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‘Entertainment that is intended to arouse sexual desire amongst audience members’ (Griffiths, 2009, in Moss, 2009, p.346).

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18th October, 2016

The Guardian

Why a porn star is fighting California's condom law: 'It's a women's right issue'

Article about a campaign by adult actor Tasha Reign against a law being proposed in California, which will enforce condom usage in pornographic films. Reign considers this enforcement a violation of her rights.

15th August, 2016BBC NewsbeatEasy access to online porn is 'damaging' men's health, says NHS therapist

Article based upon research from an NHS therapist, which states that online porn is having an impact upon men's sexual health.
7th April, 2014

BBC NewsFrance prostitution: MPs outlaw paying for sex

French MPs have passed a law that makes it illegal to pay for sex, with fines up to 3,750 Euro. This is designed to cut the demand for prostitution in the country sand reduce people trafficking. Opponents to the law include the many sex workers who's financial future is now uncertain.

22nd March, 2016The Guardian

I've come of age in the porn generation. Here are some of the problems we face.

Article about how the easy availability of hardcore pornography is having an effect boys and how they relate to girls, with little being done about it.
25th February, 2016

BBC NewsInside the topless sisterhoodArticle reflecting on the ethics and working conditions of dancers, particularly topless 'show girls'.Link
11th August, 2015

BBC NewsAmnesty International row: Should prostitution be decriminalised?

Feature discussing proposal by Amnesty International to decriminalise prostitution, the article evaluates the impacts such a move could have, and the arguments for and against this proposal.
8th August, 2015BBC NewsIndia porn ban: How the government was forced to reverse course

Feature exploring the recent attempts by the Indian government to ban internet pornography, which faced an immediate backlash and accusations of 'moral policing'. The ban has since been 'watered down' in the face of this. According to the article, India is the 4th largest consumer of internet porn globally.

7th January, 2015BBC NewsWhy hasn't Japan banned child-porn comics?

Feature exploring anime and manga comics in Japan, which often feature children in sexually explicit storylines, and exploring why these have not been banned.

7th November, 2014

BBC NewsPorn stars demand Google's help to combat piracyNews story about representatives of the adult film industry approaching Google to help publicise legal ways to buy adult films, rather than watching them online on sites that have pirated content.

12th September, 2014BBC NewsThe lap dancers who find it hard to leave

Article about the difficulties faced by woman working in adult entertainment, who have difficulty leaving to adjust to a more 'mainstream' lifestyle.

23rd July, 2014

BBC NewsNew broadband users shun UK porn filters, Ofcom finds

News story about the relatively low uptake in the UK of porn blocking child safe filters by new broadband customers.
9th May, 2014

BBC NewsWhere the world's
first feminist
pornographers gather

Feature about feminist pornography, which is considered as pornography that empowers women and depicts authentic female sexuality.

28th March, 2014

BBC News

Porn site age-check law demanded by media regulator

UK video-on-demand watchdog Atvod has demanded that pornographic websites age verify their customers to protect children from the harmful effects of pornography.
18th March, 2014The GuardianSocial porn: why people are sharing their sex lives online

Feature discussing the rise in pornographic social media sites.
21st February, 2014BBC NewsSex worker on why she would work in mega-brothel

Video discussion around the possible tightening of rules EU wide around the buying and selling of sex.
21st February, 2014BBC NewsMega-brothels: Has Germany become 'bordello of Europe'?

News video and feature about one of the largest brothels in Europe, in Stuttgart, Germany. Prostitution was legalised in Germany in 2002, and has created an industry worth 16bn Euro per year.

11th February, 2014

CosmopolitanSex-worker flash mob in Amsterdam feature in hard-hitting anti-trafficking video

Feature about a flash mob in Amsterdam's red light district that was designed to educate viewers as to the reality of people trafficking and the sex industry.
23rd December, 2013

BBC NewsGerman 'streamed porn' case reviewedNews story about a legal case in Germany, where a court is reviewing it's own decision to request the details of people who have been streaming porn online, with a view to them being fined for accessing the material illegally, this is thought to be the first case of its kind against people for streaming rather than downloading.

11th November, 2013

BBC NewsWill France make paying for sex a crime?News story about new attempts in France to criminalise the act of paying for sex, in the hope that this will reduce prostitution in the country?

24th October, 2013

BBC News

The Japanese men who prefer virtual girlfriends to sex

Feature about the rise of the otaku, Japanese men who love engaging with virutal characters in largely online environments. This has fuelled a boom in pornographic virtual characters, which may potentially have an impact on both Japanese society and birth rates.


