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  ‘Entertainment that is primarily text based which requires the audience to read it’

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20th April, 2016

BBC NewsWould you buy a book from a vending machine?Feature about an entrepreneur who has created smart vending machines to sell books from.
9th February, 2016

BBC NewsIs self-publishing coming of age
in the digital world?

Article exploring the rise and popularity of self-publishing in the digital revolution that has democratised the publication process.

27th December, 2015

The GuardianPrint survives as new literature is born

Article highlighting the fact that sales of paper based literature, once thought to be on the decline, is now increasing.

30th August, 2014

BuzzfeedThe unlikely rise, fall, and rise again of "Viz" comic

Case study of 'Viz' comic, which was founded in 1979 and peaked in popularity during the 1990s, which due to the internet and social media, has recently seen a resurgence in popularity.

25th August, 2014

BBC NewsThe retro cult around Fighting Fantasy gamebooks

Case study of the fighting fantasy series, which controversial at the time (mainly amongst religious groups), combined gaming with reading, and more importantly encouraged a lot more children to read.

11th July, 2014

BBC NewsThe costs and benefits of publishing your own books

Feature exploring the rise in self-publishing along with the rise in e-reader devices.Link
26th June, 2014

BBC NewsAmazon accused of 'bullying' smaller UK publishers

News story about internet retailer Amazon dictating terms with independent UK publishers, which some perceive as 'bullying'.Link
24th June, 2014

BBC NewsWith great power comes great disabilityFeature exploring the portrayal of disability in comic books.Link
4th June, 2014

BBC NewsE-books to outsell print by 2018 says new reportPricewaterhouse Coopers (PWC) have suggested in a new report that the value of e-books will increase from £380m to £1bn by 2018, while the printed market will decrease in value by a third.

8th April, 2014

BBC NewsNewspaper regulation: Leveson and freedom
of the press

An exploration of ways to move forward with press regulation in the UK.
1st April, 2014

BBC NewsNuts magazine could fold as readers migrate to internet

So-called 'lads mags' readership has dropped by 70% over the past 8 years, through readers moving to the internet to find similar content, as a result, the future of one of Britain's leading lads mags 'Nuts' is currently in doubt.

31st March, 2014

BBC NewsTim Waterstone 'predicts e-book decline'

For the first 8 months of 2013 e-book sales were worth $800m in the USA, down 5% on the same period the previous year. Tim Waterstone, founder of book shop chain Waterstone's predicts this decline will continue as the relationship between people and printed paper books strengthens.

14th February, 2014

BBC NewsLibraries see surge in erotic book borrowing

In what is being called the "50 shades effect", UK libraries had a 500% rise in loans of erotic fiction in 2013, something which may have been aided by an increase in computerised check-out systems, avoiding embarrassment for loanees.

14th February, 2014

BBC NewsNME sales dip below
20,000 copies

News story highlighting the difficulties facing music magazine publishing, with  focus on the New Musical Express, which has seen its sales dip to 20,000 copies.

29th October, 2013

The GuardianThe decline of print doesn't mean the end of journalism

Feature discussing the impact of the internet on newspaper journalism, which has traditionally been a print media industry and is now finding greater audiences online.

27th September, 2013

BBC NewsLibrary visits drop by a quarter in eight years

News article following by a UK Government survey, which as revealed that visits to British libraries are down, with closures and funding cuts blamed.

5th September, 2013

BBC NewsNewspapers in a digital ageVideo feature exploring the future of printed media and particularly newspapers in the digital age.

23rd August, 2013

BBC NewsE-book publishers fight in self-publish market

Feature video describing the increasing appization of e-books, along with new and novel e-based promotional techniques.

22nd August, 2013

BBC NewsE-book revolution: Breaking through in the digital ageVideo article about the rise in popularity of the e-book format, along with success stories and advice for would-be e-book authors.

21st August, 2013

BBC NewsOnline publishing firms grow as writers turn to e-books

Feature video about the rise of self-publishing and e-books, with almost 1/3 of books being sold on Amazon being self-published.

