16 - Culturtainment

‘Entertainment that involves the demonstration, celebration or commemoration of the values, traditions or beliefs of a societal group’ (Moss, 2009, p.294).

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10th September, 2016BBC NewsSpain bullfighting: thousands rally in Madrid to demand ban

Whilst the popularity of bullfighting in Spain is dwindling, 2,000 bullfights still take place there annually. This article highlights a demonstration against this, which took place in September 2016, and the growing discontent of the tradition amongst particularly Spain's young people.

20th April, 2016

South China Morning Post

'Long-necked' women in Thai 'human zoos' hope to woo tourists at home in MyanmarFeature about long-necked women, a cultural phenomenon in parts of South East Asia, who have attracted tourists and onlookers for decades.
7th January, 2016

BBC NewsThe state that loves bullfighting but isn't Spain

Feature about the banned spectacle of 'bull-taming' in Tamil Nadu, India, which locals are hoping to be able to practice again.
30th October, 2015BBC NewsHalloween scares up big business in the US

Article exploring the economic impact of Halloween at events and attractions in the US.
13th September, 2015

BBC NewsSpanish battle over Toro de la Vega bullfighting tradition

Article highlighting protests against one of Spain's more bloody bullfighting traditions, the Toro de la Vega.
17th August, 2015

BBC NewsBulls kill seven at Spain summer festivalsFeature about deaths at bull running events in Spain, which brings into question health and safety amongst other ethical considerations.
22nd January, 2015

BBC NewsHelping Brazil's tribal groups benefit more from tourism
Case study exploring the commodification of a Brazilian rainforest tribe's culture for tourism related economic benefits.
13th July, 2014

BBC NewsIn pictures: Rounding-up of wild horses in Galicia, Spain

Feature looking at the tradition of cutting the manes and tails of wild horses in Galicia, Spain.
30th June, 2014

BBC NewsBrazil's singing gauchosVideo slideshow and story about Brazil's Gaucho song festivals.Link
20th April, 2014BBC News'Firework battle' as Greek churches mark Easter

Video and news story about the tradition of an Easter firework battle on the Greek island of Chios. The battle is thought to date back to the times that the island was occupied by Turkey, who banned Christian religious services, so the firework battle was staged as a distraction so that Easter Mass could be held in the churches.

31st March, 2014

BBC NewsHistoric Marrakech bids to become an artistic hotspot

Feature highlighting the growing arts scene in Marrakech, Morocco, which sits at a juncture of African, Islamic and European cultures. 
19th December, 2013BBC NewsBulgaria: Staking out a vampire tourist trail

News story / case study about plans in Bulgaria to capitalise on the regions links with gothic and horror cultural fiction through the creation of a series of vampire themed attractions to create a tourist trail.

6th November, 2013

BBC NewsTrending: The battle over bullfighting in ColombiaFeature about the debate over whether to bring bullfighting back to Colombia, which is currently raging in political circles and on social media.

26th February, 2013

BBC News

Taiwan's most famous professional mourner

Feature exploring the cultural phenomenon of performers being paid to attend funerals in Taiwan.

12th February, 2013

BBC News

Spain moves to give bullfighting special cultural status

News story about moves by Spanish Members of Parliament, to vote in favour of giving bullfighting a special cultural status and overturning bans on bullfighting that have taken place in the Spansih Canary Islands and Catalonia.
6th November, 2012

BBC News Has Halloween dampened Bonfire Night? Discussion article around the rise in popularity of Halloween in the UK, with the influence of the popularity of Halloween in the USA one possible reason behind this. At the same time the traditional UK Bonfire Night is seemingly in decline as both occasions fall within a week of each other and for some, economics make it a choice of one or the other.

8th July, 2012 

BBC News

Close-up: Berlin's bear-pit karaoke

Video case study that demonstrates a contemporary cultural phenomenon in Berlin.
29th April, 2012

BBC News Goths descend on UK seaside town of Whitby

News video about Goth tourists and tourists coming to see Goths in the UK seaside town of Whitby, which has historic associations with Dracula. The video highlights that Goth tourists are with £30-£40 each per day to the Whitby economy, and as many as 5,000 Goths visit for the annual Goth festival.

29th February, 2012

BBC News Wakefield rhubarb festival attracts record visitor numbers

News story about the economic impact of a Yorkshire, UK cultural festival - the Wakefield Rhubarb Festival where a record 96,000 visitors attended over three days, according to the council.

Spending at the sixth annual Food, Drink and Rhubarb Festival boosted the local economy by £2m, the council estimated

25th February, 2012

BBC News Scandinavian food: Why is it becoming popular in the UK?

Discussion feature around cultural gastronomy exploring the rising popularity of foods from Norway, Sweden and Denmark in the UK, attributed partly to exposure to Swedish foods through film and television.
15th January, 2012 BBC News Close-up: Vienna's coffee house culture

Often housed in beautifully grand and ornate buildings, coffee houses are so much a part of the fabric of the Austrian capital that Unesco recently included them on their list of intangible cultural heritage - describing them as places "where time and space are consumed, but only the coffee is found on the bill."

