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         A real plasterer, to a drywaller. 
      Real plaster, to e.i.f.s. 
      Real venetian plaster, to painted plaster over drywall. 
      A real fresco
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      to a painted mural.
                                        The short answer is 1000s of years.

        Stucco has been around for 1000s of years. Great stucco and plastering is an art that takes decades to master. That is the problem in the U.S. over the past 3 decades NO ONE PROPERLY APPRENTICES any more.  The U.S. is full of great stucco work the problem is most of it is 35 years or older.  NOT ALL there are some great plasterers out there.



     IT IS A LIE TO SAY IT IS DEPENDED ON THE CLIMATE, THAT IS TOTAL B.S. and purely a lack of knowledge. There are many stucco jobs all over places like, Norway and Finland and Denmark, do you know how cold it gets there.  Their are stucco jobs 1000s of years old theirs. It is all in the craftsman’s hands; it is like a GREAT BAKER. It has to be mixed right, with the right ingredients, and tempter, and altitude matters.




      It is not, a one mix fits all.  Different claimants and altitude matter the drying presses are a huge factor. Nice and slow, It is a fallacies to say plastering in the cold is wrong, plastering in the heat is much more challenging (it can dry way too quickly.)  Granted the water freezing in the plaster can be a problem. But ideal conditions rarely come.  A good plasterer understands this and has all kinds of methods to compensate.


Product # 4 Home Inspection and Identifying Instructions


Product # 5.Legal Options In regard to bad E.I.F.S. Stucco Instructions




Cement based plaster should last for 1000 s of years.


Synthetic plaster is not plaster. 


  It is a completely different product than stucco. 


   The definition of stucco is this: 


 Stucco a plaster made from Portland cement, sand, and lime.

  NOT synthetic latex or rubber.




the word stucco in the U.S. has been very poorly used


 to include e.i.f.s. elastomeric insulated finish systems,



   synthetic mix.    IS NOT STUCCO.   


  It cannot last more than a few decades.  



Ultra violet sunrays break it down. It falls into the old science question in the 7th grade, will wind shield wipers last longer in Seattle, or lass Vegas.

  The answer IS




 U.V. breaks down plastic and rubber, which latex and acrylics are.


  Which all synthetic plaster is made of?




 It’s thin.

(e.i.f.s.)   in comparison to stucco,


 is like comparing a real VENETIAN PLASTERER TO A DRYWALLER


There is no comparison

it’s a; A BUGATTI to a ford pinto.   




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