3rd August, 2013

BBC NewsTesco reveals lads' mags 'modesty' deal and under 18 ban

News story about campaign's in Britian against so-called 'lads mags' taking effect, with restrictions being placed upon their sale by supermarket chain Tesco.

4th January, 2012

BBC NewsSales of printed books slump in 2012

Sales of printed books fell by almost £74m in the UK last year, according to data from Nielsen BookScan.

In total, readers spent £1.514bn on physical books in 2012, down 4.6% from 2011.


International Publishers Association

Drawing the global map of publishing markets 2012Detailed report examining which countries and regions globally publish the most books, which reveals the North America, Europe, China and Japan are responsible for the majority of the globe's published book output.

29th October, 2012BBC NewsLawyer Charlotte Harris on Leveson and the pressDiscussion video about the impact that the Leveson enquiry is having upon the British press, particularly tabloid newspapers. Harris suggests that newspapers have been scaremongering to preserve self-regulation.

26th October, 2012

BBC News

Penguin and Random House: Mergers 'inevitable for some time'

Discussion feature about the likelihood around more traditional print publishing companies merging in order to consolidate their positions in the face of a perecieved decline in future print output.

11th October, 2012

BBC News

Bezos and the future of books

Interview with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos about his vision of the future of books, literature, media and the supply chain.


 27th September, 2012  The Telegraph  Libraries urged to embrace e-lending
Article about E Lending as a policy the Government are trying to implement where the public can borrow a book virtually through the use of a computer, smart phone or tablet. 

14th September, 2012

BBC News A point of view: And prizes for all? Discussion feature around the challenges faced by authors and publishers with the release of new literature materials into an already saturated market.

31st August, 2012

BBC News Fifty Shades of Grey: Are children able to buy it?

Debate around the inconsistency in UK law, that protects children from explicit audio visual media, such as age restricted DVDs, and pornographic magazines but not from sexually explicit literature.

23rd August, 2012

BBC News Why did UK newspaper editors avoid Prince Harry photos?

Audio feature exploring the effects of the Leverson Enquiry on what British newspapers now dare to publish.
23rd August, 2012 BBC News Prince Harry naked photos prompted Palace call to PCC News story about the effect that the Leverson Enquiry is having upon the British media, and in particular newspapers, who have so far not published photographs of a naked Prince Harry (that have been widely circulated on the internet), for fear of breaking privacy laws.

22nd August, 2012 BBC News Erotica boom affects book genre sales Feature revealing a boom in erotic fiction, following the success of the novel 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. Eight of the top ten best selling novels in the UK last week were erotic fiction.


16th August, 2012

BBC News

The Dandy comic to go online only after 75 years

News story about the Dandy comic ceasing print publication and being online only after the 75th anniversary of the comic in December 2012.


6th July, 2012

BBC News

Magic Town: kids' books get digital makeover

Case study of how children's books and sotries are being made interactive and multimedia based.


26th April, 2012

BBC News Tor ditches DRM-protection
from its e-book library

News story about publisher Tor temporarily dropping DRM protection from its e-books in order to allow users to read them on more devices.

26th April, 2012

BBC News Local newspapers: change or decay?

News story examining the pressures on traditional local newspapers in the internet age.
16th March, 2012

BBC News A point of view: Power struggles, politicians and the press

Discussion around newspaper and media ethics in light of the Leveson enquiry.
13th March, 2012

The Guardian Encyclopedia Britannica halts print edition after 244 years

News story around the announcement by the Encyclopedia Britannica that it has decided to place all future editions online. The article looks at the wider impacts of the internet upon literature.

8th March, 2012

BBC News Publishers warned on ebook prices News story about five US publishers being threatened with legal action over the way they set prices for ebooks.

19th January, 2012

BBC News Apple launches e-textbook tools with new iBooks

Apple aims to drive the use of electronic textbooks in the classroom by making it easier for publishers to create interactive titles.

The company has announced a range of new tools and services which it claims will "reinvent the textbook".

19th January, 2012

BBC News Viewpoint: Pearson on the rise of 'engaging' e-textbooks

The world's biggest educational publishing company Pearson has given its backing to Apple's new range of iBooks textbooks.

