15 - Sellertainment

‘Entertainment that is designed to increase uptake among the audience of a product, belief or ideal’ (Moss, 2009, p.273)

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11th August, 2016

BBC NewsSocial media stars warned over undeclared paid-for ads

In the UK, celebrities and social media personalitieis have been warned against promoting products via social media, without explicitly stating that they are running an advertisement.
18th February, 2016

BBC NewsUnder-18 models may
be banned from catwalk
British MPs are set to debate a total ban on under-18s working as catwalk models, after continued concerns over the health of extremely thin teenage models.

28th January, 2016

BBC NewsHauture Couture Week: Are ultra thin models still on catwalk?

News video exploring the use of excessively 'skinny' models, particularly in the face of a new French law banning ultra thin models.
22nd December, 2015BBC NewsHow does music change shopping habits?News feature highlighting how different sounds can influence customer behaviour in shopping centres.Link

11th November, 2015

BBC News

New technology can turn TV shows into sophisticated adverts

Video highlighting how technology is being used to promote products to TV audiences.

19th August, 2015

BBC NewsVlogger guidelines published by advertising committee

Vloggers who promote brands on their channels in the UK are being issued with guidelines by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), this is to make their advertisements more transparent.
26th November, 2014

BBC NewsVloggers paid for promotions 'need clearer labelling'

Feature based upon guidance issued by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that sponsored advertisements within video bloggers should be clearly labelled as such, as is the case with TV advertisements.
20th December, 2013

BBC NewsTV ad breaks or break with TV ads?Feature exploring the value of TV advertising against the increasing prevalence of video based advertising online.
5th December, 2013BBC NewsIs it ethical to block adverts online?Feature discussing the ethics of using ad blocking software to block adverts on websites that may rely on the revenue that adverts generate.


9th April, 2013

BBC News

Digital product placement creates adverts out of thin air

Feature exploring the phenomenon of digital product placement in television and films, for advertising purpioses, and how this is set to rise in future as a significant revenue stream for the television and film industries.
15th February, 2013 BBC News Pistorious fall-out: Nike moves to limit brand damage Discussion around the perils of celebrity endorsement, in the wake of the unfolding Oscar Pistorious controversy.

6th June, 2012

BBC News

Media giant Walt Disney to ban junk food ads

News story about the Walt disney Corporation to ban all advertising of junk food on its media outlets in order to help tackle rising levels of obesity amongst children.

30th April, 2012

BBC News

Is Mr Potato Head to blame for 'pester power' ads?

Discussion feature looking at the power of advertising to children.


24th April, 2012 BBC News The businesses looking
for  the 'magic middle' on social media
Feature discussing the rising attention being paid to social media as a promotional medium by industry, in particular Twitter, and Twitter users who have numerous followers.

28th March, 2010

BBC News

Public information films: Green cross to avoiding pylons

News video about the Central Office of Information, which for more than 60 years has warned Britons, informed them and told them what to do, but now it is closing.

The COI was set up in 1946 to help the government communicate a whole range of messages to the public, and for six decades its films urged us to put safety first.

12th March 2012

BBC News Playing pop music via paper posters with conductive link

News feature about printed paper posters being fitted with micro circuits that allow those reading the poster to press areas to hear music or audio played from the poster.
26th January, 2011

BBC News Katie Price and Rio Ferdinand Tweets to be investigated

News story about Tweets by Katie Price and Rio Ferdinand being investigated in the UK by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) amid claims they broke advertising rules.
7th December, 2011

BBC News Final Destination 5 poster banned by ASA The Advertising Standards Authority has banned a poster in the UK for horror sequel Final Destination 5 for being too violent. This follows complaints from some viewers who found the image distressing.

28th November, 2011

BBC News Toilet gaming technology targets urinal boredom News article about an innovation that captures the attention of bored males whilst they use urinals. Each male spends an average of 55 seconds stood at a urinal, and this innovation presents them with games connected to their 'peeing' aim, which also gives advertisers a perfect opportunity to promote their products to a captivated audience member.

28th November, 2011 BBC News HIV/Aids: Why were the campaigns successful in the West? Discussion feature exploring the use of shock tactics in advertising to help benefit society through education.

9th November, 2011

BBC News

Virtual mirror set to hit clothes shops

News story about an invention, the virtual mirror that is set to make clothes shopping a more fun, entertaining, interactive and social experience.


10th October, 2011

BBC News Ban on provocative adverts proposed

Discussion around articles in the media about a proposed ban on provocative posters, brought on by fears that they may sexualise children.
6th October, 2011

The Stage Coca-Cola the latest under fire for unpaid extras advert

News story about Coca Cola hiring unpaid extras to appear in one of their television adverts. Critics are highlighting this as a prime example of performers rights being abused in light of minimum wage legislation.
17th September, 2011

BBC News Should word-of-mouth be child's play for advertisers?

Feature discussing the involvement of children in advertising and the moral dilemma that this poses.
27th July, 2011

BBC News
Airbrushed make-up adverts banned for 'misleading'

News story about a decision by the UK Advertising Standards Authority to ban a series of make-up adverts that feature airbrushed images of models, and are potentially misleading to the public.

22nd July, 2011

BBC News

Are you being served?
Feature discussing the uptake of technological innovations by companies that are keen to expand their customer base.