20th September, 2013

BBC News Is sex education key to porn battle? Discussion around the accessibility of porn online to children, and how this is increasing with the mobile internet.  Link
14th August, 2013

BBC News Online porn boom: Liberating minds or damaging brains?

Discussion feature by Newsnight's Paul Mason around the rise of free online porn sites, many of which are owned by Luxembourg based company Manwin. The article discusses changing business models in online pornography, along with possible social impacts of it.

1st July, 2013 BBC News

Web porn: Just how much is there?

Feature discussing how much of the internet and web traffic is actually taken up by web pornography. Many 'official' reports are demonstrated as quoting figures that may be baseless.

8th March, 2013 BBC News

'Attempt to ban porn' discovered in EU report

News article about the EU 'Report on Eliminating Gender Stereotypes in the EU', which contains an article calling for a ban on all forms of pornography in the media. Critics of the report claim this could be the first step towards Internet service providers policing the Internet to stop it being used for distributing porn.

25th October, 2012

BBC News

Tube sites are 'changing porn' says UK regulator

News article including a video interview with porn performer 'Amanda' about the rise of online porn, and particularly amateur uploads and streaming websites, which are now the major way by which many people view pornography. This has had major impacts upon the porn industry, and presents difficulties for regulators.
24th October, 2012

BBC News Should children be taught that porn is not real?

In 2011, an EU-wide survey found that a quarter of 9-16 year-olds had seen sexual images and only 11% on websites.

Almost a third of 16-18-year-olds have seen sexual pictures on mobile phones at school at least a few times a month, a 2010 YouGov survey suggested.

This article debates as to whether in light of the above data that children should be formally taught about pornography.

19th October, 2012

The Guardian

Strip clubs are the new normal - and that's a good thing

Discussion feature that explores the rationale for, and taboo of men visiting strip clubs.

5th October, 2012

BBC fast:track

Child sex tourism 'spreading'

News video about a worrying growth in child sex tourism, which (in certain parts of particularly poor countries) is still a growth area, with an estimated 250,000 people travelling abroad for sex with minors each year. The video highlights how authorities, charities and the travel industry are working to combat this.

4th October, 2012

BBC News

Belgian prostitutes in Ghent have been told to cover up 

In the Belgian city of Ghent (where prostitution is legal), prostitutes who show themselves off in windows have been banned from wearing skimpy clothing. The city mayor sees prostitution as a legitimate industry, but does not want them to tarnish the reputation of the city, this is seen by some of those in industry as an interference and challenge to them.
23rd August, 2012

BBC News German 'porn pirates' to be named

News story about the decision to name those who's computers have illegally downloaded pornography. The law in Germany allows for the publication of the names of those who have been accused, before they have been found guilty.

23rd August, 2012

BBC News Danish exhibition shows couples having sex as art

Audio feature that highlights the debate around what art is, by featuring a Danish exhibition, that features couples having sex live in front of an audience.

8th June, 2012

BBC News

Louis Theroux on porn: The decline of an industry

Feature examining the decline in the porn industry and the impact that this is having on porn actors.

7th June, 2012

BBC News

London 2012: Will the Olympics bring more prostitutes?

Discussion feature around warnings of increased prostituion and people trafficking at major sporting tournaments, the article explores whther these are a myth or reality.
31st May, 2012

BBC News O2 porn filesharers to be sent letters from film-maker

News article about the decision by the British High Court to allow a pornography company to peruse those suspected of illegally sharing its content. The article goes on to highlight how damaging illegal file-sharing has been to the porn industry.

24th May, 2012

BBC News Online pornography: Nick Pickles on internet filters

The British government is considering introducing filters to block adult material as a default for internet customers to help parents stop their children seeing inappropriate material.

But Nick Pickles from Big Brother Watch said this was not the way forward, as they failed in the Netherlands, and Ofcom found they would be "trivial to circumvent".

25th April, 2012

BBC News Online pornography: What can be done to protect children?

A group of MPs has called for internet service providers to introduce tougher filters against adult content.

However, a senior executive at Google responded that it is also up to parents to take more responsibility.

Criminologist Mark Williams-Thomas and Jim Killock of the Open Rights Group discussed the best strategies to prevent children from accessing pornography online.

25th April, 2012

BBC News Could teenagers be stopped from looking at porn?

Debate around whether or not teenagers can and should be stopped from looking at online pornography.
20th March, 2012

BBC News Backpage.com tests ethics of sex for sale

Video exploring how prostitution has shifted from the streets to the internet, focussing on the website back page.com .
12th March, 2012

BBC News Porn site breached in hack attack

News story about porn site Digital Playground being breached by hackers who may have stolen the details of 73,000 subscribers including credit card information. The porn industry relies heavily on the internet, and this may have wide reaching impacts.