29th November, 2011

BBC News Why the diner is the ultimate symbol of America

Features that analyses and discusses an icon of US cultural gastronomy - the diner.
1st October, 2011

BBC News Maastricht bans cannabis coffee shop tourists

News story about the decision by authorities in Maastricht, Holland, to ban non Dutch visitors from coffee shops in a bid to stem drug-related crime. The ban does not include German and Belgian tourists, and has been criticised as being in contravention of EU law.

24th September, 2011 BBC News Bullfighting in Barcelona to end with Catalonia ban

News story about the first bullfighting ban to come into effect in mainland Spain. This is as a result of increased awareness of animal rights, and as a result of Catalonia making an independent political decision from the rest of Spain.

7th August, 2011

BBC News
Poland's medieval love affair for knights

Feature about the growing passion for re-enactments involving knights in armour in Poland. This romantic cultural spectacle provides escapsim for participants, and brings in tourists who pay to witness it.

21st April, 2011

BBC fast:track
Is the Monarchy key to the UK travel industry?

Video discussing the significance of the British Royal Family to inbound tourism who see the Monarchy as a unique aspect of British culture.

9th January, 2011
BBC News
Street music and voodoo art in Haiti
Audio slideshow depicting the re-emergence of voodoo inspired art in Haiti a year after the devastating earthquake, which killed 230,000 people.


16th November, 2010

Huffington Post

UNESCO adds human towers, acupuncture, Mediterranean diet to culture list

News article and photographs about UNESCO's decision to add the items / spectacles in the headline to its Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

14th November, 2010

BBC News

Close up: Catalonia's human towers

News video and story about the tradition of human tower building in Catlonia, Spain.


29th October, 2010

The transatlantic Halloween divide
Interest story examining the commercial and cultural differences between the ways that Halloween is celebrated in the USA and the UK.

22nd July, 2010
'Moorish revival' in Southern Spain
Article about North African culture being used to generate parts of Southern Spain to boost tourism.
11th July, 2010
Californians bare bottoms for passing trains
Interest story about 'Moon Amtrak' an unusual and contemporary cultural spectacle that takes place in Laguna Niguel in Southern California, where people bare their bottoms at passing trains.

3rd July, 2010
Thousands march with Pride across London
News story about the 2010 London Gay Pride march, which celebrates 40 years of the Gay Liberation Front.

 31st May, 2010


 'Unofficial' cheese rolling event at Coopers Hill

News article detailing a traditional English event held annually in Gloucestershire - cheese rolling, this was banned due to health and safety concerns, however a number of participants and a great many more spectators still turned up to take part and witness it.

29th May, 2010


Latvia blondes hold festival to beat recession blues

This news article demonstrates how a new cultural event can be born. Latvia has been badly hit be recession. Its economy shrank by 18% in 2009 and it has Europe's highest unemployment. Last year to try and cheer up Latvians a group of blonde woman paraded through the city centre as a one-off spectacle, this year the parade has returned by popular demand, only it has grown into a two day festival.


14th May, 2010


Zimbabwe culture festival battles against the odds

 News article: From infectious Afro-fusion rhythms to plays dealing with political violence, the Harare International Festival aims to showcase the best of Zimbabwean arts – but organising it was far from easy


 5th May, 2010
BBC Leeds Pride celebrates on Yorkshire day
Feature about the 2010 Leeds Pride festival, and information about it's background including it's origins and mascot.

18th July, 2009


Enduring allure of Egyptian belly dance

News article about how hundreds of women of all nationalities sway their hips and twirl in time to the beat of a drum in a hotel ballroom by the pyramids in Cairo.   


10th July, 2009


Bull gores man to death in Spain

News article of how a young Spanish man has been gored to death in the traditional running of the bulls in Pamplona, northern Spain.   


10th July, 2009


Turning hotspot into friendly fire

News article: in some of the loyalist hotspots in Northern Ireland, attempts are being made to turn the belligerent Belfast bonfire into a 'friendly fire'.


20th April, 2009


'Rocket war' on Greek island

News article and accompanying video about the inhabitants of the small Greek island of Chios have stage their traditional "Rocket War".


11th September, 2008


La Machine

News article and accompanying videos about how a giant mechanical spider brought the streets of Liverpool alive for five magical days.


7th July, 2008


Bull-runners injured in Pamplona

News article about thirteen people injured during the opening of the annual bull-running festival in Pamplona, northern Spain.


30th January, 2008


Burmese women in Thai 'human zoo'

A news article about Burmese women: It is hard not to stare. At the end of a dirt track, deep in the Thai jungle, a group of women sit in the shade, fingering the coils of brass which snake tightly around their unnaturally long, giraffe-like necks.   


12th August, 2007


First stone skimming contest held

News article of how a Pembrokeshire town has played host to what was billed as Wales' first national stone skimming championship.


19th September, 2006


Beirut festival's defiant gesture

News article about one of the world's most unlikely and ambitious film festivals is under way in Beirut, little more than a month since a fragile ceasefire between Hezbollah and Israel was reached.   


4th May, 2006


Mechanical elephant visit looms

News article about a huge mechanical elephant weighing 42 tonnes due to thunder through central London, closing roads and drawing thousands of spectators.