E.I.F.S. Elastomeric Insulated Finish Systems ( they are not stucco ) Repairing E.I.F.S. HOME INSPECTION

                            https://www.gofundme.com/sdc76s this site 100 % supported by donations, I was given 2 Mths to live in the fall of 2011 with aml leukemia IN THE GREATEST FIGHT OF ALL ,, if this SITE HELPS YOU PLEASE CONATE TO MY CAUSE, https://www.gofundme.com/sdc76s                                                                                                                                                                                      E.I.F.S. is elastomeirc insulated finish systems.  E.I.F.S. IS NOT STUCCO,  STUCCO IS : 

 Exterior plaster made with:  Portland cement: (invented in 1843 leads England named after the Portland isle. area by a brick layer in his kitchen) sand, and lime.  E.i.f.s. is a finish exterior system. That has been marketed and applied big-time, over the past 2 decades.  

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 Again it is not stucco.  There have been 1000s of companies marketing different types of e.i.f.s. systems: dryvit, synergy, q r board, pleko, sure wall, fine stone, and hundreds of others.  They are generally called e.i.f.s. For the most part they are over foam; white, blue, black all kinds of foam.  


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Most use nylon mesh over the foam, pushed into the base coat. (Not all; some have little mesh if any, over joints in the foam board only) Then a finish of so called synthetic is plastered over the foam.  Some have moisture barriers underneath the foam, others do not.  I have seen synthetic finish (latex or acrylic) put directly over the substrate (plywood, or in most cases o.s.b. sheeting, (compressed wood chips glued together).)    



   It has been profitable to sell e.i.f.s. in comparison to real stucco.   (Cement, sand, and lime,)  A bag of cement 7 $ vs. 50$ for a bucket of synthetic material, and it was easy to install, I attended a materiel promotion show in 1983.  And the presenter said, "You can take a man of the street, and have him applying this product within days".  I had already spent 8 years learning to plaster. The old guys (rightfully so) where very critical, I blew it off as crazy. One of the old master plasterers, leaned over to me and said " If that is true where all screwed."  


         He was right; we were all screwed, including the home owners.    It caught on, and it did take only days to learn, instead of decades.  (There is a reason very little skill is involved).   It has evolved for the most part into a nightmare.  It is the elephant in the building industry room.  There is BILLIONS of dollars worth of damage sitting in homes. It is important for all homeowners to KNOW: WHAT IS UNDER THAT FINISH.  Is there a moisture barrier?  Is it working?    



Product # 4 Home Inspection and Identifying Instructions



Product # 5.Legal Options In regard to bad E.I.F.S. Stucco Instructions




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