8th March, 2012

BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat

Ofcom lodges porn TV complaint with Dutch regulator

News story about British broadcasting regulator Ofcom lodging a complaint with the Dutch media regulator, about adult chat channels which are licensed in the Netherlands but broadcast in the UK, including Babestation, which is available via Freeview.

25th January, 2012

BBC News

Condom law slapped on LA Adult film stars

News story about actors in pornographic movies in Los Angeles being required to use condoms while filming, under a new law signed by the city mayor, which critics say will push porn production elsewhere.

24th January, 2012

BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat

Porn firm Hustler fined for not giving actors condoms

Two porn companies in California have been fined after actors failed to use condoms on set. Larry Flynt's Hustler and Forsaken Pictures are accused of not protecting performers from exposure to disease.

22nd January, 2012

BBC News Should access to online pornography be blocked?

Audio news story about moves in the UK to regulate access to internet pornography and adult websites. If you switch to a new provider for your internet access later this year, you will be forced to make a choice: do you want access to adult content or not? Customers will not be able to access the internet until they have answered the question.

6th December, 2011 BBC News French move to ban prostitution by punishing clients

France's parliament is to debate abolishing prostitution through a crackdown which would criminalise payment for sex.

The National Assembly will vote on a symbolic resolution drafted by a cross-party commission which, if successful, will be followed by a bill in January.

6th December, 2011

BBC News .xxx pornography web domain names go on general sale

The controversial domain name .xxx goes on general sale from 16:00 GMT, as legal efforts continue to scupper it.

Some 100,000 web addresses have already been purchased in a restricted sale. The first pages went live in September.

7th September, 2011
BBC News

.XXX web domain registration begins

News story about the release of the .xxx internet domain suffix, which has begun with the opportunity for companies and celebrities to secure their name from being misused by anyone else.

21st April, 2011 BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat

Porn 'affects the way men view sex' Feature discussing the influences upon men that watching porn can have, in particular in relation to how they view sex, including the lack of condom use amongst many men.

21st April, 2011 BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat Men 'worried' about heavy internet porn use

News article detailing concerns from a quarter of men aged 18-24 over their heavy porn usage, which is causing problems with their jobs, relationships and sex lives.
14th April, 2011

Sydney Morning Herald

Hong Kong's first 3D erotic film premieres
News story about the use of 3D film technology for adult films, with a feature on Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy - Hong Kong's first 3D erotic film. The article also mentions other forthcoming pornographic films to be made in 3D.

18th March, 2011
Sex domain .xxx
given final approval
by Icann
News story about the decision by global Internet address body Icann to allow the use of the .xxx for pornographic websites, something which has pleased supporters and angered critics.


20th December, 2010


Internet porn block 'not possible' say ISPs

News story about a debate currently taking place between the UK government and internet service providers, as to how to block pornography from being streamed in the UK - something which ISPs are saying is impossible.


9th December, 2010
Porn actor calls for condom use after getting HIV
News story about porn actor Derek Burts contracting HIV.

19th November, 2010


What has Playboy ever done for free speech?

Interest story and video about the challenges faced and addressed by Playboy and it's founder Hugh Heffner in terms of censorship and free speech.


26th October, 2010


Adult TV channels become first to lose licences

News story about four adult TV channels, who have had their licences revoked for rule breaches by regulator Ofcom.


13th October, 2010


Two porn companies postpone filming over HIV test

 News story about a porn actor being found HIV positive, and the impact that this has had upon film studios, where condom usage is largely not practiced. This highlights the dangers of working in the porn industry, where in some places porn actors are ten times more likely to contract HIV than members of the general public.


27th June, 2010
Calls to ban brothels in Australia's 'Bible Belt'
News story about the borough of Hills Shire in Sydney attempting to ban brothels on moral and religious grounds. Brothels are generally legal businesses in Australia.

 25th June, 2010
Sex domain gets official approval
News story about ICANN finally giving approval for an official net domain name dedicated to pornography - .xxx .

 11th June, 2010


 'Shady' porn site practices put visitors at risk

News story about visitors to porn sites being put at serious risk of being exploited by cyber criminals. A study has suggested that many sites harboured malware or used "shady" practices to squeeze money out of their visitors.

30th May, 2010


Bangladesh's dark brothel steroid secret

News story and video about the Tangail Brothel in Bangladesh one of the country's 14 official brothels, where 800 woman work in degrading conditions, many taking steroids for energy and to grow larger.




