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     I have been a plasterer for 40 years, I have plastered, stuccoed and, restored, personally over 10,000 jobs. I do real frescos.  I do real Venetian plaster. I do lath and plaster. I never fell for the e.i.f.s. scam. I am a purest. 


   I was raised by a mother who was a world class pinup artist and a father who was a special forces Marine. Who was killed. My grandfather was a sand and gravel guru.  I have a  degree  from a top ten school of bus.  I also have a FINE ART degree.


  I'AM AN ARTIST FIRST AND ALWAYS, I have broken pretty well every bone in my body PLASTERING.  Including my back; I fell over 30 feet on concrete in 2005 I was critical on that one.  Fell while doing a FRESCO and broke my wrist in 2008. SEE ABOVE PHOTO; going too fast, I work by myself for the most part. 


   Doing real frescos can be very dangerous; you have to paint the pigment while it’s wet.  Working alone on a fresco, Is NOT SOMETHING I  RECOMMEND, Even the (FRESCOS *REAL AND *DRY, ALL YOU ARTIST )   great;    RIVERA HAD WHOLE TEAMS WORKING WITH

HIM.  the tree in the ogden tree house museum , two stories high it is made from lath and paster.  I carved the plaster with a tool ,I made from sheet metal, to give it the affects of a hollow tree. 2006  I am a artist first and always.    kevin d. blanch REAL VENETIAN PLASTER    


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