13 - Thrillertainment

‘Entertainment that is intended to thrill, excite and sometimes cause fright’ (Moss, 2009, p.227).

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28th July, 2016

BBC NewsCan first 'white knuckle ride' be saved?Video feature about the 'Moon Rocket' a powered fairground ride from the 1930s.

9th February, 2016

BBC NewsThe last artisan at Singapore's strangest theme park

Feature about Haw Par Villas, a Singaporean theme park, which frightens children with models and tails of mythical figures from Singaporean folklore. The park's artisan's who create sculptures and art works around the park are few in number and reducing, and the park itself has declining visitor numbers due to competition from other attractions.

6th December, 2015

BBC NewsIs  China really scared of ghost films?Feature discussing China's approach to censoring or banning films that feature ghosts within them, which may go against the country's Communist political secular principles.

26th January, 2015

BBC NewsEngland's lost theme parksFeature exploring some of the once great theme parks of England that have now disappeared.

6th October, 2014BBC NewsDisneyland Paris forced to ask for 1bn Euro emergency rescue Disneyland Paris, Europe's most visited attraction is losing money, due to visitor numbers being lower than what is needed to sustain the park.

23rd October, 2013

BBC NewsThrill ride technology: 'Bigger! Faster! Scarier!'

Feature article and video about increasing advances in rollercoaster technology and theming, to give coasters a 'fourth dimension'.

31st October, 2012

BBC News

Halloween theatre explores darkest fears

Feature about the challenges of delivering genuine horror live on stage to an audience, with a focus on 'Terror 2012: All in the mind'.
18th April, 2012

BBC News Nantes' theme park economics at Machines de L'Ile

Feature exploring the French theme park Machines de L'Ile, which features giant mechanical animals, and how the financial gamble of creating the park is now paying off.

31st October, 2011

BBC News

The rise of the Halloween haunted house

For millions of people, no Halloween would be complete without a visit to a haunted house, another element in a seasonal industry that appears to be defying the recession. But what makes people pay good money to be scared out of their wits?
23rd October, 2011

BBC News Zombie craze continues to infect popular culture

Analysis of the continued popularity in popular culture of zombies, from console games to films, TV programmes and even zombie parades.
20th September, 2011

BBC News Asia's growing middle class fuels theme park boom Featuring exploring the increasing GDP in Asia, and with this a growing middle class and a burgeoning experience economy, one growth area predicted to take advantage of this is theme parks.

30th July, 2011

BBC News
China theme park opens new front in copyright wars

News story about a new Chinese Theme park, which seemingly in breach of copyright is based upon the World of Warcraft game series, the story focuses upon the debate as to whether this is a clear enough breach of copyright for it to be considered counterfeit.

27th April, 2011
BBC News

Bosses at Butlins ban bumper cars over health and safety fears

News story and audio about the decision by Butlins resorts in the UK to ban those driving dodgems from bumping into other cars over health and safety concerns.

25th April, 2011
BBC News
'Human cannonball' killed in Kent stunt show
News story highlighting the tragedy hat can occur when thrilling stunt displays go wrong.

15th November, 2010

BBC fast:track
Riding the world's fastest rollercoaster
News video about Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, which is the world's largest indoor theme park with the world's fastest rollercoaster - The Formula Rossa, which can reach speeds of 240 km/h.

 18th June, 2010
 BBC Harry Potter theme park opens in Florida
News video about the opening of a Florida theme park based around the world of Harry Potter.


26th May, 2010


Michael Winterbottom surprised by killer film reaction

Story about film director Michael Winterbottom's latest release 'The Killer Inside Me', which has divided and emotionally impacted upon audiences and critics due to the level of brutality and violence within it.


9th May, 2010


Chatroom thriller creates a buzz at Cannes for Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson

News article about Aaron Johnson's new horror drama is among the hotly awaited premieres on the Croisette.


26th February, 2010

Times Online

Be afraid: terror set to stalk the boards

News article: Can theatre really be scary? Two horror film fans want to prove that it can with the new production, Ghost Stories.


22nd January, 2010


Skydiver attempts to break sound barrier in record jump.

News article about Skydiver Felix Baumgartner is attempting to break the record for the highest jump at 120,000 feet, and may be the first person to break the sound barrier unaided.


4th November, 2009


Disneyland approved for Shanghai

News article detailing how the Chinese government has approved plans for the Walt Disney Company to build a theme park in Shanghai, its first in mainland China.


3rd July, 2009


'Steepest' rollercoaster to open

News article about a rollercoaster at a North Yorkshire theme park set to be officially named the world's steepest. The new rollercoaster in Flamingo Land, North Yorkshire will be measured by Guinness World Records.


13th March, 2009


You gotta roll with it

News article and accompanying video: after more than a century of striving to propel screaming riders ever faster, higher, steeper and longer, many roller coasters now hurtle to the limits of human endurance. So where is there left for the tracks to go?


6th November, 2006


Eighteen rescued from fair ride

News article about how rescue services have freed 18 people who were trapped upside down on a fairground ride at Strathclyde Country Park, in Motherwell, near Glasgow.


30th September, 2006


Buckled up for white knuckle ride

Sit back, buckle up and prepare for the in-flight entertainment on board the latest in aircraft technology with Virgin Galatic.