28th May, 2010


Porn ban on net and mobiles mulled by South Africa

News article about the South African Government discussing the possibility of banning all electronically distributed pornography including internet, mobile phone and television.


12th May, 2010

Times Online

Minister moves to remove arts from lap dance ban

News article of how arts campaigners have welcomed a move to amend plans curtailing the activities of lap dancing bars, that had the “unintended consequence” of outlawing artistic expressions of nudity that occasionally flourish at the Edinburgh Festival.   


21st April, 2010

Entertainment Planet

Culture and Heritage Versus Alcohol and Sex in European Urban Destination Development

Blog article about the culture gap that exists between cultural tourists and stag parties attracted by the adult entertainment offering in many European towns and cities.


16th April, 2010

The Stage

Porn on stage – take a position

News article about despite its superficial sparkle, Porn the Musical ultimately condones and celebrates a suspect view of women


 7th April, 2010
 BBC Adult TV station stars on the porn industry
News video featuring presenters from Adult TV Babestation talking frankly about their opinions on the porn industry.

6th April, 2010


Lap-dancing club rules change comes into force

News article detailing that lap-dancing clubs in England must apply to councils for a licence under new rules which have come into force.


 26th February, 2010


 Children 'over-exposed to sexual imagery'

 News article about a Home Office report that warns of children being over-exposed to sexual imagery in advertisements, via the internet and through mobile telephones, much of which is difficult to regulate.


14th January, 2010


Stag parties 'fuel sex trafficking'

News article and accompanying video about how Prague, Amsterdam, Riga and Krakow have all become popular destinations for the British stag party industry. But some of the estimated £500m spent each year is also finding its way to criminal gangs trafficking women for the sex trade.   


20th November, 2009


Belle de Jour and the myth of the happy hooker

News story about the unmasking of Belle de Jour makes us think of a litany of brilliant courtesans, writes Clive James in his weekly column.


7th November, 2009


Prostitution: a crime of purchasing

News article about how punishing men buying sex instead of women coerced into selling it, the policing and crime bill will create a new consensus


5th August, 2009

BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat 'I love my job as a lapdancer'

Hundreds of lap and pole dancing clubs have sprung up in the UK since they started being licensed in the same way as nightclubs, bars and cafes in 2004.

Campaigners want lap dancing clubs to be reclassified as "sex encounter establishments" - like adult cinemas and sex shops.

One lap dancer tells Newsbeat she loves her job but does not want to be labelled as a sex worker.

18th September, 2009


End lap-dance tax break - Harman

News article about how Equalities Minister Harriet Harman has called for tax breaks for corporate entertainment visits to lap-dancing clubs to be banned.


15th May, 2009


Burlesque laid bare

News article about Burlesque, what initially seemed subversive and political soon turned out to be nothing more than a misogynist sham.


15th February, 2009

Times Online

3D films back in cinema, but porn will lead

News article about how horror, animation and concert movies are out or on the way, but adult entertainment will push boundaries with the new technology.


14th February, 2009


Rules to curb lapdancing could mean more strip nights in local pubs

News article about how campaigners say loopholes will undermine the impact of legislation.


19th November, 2008


New law to criminalise men who pay for sex with trafficked women

News article about how the new law threatens rape charges and imprisonment, and kerb crawlers and brothels face police crackdown.


16th November, 2008


Paying for sex to be criminal offence

News article about how the Home Secretary plans to crack down on vice trade on the streets, while lapdancing clubs will face a stringent licensing regime.


15th August, 2008


Lapdancing licensing laws must change, say council leaders

News article about the local government calling for lapdancing venues to be licensed as 'sex encounter establishments', not bars and cafes.


29th April, 2008


When does kinky porn become illegal?

News story about a bill outlawing the possession of "extreme pornography" is set to become law next week. But many fear it has been rushed through and will criminalise innocent people with a harmless taste for unconventional sex.   


23rd April, 2008


Lapdancing's naked truths

News report about how it is nonsense to deny there is a link between legal clubs and the sex industry's murkier side.


21st September, 2007


Amsterdam to cut back on brothels

News article about the Dutch city of Amsterdam is to close one-third of the brothels in its famous red light district.


13th January, 2007


Huge crowds at US porn convention

News article about thirty thousand people gathering in the US city of Las Vegas for the annual convention of the pornography industry.


6th December, 2006


Stripping is art, Norway decides

News article about how a Norwegian appeals court has ruled that striptease is an art form and should therefore be exempt from value-added tax (VAT).


2nd October, 2006


A 'tiny drop in the ocean'

News article about a safe house for trafficked sex workers opens its doors to victims on Monday. Set up by a Catholic nun, its places are likely to be in great demand.