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  Buying or selling a home can be hard, but if it has stucco, or e.i.f.s. (fake stucco) it can be even harder.  It can be very stressful, and dangerous.  Hundreds of thousands, of homes built in the U.S. from 1980 to present. Where constructed improperly, applied stucco, or e.i.f.s.

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       This is not just something you can say o well: I will have a plaster, or stucco contractor come fix it.  It is much more complex than that. Plastering, and stucco contractors have an agenda, all of them. It’s called making money.  Stucco contractors love recovers, they are easy, and have huge profit margins. 95 % of the time; if you have a stucco problem, the stucco contractor you call, will try to sell you a recover.



  Most times this is NOT the answer. Most bad stucco jobs, have bigger problems than the looks of the finish.


  Many have substrate problems. MOLD and ROT.  You cannot tell by simply looking at it.  A destruction test is a must.   Which means cutting a hole in the stucco, and taking a photo, or video of the substrate, in multiple places?  And documenting it, in a legal text, a real home inspection,


     Most so called home inspectors have no clue, when it comes to identifying bad stucco. I have worked on 100s of homes, that so called home inspectors have passed, that where a nightmare. Many home inspectors, or sellers, and realtors are taking on HUGE RISK, AND LIABILITES. 



 Let’s be clear; if a home has substrate damage, which a great majority of homes in the U.S. do.  It is a GIANT LIABILITY, to repair these homes, it is a major project. In many cases the stucco must be completely stripped, and structural damage will be exposed (rotted sheeting decade studs, molded insulation, molded drywall). 


 I have seen homes that have had to be torn down. It is more common than people think.  Then there is the issue of HEALTH, if you have stucco, or e.i.f.s. in many cases, they were constructed with NO MOSTIURE BARRIER.  You cannot know this by simply looking at the home.   


      If you are a seller or a realtor is aware of this FACT:  the selling of a home requires FULL DISCLOSUER, people’s health and financial WELL BEING is at stake.  If you sell a home, and it has mold, not only can; and probably will be SUED, there are cases in the U.S. where people have been charged criminally. 


 There have been cases of extreme illness in regard to moldy stucco.  I was involved as an expert witness in one recently. The seller knew the home had problems, and did not disclose it to the buyers. He was a builder.  He had it repaired, by a stucco contractor, who simply recovered it.   It was a giant NIGHTMARE.  The new owners, had some heating work done, and the heating contractor opened the wall up releasing the Mold into the living space.  They all were sick for months; finally their son got an infection that had him in intensive care.  One of the doctors suggested, having a mold examination done. I and other contractors were called in.

 We recommended a mold sniffing dog come in (there are companies all over the U.S. that supply them) the little lab will put his nose on the wall any place he smells mold.  Then we put a little sticker where he touches his nose.  He was all over the home.  So I started to remove the stucco, and brick.  The original stucco contractor (had used plastic for a moisture stop.)  The home was 5 years old the wood studs where rotted all the way in many places. The home has been vacated and empty for 6 years now; tied in litigation.  The builder has been financially destroyed, the child recovered thank god.  The home owners had over $300,000 in equity.  GONE!  

 They used a home inspection company when they bought the home, the home inspector passed the house, they were awarded a $ 700,000 judgment against the home inspection company, and the owner of the home inspection company is in hiding.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     STAY TUNNED. has an inspection work packet, check list with step by step instructions. That will let you do your own INSPECTION that will be legal and complete.  When you are finished, with this inspection, there will be no question of the type, or condition of the stucco or e.i.f.s. also has;   a legal checklist and a liability check list.   This type of an inspection IS A MUST.  WHEN BUYING, OR SELLING A STUCOO, OR E.I.F.S. HOME, OR BUSINESS.  A home inspection like's, A TRUE HOME INSPECTION LIKE we SUPPLY, for you to do yourself. Has not been available until now,   




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