BAD STUCCO and you FAMILYS HEALTH STUCCO INSPECTION E.I.F.S. INSPECTION HOME INSPECTION this site 100 % supported by donations, I was given 2 Mths to live in the fall of 2011 with aml leukemia IN THE GREATEST FIGHT OF ALL ,, if this SITE HELPS YOU PLEASE CONATE TO MY CAUSE,

Stay tuned to this site I will be posting articles, and information, from people who had health and financial nightmares, in regard to bad e.i.f.s., and stucco. I also will be posting anything I can find by doctors, and medical labs.

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   In regard to this NIGHTMARE, I have been working with a case, and a highly regarded doctor.  I will be posting a case study, as soon as it’s finished. I will post it here. Stay tuned. This is a brand new site. And I am acquiring data as fast as I can.  

MOLD MOLD MOLD.   I have seen some recent writings that suggest that the mold under stucco is over stated. I say BULLSH** It is understated. 


   The whole building Industry is in denial.  For the past decade they have been simply recovered over. Stucco contractors love RECOVERS, they have high profit margins. There has been NO AGENDA to fix the real problem. The contractors, the e.i.f.s. manufactures, the local building officials, the realtors, the home inspectors. Have had everything to gain, and nothing to loss,


          THE HOME OWNERS ARE GETTING SCREWED, BIG TIME.  I have been involved with rotten, molded e.i.f.s. in a very big way, for a very long time. I have fought for DECADES WITH local building officials, e.i.f.s. suppliers, applicators, architects, and contractors. I have been a lone wolf, for decades.


     I never fell for the e.i.f.s. scam. THAT IS NOT TO SAY ALL E.I.F.S. IS BAD.  It is not all bad. The problem is a GREAT MAJORITY IS BAD.  I have seen 100s of molded e.i.f.s. jobs, recovered over in my area alone.  The buck will stop, one day soon.  When homes start to collapse from rotted wood framing, THAT IS WHAT HOLDING THE HOUSE UP is the wood studs.   


      Their are 1,000 and 1,000 s of homes, simply covered over, the past three decades.  With rotted wood studs.   I know this FOR A FACT.  I have pulled apart, inspected, and consulted on 100s of them in my town alone. It’s time for accountability, NO MORE looking the other way, and passing the buck to the next owner.  Crooked stucco contractors, AND BUILDING CONTRACTORS, with their crews of ILLEGAL labor, need to be exposed for the scammers they are. 


      It has given the 1000s of good stucco contractors a DEATH BLOW.  And the homeowners of America are holding the bag.  Americans think WALL STREET was robbing them. They should take a look at their LOCAL BUILDING OFFICALS, BAD E.I.F.S. /STUCCO CONTRACTORS, CORPORATE BUILDING SUPPLIERS.  THEY HAVE SCAMED HOMEOWNERS FOR BILLIONS AND BILLIONS. 

Not to mention the lives of craftsman and their families, THAT HAS BEEN DISTROYED. I know 100s of them JUST IN MY STATE; ALONE   I will be posting solid information on this site; in order to HELP HOMEOWNERS come out of denial   we

Will save you $1,000 to $1,000,000  stay tuned.


Product # 4 Home Inspection and Identifying Instructions


Product # 5.Legal Options In regard to bad E.I.F.S. Stucco Instructions

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