THE TRIFFID NEBULA
I am a member of the Redlands Astronomical Society  http://www.ras.org.au/ based in Ormiston in South-East Queensland, Australia. We are a small group of amateur astronomers who are gradually developing our technical skills. We do a number of viewing nights for schools each year, mainly in the cooler months as the sky is clearer then. Around Australia, there are numerous groups like ours and I am sure that they all do the same. Should you wish to have a viewing night for your school, contact your local amateur astronomy group. We at RAS can be contacted via the above link to our website.
In Australia we have clear skies, thousands of square miles of almost uninhabited country with amazing dark skies. Our local area is now quite urbanised and so light pollution is a problem, but a short drive from here will get you to many excellent dark sites.
I own a Meade LX90 GPS 8" which I hope to be able to have set up on a permanent pier eventually. I image using a Meade DSI Pro II or an un-modified Canon 400D DSLR. The shorter, faster scope for mounting on top of the LX90 is coming....one day. This will allow me to guide far more accurately and to image through the shorter scope and thus acquire more close-up images than I can achieve with the LX90.
I have also used the excellent set-ups provided by Global Rent A Scope. http://www.global-rent-a-scope.com/ Global Rent A Scope allows the user to access top quality scopes, mounts and cameras in clear sky, dark locations in South Australia or in New Mexico. So people whose opportunities in astrophotography are limited by funds or by living in locations where astrophotography is made difficult by light pollution or cloud cover may still have the opportunity to photograph the night skies.
So far I have only succeeded in producing a few "successful" images, but I'm getting there slowly and hope to produce more images of a better quality given time.