The London-based firm's initial releases include its maths and biology titles which are already available in paper and other digital forms in US classrooms.

6th December, 2011

BBC News Apple in EU e-book market probe

Apple and five publishers are to be investigated over anti-competitive practice in the e-book market, says the European Union's anti-trust watchdog.

As well as the tech giant, the inquiry centres on Hachette Livre, Penguin, Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster and Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holzbrinck.

1st December, 2011

BBC News Action Comics Superman debut copy sells for $2.16m

News story highlighting the high financial value of old comic books, after a copy of the first issue of Action Comics, featuring Superman's debut, has become the world's most expensive comic, fetching $2.16m (£1.4m).
3rd October, 2011

BBC News The last of Britain's independent bookshops

News video about independent bookshops, which are disappearing fast from high streets, as more consumers buy from supermarkets and online.

29th September, 2011

BBC News Comedy memoirs battle for Christmas best-seller list

News story about the push by publishers to release books for Christmas early. According to Nielsen, nearly 500 books (in all formats) were being published in the UK and Ireland on 29 September. This is to capture the Christmas market.

16th September, 2011 BBC News Copyright confusion dogs European digitisation push

Feature discussing the confusion that currently surrounds the rules around 'orphan works' - literature where no rights holders can be found. This leaves some work vulnerable as it may not be digitised and eventually physical copies will deteriorate.


13th September, 2011

BBC News

Legal action on college book plan

News story about a lawsuit involving writers from Australia, Britain and Canada, who are suing five US universities for copyright infringement, for creating online libraries made up of millions of books scanned by Google.

6th August, 2011

BBC News

Plan to create libraries of the future

News story about the British government's plans to make library premises be shared with other community services such as doctors and Police stations in a bid to cut costs.


29th July, 2011
BBC News

Marvel wins superhero copyright claim
News story and legal case study of the decision of a New York judge to award Marvel copyright of many of it's famous comic book characters after it was ruled illustrations of characters like Iron Man had been created "for hire".


19th July, 2011

BBC News

Should newspapers be regulated like TV?

Feature discussing the political allegiances demonstrated by a number of British newspapers, and whether or not newspapers should be made to present a balanced political viewpoint like television channels are.


18th July, 2011

BBC News

Newsagents hit by News of the World closure

Feature discussing the impacts on the wider supply chain of a newspaper closure. The News of the World accounted for 20-30% of one newsagents total sales, after it's closure will former NotW readers disappear from the newspaper buying market?

28th June, 2011

BBC News

The reinvention of the book

Discussion feature examining the likely impacts of technology on book production.


7th May, 2011

BBC Click
Slovak media goes behind paywall

News story about Slovak becoming the first country in the world to put all of it's online news and media content behind a paywall.

3rd May, 2011

BBC News
Is the ebook killing off it's traditional paper based alternative?

News video discussing how much damage rising ebook sales are doing to their paper based alternatives.
3rd May, 2011

BBC News
UK general title digital book sales soar to £16m in 2010

News article highlighting that in 2010 sales of e-books and audio book downloads in the "general titles" category, which includes novels and consumer titles, shot up from £4m to £16m in the UK.

27th April, 2011

BBC News dot.Maggie
Bucking the e-book trend
Blog article highlighting the rise in e-book usage, particularly amongst students. The Association of American Publishers (AAP) has revealed that its latest stats for February show a growth of 202%. The annual figures from January/February 2010 to the same time this year is equally impressive - a 169% rise to $164m (£100m).

21st April, 2011

BBC News Kindle gets library book lending

News story about the Amazon Kindle being given access to US libraries, so that users can borrow books online.

18th April, 2011

BBC News
The rise of the e-book in the US and UK

Video feature about the uptake of e-books in the UK with a comparison to the faster US e-book market where more devices for reading e-books are being sold.

29th March, 2011

BBC News
Times and Sunday Times digital subscriptions rise

News story highlighting a rise in the number of digital subscribers to the Times and Sunday Times newspapers.

17th March, 2011

New York Times to charge for full internet access

News story highlighting another traditional print news provider shifting it's business model to charge for online content in the face of falling newspaper sales.

