20 - The Entertainment Environments

The entertainment environment is the setting in which audiences interact with entertainment provided by entities with the various entertainment industry sectors and sub-sectors. The entertainment environment surrounds us, after all the very diverse entertainment offering provided by the entertainment industry can be found almost anywhere. There are nine distinct entertainment environments, these are as follows: the contained resort environment; the coastal environment; the cruise ship environment; the home environment; the mobile environment; the online environment; the rural environment; the travel environment; and the urban environment. These environments are all unique in their nature, either through size, make-up or physical presence (and sometimes a combination of these things).


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31st March, 2016

BBC NewsWhatever floats your boat - the unstoppable growth of themed cruises

Article about the growth in themed cruises, particularly cruises 'hosted' by bands.
14th January, 2016

BBC NewsGlastonbury Festival admits human waste pollution offence

News story highlighting the negative impact of a large scale music and arts festival on the rural environment, when a slurry container leaked human sewage into the local river system.
12th August, 2015

BBC NewsCoastal visitor numbers 'drop 20%'A report by the National Trust shows that visits to Britain's coast have dropped by 20% in the last 10 years.
21st February, 2015

BBC NewsThe buses you choose because of their musicFeature about Nairobi's minibus taxis, which use music, art and entertainment to attract customers.
2nd February, 2015

BBC NewsFuture airports could become hi-tech pleasure domesArticle exploring developments to make airport spaces more hi-tech and entertaining places.
29th January, 2015

BBC NewsVirtual reality content on
offer to airline passengers
Qantas is to begin offering in-flight entertainment via virtual reality headsets to passengers in first class on routes from Australia to the USA.
15th January, 2015

BBC NewsChina: Beijing metro users access free e-booksThe transport environment of Beijing's Metro, has been enhanced with freely accessible e-books accessed by QR codes with passenger smart phones. 
14th January, 2015

BBC NewsRyanair to test streaming movies to tablets
and phones

European budget airline Ryanair are to begin trials of an in-flight movie and TV program streaming service, which broadcasts to passengers' mobile devices. The service may be at-cost, or free and paid by advertisements.
6th November, 2014

BBC NewsEstonia: Council plans Tallinn booze banThe mayor of Tallinn (a destination popular with stag and hen parties) is planning on restricting the sale of alcohol from bars on Sundays and from shops at other times, to try and combat the harmful effects of drunkenness amongst tourists visiting the historic city.

26th September, 2014

BBC NewsAirlines cleared for mobile phone use during flightsThe European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has ruled that electronic devices such as mobile phones are safe to use on flights. This will have implications for in-flight entertainment provision, with potentially a lesser onus to provide it, in place of making aircraft wi-fi ready.

21st August, 2014

The GuardianNaked Italians spark protests against antics of drunken tourists in Barcelona

News story from the urban environment, about resident anger in Barcelona, over drunken behaviour from tourists.
4th August, 2014

DailyFinanceWith new attractions, farmers nurture crops or tourists

Article highlighting how the rural environment is benefiting from increases in tourism and entrepreneurial endeavours from farmers and business owners, who are keen to exploit this.Link
22nd July, 2014

BBC NewsMiami neighbourhood Wynwood revitalised with street art

Case study of how art can be used to begin a cycle of revitalisation of decaying and ex-industrial urban areas.
5th May, 2014

BBC NewsDreamland once moreExploration of the rise, fall and rise again of Margate as a seaside resort, with a focus on entertainment visitor attractions as a key aspect of the seaside resort offering.

18th March, 2014

BBC NewsDubai: Metro system to be turned into
art gallery

News of the decision in Dubai to turn the entire Metro system into one large art gallery with stations also serving as museums.
11th February, 2014

BBC NewsSingapore Airshow: The fight for eyeballs
in mid-air

Feature examining the importance of in-flight entertainment to passengers, particularly on long haul routes, with examples given from various airlines of what their entertainment offering consists of.
10th February, 2014

Blue & Green
Urban sustainable tourism: being responsible in the city

Feature exploring initiatives to attract visitors to urban centres to participate in activities that are sustainable and not harmful to the environment.
24th October, 2013

BBC NewsKazoo protest against licence plansNews story about plans by Camden Borough council in London planning to regulate busking through licences.
30th September, 2013BBC NewsRail mobile internet speeds set to get faster in UKNews story about plans by the UK Department for Transport to roll out faster broadband across the UK rail network, so that by 2019 70% of train passengers have access to faster broadband while they travel by train.

20th August, 2013

BBC News

High-speed in-flight internet possible by 2014

News about development of Earth Stations on Mobile Platforms (ESOMPs), which will allow aircraft and ships to offer wi-fi networks at 10 times the current speeds, by communicating directly with broadband transmitting satellites.



