BAD STUCCO BAD E.I.F.S. What are my LEGAL OPTIONS this site 100 % supported by donations, I was given 2 Mths to live in the fall of 2011 with aml leukemia IN THE GREATEST FIGHT OF ALL ,, if this SITE HELPS YOU PLEASE CONATE TO MY CAUSE,

  YOU MUST KNOW WHAT YOUR STUCCO/E.I.F.S. IS and document it.  This is a MATTER OF knowledge this can be a very COSTLY SITUATION.  Money and your family’s health,  

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 There are a lot of bad actors out there. CONTRACTORS, HOME INSPECTORS, BUILDING OFFICALS, and the general public opinion, Take control of the situation;   be your own investigator, KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE, and KNOWLEDGE.  Its starts with identifying what you have.



     There is only ONE WAY a full destruction test DOCUMENTED.  Use is products. 

First; our Inspection packet, second; our legal options packet, I have been involved with 1.000 of bad e.i.f.s. / stucco jobs.  From a woodpecker hole to Homes less than 10 YEARS OLD BEING TORN DOWN.  


I know the ropes BIGTIME.  I never fell for the e.i.f.s. scam, NOT IN MY 35 YEARS AND 10,000 JOBS AS A PLASTERING CONTRACTOR.  I have been an expert witness in much litigation, I have written many papers and opinions on the said matters.  I have REPAIRED 1,000’s OF BAD E.I.F.S. JOBS.   It’s time to come out of denial, recovering over IS NOT THE ANSWER.  


 FULL DISCLOSURE LAWS, remember that.    IT IS THE LAW.   Also remember this:   Stucco/e.i.f.s. contractors love recovers;   they have huge margins,   and they are very easy to do.  DON'T FALL FOR IT.  Our legal packet is short and easy. THE KNOWLEDGE YOU WILL GAIN from it will be huge.   Knowledge and education is the great equalizer.

Product # 5.Legal Options In regard to bad E.I.F.S. Stucco Instructions

Product # 4 Home Inspection and Identifying Instructions




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