10th June, 2011
BBC News
3D voyage from cinema screen to cereal box
Feature exploring the uptake of 3D technology more often associated with cinema throughout the advertising industry to create 3D effect posters, billboards, displays and other advertising media.

12th May, 2011

BBC News

What makes ads controversial?

Article exploring the UKs most complained about adverts of 2010, along with why audiences found them offensive.

12th May, 2011

BBC News

Chief Executive of the Advertising Standards Authority explains his role

Audio of Guy Parker, Chief Executive of the Advertising Standards Authority, who told BBC Radio 5 live: "It's a question of exercising judgement when people are complaining to us about ads."
29th March, 2011

BBC News
Online advertising breaks through £4bn barrier

News story detailing that the value of online advertising grew by 12.8% in 2010, breaking through the £4bn barrier.
25th March, 2011

BBC News
Beyond banners? Making content do the talking

Feature highlighting the challenges faced by advertisers to make online advertising work.

28th February, 2011
Minority Report-like adverts 'may hit the UK next year'
Interest article predicting that personally tailored advertisements that change to appeal to passers-by, similar to what was featured in the movie 'Minority Report' may soon be on UK streets.

28th February, 2011


Product placement ban lifted

News story about the decision by the UK government to lift the ban on product placement within television programmes, as already happens in other countries, most notably the USA.


11th February, 2011

New powers to vet online adverts
News story about the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK being awarded extra powers to monitor and control the content of UK websites.

12th January, 2011
Child gets Saw 3D advert banned
News article about a television advert for Saw 3D being put after the 21:00 watershed after complaints from a child that it was distressing.

Bored Panda
20 most creative ads on buildings
Article highlighting some spectacular art displays and installations on buildings, that are designed to captivate audiences, and in turn sell products.

19th November, 2010


Spain 'Orgasm' video criticised by politicians

News story about the use of sex in a political advertising campaign, and the controversy caused due to the ethics of this.


October 2010


13 wildly irresponsible vintage ads aimed at kids

Humourous look back at 13 advertisements aimed at or depicting children that question the corporate social responsibility of the advertisers, and how changing times and moral values now make these once used advertisements seem ludicrous.


24th June, 2010
California weighs 'digital adverts' on number plates
News story about the Californian Government considering allowing advertising on the state's car registration plates. Under the scheme drivers could select messages to display, which could earn rewards from advertisers that pay the state.

21st June, 2010
Sonic branding: An earworm to your pocket
BBC Magazine article about 'sonic branding' whereby companies create tunes that become synonymous with their products through their advertising and promotional campaigns.


26th May, 2010


What makes a good World Cup advert?

Interest story about how companies are aligning their brands with football in the build up to the 2010 world cup, in order to produce tailored adverts and promotional campaigns.


25th May, 2010


'Pink Hitler' advertisement upsets Sicilians

News story about an image of Adolf Hitler being used by a Sicilian clothing retailer, which is an example of how offence being caused by advertising, can help spread publicity.


18th May, 2010


World Cup to fuel ad revenue rise, says UTV Media

News article about TalkSport owner expects 13% boost in radio and 19% lift in television advertising


3rd January, 2010


Backlash over plan to extend TV advertising

News article about how product placement will harm health of children, doctors and teachers fear


17th December, 2008


De Niro movie poster criticised

News article about a film poster sited at Stockwell Tube station during the Jean Charles de Menezes inquest could have caused serious offence, a regulator has ruled.   


17th November, 2008


Children 'hunted' in advert

News article and accompanying video about Barnardo's launch of a new campaign to highlight what it calls "disturbing intolerance" of children.  A poll by the charity suggests more than half the UK population thinks children are starting to behave like animals, an opinion this TV advert takes to extremes.


7th October, 2008


Cactus Kid advert ordered off air

News article about a television campaign for a fruit drink which showed a girl running away from home with her new "cactus" boyfriend has been ordered off the air.


5th September, 2008


Chaos at £20,000 petrol giveaway

News article and accompanying video about a stunt in which £20,000 of petrol was given away in north London to promote a computer game has been criticised as "irresponsible and dangerous".


14th May, 2008


Skins 'orgy' poster is banned

 News story about a poster for the Channel 4 television series 'Skins', which depicted an orgy scene being banned. The ASA said the image "could cause serious or widespread offence" and was inappropriate for poster sites that could be seen by children.



30th April, 2008


Top 10 most controversial ads

News story detailing the top 10 most controversial ads - the "Get unhooked" advert aimed at getting people to quit smoking was the most complained about advert last year.   


30th January, 2008


Ryanair schoolgirl ad criticised

News article about how budget airline Ryanair has been told to withdraw an advert featuring a model in schoolgirl-style clothes and a headline "hottest back to school fares".   


25th May, 2007


EU sets new digital media rules

News article about how European ministers have agreed on new rules for television and on-demand video on the internet, allowing more advertising and "product placement".


16th September, 2006


Jowell joins stick-thin model row

News article about how Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell has called for "stick-thin" models to be banned from the catwalks during London Fashion Week.


13th September, 2006


Madrid bans waifs from catwalks

News article about Madrid fashion week, one of Spain's most prestigious shows, is banning underweight models on the basis of their body mass index (BMI).


13th July, 2006

BBC 1Xtra

Is this ad racist?

News article about how Sony's ad campaign to promote its new all-white PSP is causing a row over claims of racism. What do you think?