17th March, 2011

Dennis the Menace at 60 - the changing face of comics
Video about the history and changes that comics have undergone. The BBC's Nick Higham speaks to Anita O'Brien at The Cartoon Museum about how comics have changed.

12th March, 2011

BBC Click
Can libraries survive in a digital world?

Video feature exploring the challenges faced by libraries in the face of the internet, ebooks and online archives.

28th January, 2010
Is this the end of the book?
For the first time e-books have outsold paperback books in the United States. This article discusses if printed media will see the same decline that has happened to CDs in favour of downloads.

6th January, 2010   


Furore over 'censored' edition of Huckleberry Finn

News story detailing the censorship of racially offensive words in the latest re-print of the Huckleberry Finn books by Mark Twain.


4th November, 2010

The rights and wrongs of digital books

The recent rapid growth of the market for electronic editions of contemporary fiction, with some titles selling more in digital marketplaces than they do in printed form, seems unlikely to tail off. The latter part of 2010 may mark the point from which future historians date the transition to screen-based reading for literary fiction as well as reference works.

2nd July, 2010
Times begins charges for online readers

From now on, access to the Times and Sunday Times website will cost £1 per day, or £2 a week if readers sign up to a subscription.

2nd July, 2010
The Times starts charging readers for website
News video and story about the decision by News International to charge £1 per day or £2 per week to access the Times and Sunday Times newspapers online.

1st July 2010

Will the Times save the newspaper industry?

Once newspaper finances appeared straightforward. Newspapers were funded in part by their cover price but chiefly through advertising. However the rise of free information online has seen newspaper sales falling along with profitability.

22nd June, 2010
BBC Tom Stoppard fears for the 'loss' of the printed page
News article about Playwright Sir Tom Stoppard speaking out over his fear that the "printed page" is being lost in a "world of technology".


25th May, 2010


Times and Sunday Times newspaper websites unveiled

News story about the Times and Sunday Times newpapers implementing revamped websites in preparation for them charging for online content where users will pay £1 for a day's access and £2 for a week's subscription from June 2010 in a move likely to be watched closely by the industry.


18th May, 2010


Final twist for PFD as literacy agency caught in takeover plot

News article about how literary agency Peters Fraser Dunlop, the London-based firm with distinguished client list, is to become The Rights House after internal wrangling.


9th May, 2010


Design: Don't judge a book by its cover, particularly in France


News article about how books are routinely given completely different covers abroad, often with baffling results. Tom Lamont asks the designers responsible to explain why



6th May, 2010


Puffin Books celebrate 70 years 

News article and accompanying video about Puffin Books, the children's publisher is celebrating its 70th birthday.



29th April, 2010


Catch the latest technology from the Literary Platform


News article about an intriguing new site is bringing together the most exciting digital text experiments



18th April, 2010


Andrew Wylie: 'I'm a books person. Yes, I have a Kindle. I used it for an hour and a half and put it in the closet'


News article about Andrew 'the Jackal' Wylie reveals how he became the feared king of the literary jungle and agent to the book world's biggest names – Salman Rushdie, Philip Roth and Martin Amis



12th April, 2010


Prize incentive to help improve literacy in the Commonwealth

News article about the hope that the winners of the 2010 Commonwealth writers' prize will inspire a new generation of young authors from unexpected parts of the world and advance cross-cultural collaboration, dialogue and understanding.


20th August, 2009


Video appears in paper magazines


News articles about the first-ever video advertisement to be published in a traditional paper magazine in September.



19th August, 2008


Concern over age bands for books


News article and accompanying video about how in the normally sedate gardens of the Edinburgh Book Festival, it is causing quite a furore.




7th August, 2008


Is it time to embrace the e-book?

News article about when electronic books first came onto the market some thought it spelt the end for the printed page.


21st September, 2007


Are local papers in terminal decline?

The Bath Chronicle has made history by switching from daily to weekly publication after falling sales. What does this say about the health of local papers?



19th September, 2007


Fashion. A serious business


News story about the fashion industry: They do charity work. They want their contribution to British culture to be taken seriously. But why do people look down their noses at the fashion industry?