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  ***Frescos *** have become a lost art.

      I have done my share of frescos; I would LOVE TO DO MORE.  Finding a venue for fresco art in the U.S. is difficult.  Their are two basic kinds of frescos real frescos and dry frescos.  A real Fresco is what Rivera and Angelo used for the most parts.  Which simply means the pigment is painted into the plaster while it is still wet.

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This is a fine, and very refined art.  Rivera had teams working with him. Plasterers and artists, a dry Fresco is painted into the plaster after it is dry. It is important to note, dry fresco has to be plastered with certain plastering material.  I have done many dry frescos I love them.  You only get one shot ,so if you are a Artist remember paint over paint ,IS NOT A DRY FRESCO.

 The plaster will absurd the paint one time. And become the plaster.  I will be posting material on how to do both types of frescos, as I do them.  REMEMBER: the PAINTING OVER DRYWALL WITH COLOR MIX IN IT IS NOT A FRESCO. 1000s of restaurants in the U.S. have painted murals over so called VENETIAN PLASTER 99.99999% of them are as tackier as it gets, and fake.  Rivera would rollover. 


      VENETIAN PLASTER, AND FRESCOS, can be one in the same ANGELO S WORK is painted on so called Venetian plaster, and are frescos.  VENETIAN PLASTER IS LATH, AND PLASTER, WITH POLISHED MARBLE (COMPRESED LIMESTONE), OVER IT AS A FINISH. If you are going to home depot, or any other place and using their products and techniques, YOU DO NOT HAVE VENETIAN PLASTER, OR A FRESCO. YOU HAVE A TACKIE AMERICAN IMATATION. They are PLANE DISCUSTING. 


 Stay tuned, I will be showing photos of true frescos. I have done, and other artist has done. There are very few great fresco artists in the country. I will be posting video of myself doing frescos. You can down load stuccodamage.coms real and dry frescos how to packet at the bottom of this page.    I will walk you step, by step in being a fresco artist.  I am also available for private lessons I will spend a couple days with you. You might want to organize a class I' am down, just email me.


Product # 6. Frescos Real and Dry Instructions


Real Venetian plaster Walls ARE FRESCOS