure, must meet I.C.B.O. standards, or other pre. STATE APPROVED standards.   UP TO THE LOCAL BUILDING OFFICIAL TO INFORCE,          What is I.C.B.O.?     






 So the fact is this;   if you live in a state like Wyoming, they don't use building officials and you know that up front.   But most states do.  SO OF COURSE you have a FALSE SENSE OF PROTECTION. 


   AND IT IS FALSE BIG TIME.     No buyer beware we have building officials.  THE BOTTOM LINE IS THIS.   90 % OF BUILDING OFFICIALS AND DEPARTMENTS ARE PLAN IGNORANT.    STUPID, And LAZY,    THAT'S A FACT.    Next you have your General contractors, who in the UNITED STATES; FROM 1980 TO 2010,    HAVE EVOLVED INTO a CAR SALESMAN- bottom of the bucket schemers. 


    They do very little work if any, they subcontract all the work.  So they become very good at selling and beating down subcontractors. That is where their profit margins are. They sign a builders contract with you,   and price stucco @ let’s say $20,000.   Then they go to work shopping bids.   They find a subcontractor with a crew of illegal labor they can exploit.   So they do it, say for $10,000. 


     The general just pocketed $10,000.  What did forest say; “stupid is as stupid does."  Who's fault is it the generals, or the home owners who allows a subcontractor to exploit illegal labor on your job. I say both.    


   Look;   I personally KNOW so called stucco contractors who simply get a crew of illegal labor, and exploit them until they quit. (That is almost all stucco/e.i.f.s. drywall contractors, not some small number).    Then they just go find some more, there is an endless sea of hungry illegal labor. Here is one way they do it. (I know the 5 biggest drywall and stucco contractor in our state do this for a FACT).   



       They find a person who speaks English and Spanish, maybe themselves, if not one worker. The contractor ask them to find him a crew of let’s say 20 men. He agrees. The contractor makes promises to the crew via the language.  He exploits them as far as he can. It goes like this: I cannot pay you guys until I get paid, and I am having trouble getting paid by the general contractors, (which is total B.S. 95 % of the time).  



         This goes on for months in most cases. The sub contractor may throw them a Small bone to keep the exploitation going as long as he can.  They are not stupid they know they are being exploited. JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE CAN NOT SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE, HAS VERY LITTLE TO DO WITH INTELLIGENCE. (Remember Lee in East of Eden) So they become disgruntled workers, they look at your house as part of the exploitation WHICH IT IS.


You think they are doing their best work. NO WAY CAN YOU BLAME THEM.  Then they finally just quit.  WHO ARE THEY GOING TO CALL; THE LABOR BOARD, THE POLICE, THEIR IS NO POLICE.  The contractor knows this they are easy targets. 


 Then he just finds some more on the street at the local day labor, and the evil cycle starts again.  Yes and you the home owner are the one financing the scam.  THIS IS FACT. (THIS IS A DOCUMENTRY NOT A COMMENTARY)  Kevin d. blanch May 5 2010.


      So now you have a new home with VERY CHEAP EXPLOITED LABOR AS YOUR keystone. A pure recipe for failure, Next you start to notice water intrusion, or suspect mold, or your new concrete is failing.  So you call the same exploiters to save you.     95 % of time THEY WILL say; THEY WHERE Scabs, I DO IT RIGHT, YOU NEED THIS JOB COMPLETELY REDONE.  For $10,000, I will DO IT RIGHT. You fall for it. 


     Here they come with more exploited labor. THEY SIMPLY RECOVER YOUR HOUSE.  Recovers have huge margins. They are the fastest buck in construction...     So you have the same problem just more of it.     Next you decide time to sell it.      Moving for a job, divorce, foreclosure, and profit, whatever,   a lot OF OWNERS KNOW THEY HAVE PROBLEMS, and are trying to PASS THE BUCK.    HELLO FULL DISCLOSURE LAWS.   Every state has them. 


  So you call a HOME INSPECTION COMPANY, they come in, charge you between$ 400 and $1200, and give you a clean bill of health.   THEY HAVE NO CLUE.   95% are no better than the General you hired, NO WORK EXPERIENCE, NO PLASTERING EXPERIENCE, and NO NOTHING.


   The home inspection Industries is UNREGULATED; NO LICENSE REQUIRED.  They attend a $4,000 seminar and buy their certification; the entire certification industry is a big scam.  I HAVE PERSONALLY WORKED ON 100S OF TOTALLY ROTTED OUT, MOLDED NIGHTMARES, THAT WHERE PASSED BY HOME INSPECTION COMPANY'S.  Again how could they know;   because they told you they know;   they have a certificate.    WOW.        HOW DUMB HAS AMERICA BECOME? PRETTY DUMB, 




    Then there is the SUPPLIERS;   BIGGEST SCHEMERS OF THEM ALL (who do you think certifies the home inspectors)   Look a bag of cement cost $ 7, a bucket of E.I.F.S. COST $50.   You think they have agenda. Big time, SO CALLED SYNTHETIC STUCCO IS NO MORE THAN PAINT, WITH LIME AND SAND, The latex or acrylic turns to peanut brittle.   


    HELLO IT’S CALLED U.V.   Let’s return to your 4Th grade science class.  Remember when the teacher asked “where do windshield wipers last the longest, Seattle, or Las Vegas."  And all the kids said “Las Vegas."  And the teacher said, WRONG.    And all the kids said. Why miss Jones?   Because of A THING CALLED ULTRA VIOLET SUN RAYS KIDS.   What are those Miss Jones;   let me tell you kids what they are.    They are very strong sun rays that penetrate everything. They breakdown rubber which is an OIL DERIVATIVE, (JUST LIKE PAINT; LATEX, and ACRYLIC, are OIL DERIVATIVE'S)...         


    E.I.F.S. (synthetic stucco) IS AN OIL DERIVATIVE.  It is very thin.  IT TAKES NO SKILL TO APPLY IT.    



 Real plasterers are at the TOP OF THE SKILL SET ORDER, real stucco has been around for 1000's of years.   Good real stucco last for 1000s of years.     E.I.F.S. contractors are at the very bottom. (Little to no skill)   E.I.F.S. IS NOT STUCCO.              STUCCO;     A PLASTER MIX MADE WITH PORTLAND CEMENT, SAND AND LIME,    You say what is Portland cements?  Cement that is made by extreme heat 1450 c. heat,   invented in leads England; by Joseph Aspin 1843, a brick layer in his kitchen.  Stucco is made with Portland cement, and other cement mixes. 


  The United States loves to use Portland cement.   STUCCO HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PAINT OVER STYROFOAM.  THAT IS WHAT E.I.F.S. IS   paint over foam,    MACINTOSH WOULD ROLLOVER,  



    THE BOTTOM LINE IS THIS. You are on your own, in an industry that has evolved into a car salesman ripe you off industry.  ALL CRAFTSMEN HAVE BEEN KILLED, THEY ARE DEAD. And the person paying the bill killed them.  Keep kicking the can down the street to the next guy. THAT'S WHAT WE DO IN THIS COUNTRY.  Kick the can down the street and scream and yell about whose fault it is. BLAME EVERYONE BUT YOURSELF.   





        I am available for consulting, and teaching seminars, in-regard to the plastering, stucco, and concrete Industry


      Kevin d. blanch   May 5 Th 2010   blanchblanch2@gmail.com


Product # 4 Home Inspection and Identifying Instructions



Product # 5.Legal Options In regard to bad E.I.F.S. Stucco Instructions





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