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    My favorite part of being a plasterer, Frescos, I have been in loving with them my whole life.  I have put 35 years of plastering into a few pages, In-order to help you become a REAL FRESCO ARTIST.  There is only a hand full of real fresco artist in the country, I have been a real fresco artist for decades we are a much underappreciated few, it was not that long ago a fresco artist was at the top of the artist craftsman scale

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   I will save you years and 1000s of dollars on your quest to be a fresco artist.  The instructions, I have made are very simple what materials to use, what tools to use, and how to mix, and apply.  I am also available for private work, private lessons, seminars, consulting, or classes you, or your organization have organized.  Just email me at  

    I could have you using a hawk, and trowel like a fine musician uses a bow and violin.   If you have any problems just call me my personal phone # is on the instructions, kevin d. blanch owner of, Thank you lets bring this art medium back to its grand status, where it belongs.

ANY QUESTIONS CALL ME @ 801-452-1908

What is a Fresco

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