15th August, 2013

BBC News

Can art change Margate's fortunes?

News about the British seaside town of Margate going through a period of regeneration, which incorporates heritage, arts and culture into the town's tourism offering.


3rd May, 2013

BBC News 180 degree television for the home?

Feature about new technology for the home, which features a television screen surrounded by a fish eye perspective 180 degree background, designed to be a more immersive television medium.

9th March, 2013

BBC News Star Trek 'holodeck' in the living room? Feature about immersive technologies such as 360 degree screens being adapted for home use.
12th February, 2013 BBC News 'Every new car' connected to web by 2014 Feature looking at the future of technological developments within the automobile industry, which predicts that all new cars built from 2014 will have internet access within them.

7th November, 2012

BBC fast:track

Can gadgets be safely used during take-off and landing?

Video article which discusses the current ban on electronic devices being used during take-off and landing, many of these devices are being used by passengers for entertainment purposes.




17th October, 2012

BBC Radio 4 Is it 'too late' for the High Street? Online shopping looks set to further erode the High Street according to this Radio 4 discussion.
22nd September, 2012

BBC News Town centres 'must adapt to online shopping' Feature exploring how urban centres will need to adapt more to changing demographics and the internet, including retail outlets being prepared for collection from online orders and more opportunities for social interaction and leisure.
19th July, 2012

BBC News Seaside tourism hit by washout start to the Summer

News video highlighting the devastating impacts that bad weather can have on seaside resort visitor numbers, and the knock-on effect that this can have for seaside entertainment and leisure based attractions.

6th January, 2012

BBC News 'Europe's biggest' free wi-fi zone set for London 

Mobile operator O2 is to provide free internet to "millions" of residents and visitors in central London by launching Europe's largest free wi-fi zone.

The service will be rolled out across the boroughs of Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea in 2012.

14th October, 2011

BBC News Blackpool: Why isn't it marketed to foreign tourists? Discussion feature about the British coastal resort of Blackpool, which has experienced both boom and near bust, but has now been invested in by the local council in order to upgrade the resort's offering.

3rd October, 2011

BBC Fast Track The future for in-flight movies Video highlighting some innovations in the travel environment, with the future of airlines in-flight entertainment being driven by integration with passengers' mobile devices.

27th September, 2011

BBC News Has the iPod made us anti-social? Discussion feature looking at the phenomenon of mass iPod use and how this has made social situations less social as people have become withdrawn into their own personal environment.
17th August, 2011

BBC News
Viewpoint: Why does regeneration create so many ugly buildings?

Article discussing the merits of urban regeneration, and the drawbacks of so-called 'ugly' buildings that are often built as join retail / leisure facilities. he article highlights Leicester's National Space Centre as an example of good practice regeneration and development.


16th August, 2011

BBC Click

Why spend £1,000 on headphones?

Discussion feature analysing the rising popularity of 'luxury' headphones, as more people spend longer listening to music on the move.


11th July, 2011

BBC Click
Home technology of the future revealed

Video examining some of the future innovations that are likely to continue to transform the home entertainment environment.

17th April, 2011

BBC News
Close-Up: Pop music on the Brussels metro
Video feature about music being played on the Brussels metro to help make the travel environment a more enjoyable experience for commuters.

25th January, 2011

BBC fast:track
Whitby - the seaside resort Goths flock to
Case study of the North Yorkshire seasidetown of Whitby, which due to Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' novel, has been imortalised to horror fans, and has been attracting goths for the past three decades.

2nd July, 2010
Businessman use Scalextric at Manchester Airport

 News story about a Scalextric racing car game being mde one of the offerings at the newly opened Manchester Airport Executive Lounge, thus demonstrating the importance of entertainment in the travel environment.

28th June, 2010
British seaside tourism growing
News story about the recent growth of the British seaside, which is booming in the early Summer good weather. Seaside resorts are major employers locally with jobs contributing £3.6bn to the economy, as more of us head back to traditional British resorts.

28th June, 2010
West seaside employers are big economy boost
News video about Weston-Super-Mare's seaside employment being a boost to the local economy, in the face of many Briton's choosing to holiday abroad.


17th June, 2010


Blackpool named favourite UK seaside resort by Which?

News story relating to Blackpool topping a Which? survey. Some 6.7% of 4,217 adults surveyed preferred it, ahead of Brighton in Sussex, which had 5.9% of the vote.



25th May, 2010


Italy unveils first private high speed train


News video demonstrating the use of entertainment in the transport environment (one of the nine distinct entertainment environments), namely television and Internet as a selling point on Italy's new high speed trains.