05 - Cinema and Film

'The spectrum of organizations that are concerned with the production, distribution, and showing of big-screen movie entertainment'
(Kill and Taylor, 2009 in Moss, 2009, p.78).

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26th November, 2016

BBC News China BlogWill new censorship kill Chinese filmmaking?

Discussion around the impacts of Chinese censorship laws, which ban the promotion of gambling, superstition, drug abuse, violence and criminality, and the impact that this will have on the Chinese film industry.
7th October, 2016BBC NewsActor David Oyelowo calls for UK film diversity British actor David Oyelowo has made a speech at the BFI London Film Festival's Black Star Symposium in which he has called for more diversity in British films, this follows research by the BFI, which has revealed that 59% of UK films made in the last decade had no black actors in them. 

11th August, 2016

BBC NewsChina's cinema boom loses its lustre as sales slump

Cinema attendances in China have fallen due to the country's economic situation. Discretionary spending on leisure and tourism products have suffered.
15th July, 2016BBC NewsHow cinema is striking back against home entertainment

Following a bumper year for British cinemas, this article is exploring how immersive technologies are being utilised by cinemas to create an entertainment experience for audiences, that cannot be easily replicated in their homes.
18th July, 2016

BBC NewsHow Bollywood is fighting irrational censorship in India

Article about creative freedom and expression in the Indian film industry.
19th April, 2016

BBC NewsShould you be allowed to use a phone in the cinema?

Discussion around the issues with using mobile phones in cinemas, set against the commercial needs of cinema chains to continue to attract young cinema goers who are 'always switched-on'.
15th April, 2016BBC News

US cinema chain AMC makes U-turn over texting

In a follow up to ysterday's anouncement by cinema chain AMC that they were going to permit mobile phone usage in their cinemas, a social media backlash and potential negative publicity has quickly made the chain reverse this decision.

PolygraphFilm dialogueA study of the dialogue from 2,000 films reveals that men vastly dominate roles in films.

14th April, 2016

BBC NewsUS cinema chain AMC set to allow customers to text during films

US cinema chain AMC is considering letting customers use mobile phones during films in order to attract more millennials to the cinema.
13th April, 2016

BBC NewsCinema 'a boys club' says film-maker Agnieszka Holland

Film-maker Agnieszka Holland says that cinema is a 'boys club' where decision making is made by males who are reluctant to entrust females with big budget films.
1st April, 2016

BBC NewsA point of view: Does screen violence make society more violent?

Discussion by Will Self about the possible socio-cultural impacts of violence in films and on TV.
22nd February, 2016

BBC NewsHollywood has 'inclusion crisis' suggests study

News item about a report by the University of Southern California, which has highlighted an 'epidemic of invisibility' for women, minorities and LGBT figures.
5th February, 2016

BBC News

A Point of View: Confessions of a repeat Star Wars viewer

Article exploring the role of nostalgia and fandom in motivating film fans to attend cinema, and to help build 'hype' and 'buzz' around films through fan-created fiction.
28th January, 2016

BBC NewsStar Wars: The Force Awakens fuels UK box office record year

According to the British Film Institute (BFI) UK cinema box office takings increased by 17% in 2015 from 2014. This article explores this and other findings in a linked BFI report.
19th January, 2016

BBC NewsOscars 2016: David Oyelowo and Don Cheadle join diversity critics

Feature about criticisms faced by the Oscars 2016 for the lack of non-white actors nominated for awards.

12th January, 2016

BBC NewsChina's Hollywood studio buy-up begs questions

Article about the growing film and leisure markets in an increasingly affluent China.
26th December, 2015

BBC NewsUnstoppable Force? The earning power of Star Wars

Feature exploring the business side to the Star Wars film franchise.
18th November, 2015

BBC NewsHow to sell movies in the land of piracy

Case study of how Netflix has managed to get a foothold in Brazil, a country where film piracy is prevalent.
7th November, 2015

BBC NewsSex, violence and religion: The films banned by councils

Article about films being banned in the UK by local councils.
21st August, 2015BBC NewsWhy is the UK still knocking down historic cinemas?

Feature exploring the legacy of abandoned and ex-cinemas in the UK, many of which are being demolished to make way for newer buildings that are more economically efficient to run.
21st August, 2015

BBC NewsBritish film industry tax breaks approved by EUThe EU has approved pans by the UK government for film companies to claim back 25% of payable taxes towards production. This has been done to attract more blockbuster films to be made in the UK.

27th June, 2015BBC NewsWhy is 2015 such a blockbuster year for film?

Article analysing some of the financial successes of 2015 on the big screen, which highlights the effect of inflation on takings, as well as the growing influence of the Chinese market.
23rd April, 2015BBC NewsMarvel Avenged: From financial ruin to the biggest film franchise in history

Case study of the success that Comic Book publisher Marvel has had with the big screen adaption of its superhero movies.
3rd February, 2015

BBC NewsUK film production 'surged' in 2014More money was spent making films in the UK in 2014, since any other year that measurements began.
30th October, 2014

BBC NewsIs it a golden age for Chinese cinema?Last year was a record year for the global box office, earning £22.4bn in revenues, this is thanks largely to China, where revenues have grown 30% annually for the past ten years, and are forecast to continue to do so.

29th July, 2014BBC NewsHollywood summer films criticise US drone strike policies

Feature about art reflecting life, with Hollywood film-makers protesting against US drone strike policy through the stories in the movies that they make.Link
30th April, 2014

BBC NewsFilm download prices 'to be determined by screen size'

The cost of downloading a newly released film will depend on the size of the screen that it is to be viewed upon, according to Jeffrey Katzenberg who is the head of Dreamworks Animation.
1st April, 2014

FiveThirtyEightLifeThe Dollar-and-Cents case against Hollywood's exclusion of Women

Discussion around a report that utilises the Bechdel test to analyse 1,615 films from 1990 to 2013, which shows that films that feature meaningful interactions between female characters have a better return on investment than films that do not. In order to pass the Bechdel test a film must have at least two named women in the film who have a conversation during the film that is not about a male character from the film.

7th February, 2014

BBC NewsHow soon is too soon to make movies about war?

Discussion around the ethics and sensitivity around portraying war as entertainment in movies, with a debate around how long it has been since conflicts began to films being released about them.
31st January, 2014
BBC NewsBritish film-making sees declineThe number of British made films has declined annually since 2011, figures from the British Film Institute (BFI) show. 

9th December, 2013


BFI: Only 7% of UK films make profit

News article revealing the comparatively low financial return that British made films are generating, based upon figures from the British Film Institute.


13th September, 2013

BBC Arts & Culture How do film-makers manipulate our emotions with music?

Feature that discusses how film soundtracks help to create an emotional response amongst film audiences.
22nd August, 2013

BBC News James Cameron: All entertainment 'inevitably 3D' Interview with Film Director James Cameron, who states that he believes all media based entertainment will eventually be 3D, because that is how we see the world. This is despite a decline in popularity of 3D in cinema.

15th August, 2013

BBC News

Last reel: The death of the drive-in cinema?

Feature about the decline of drive-in cinemas, which had their hey-day in 1950s and 1960s America. The article focusses upon Fairlee Drive-in cinema, which is located on the Vermont / New Hampshire border in the USA.



19th February, 2013 BBC News Have 3D films had their day?

Discussion feature, which is broadly similar to the article below, exploring the future for the 3D movie format in cinemas.
25th December, 2012

BBC News Has 3D film-making had its day? Discussion feature around the sudden boom in 3D film-making following the success of Avatar in 2009, and how since this phenomenon has subsided.
2nd November, 2012

BBC News Turkey's art house film-makers hope for further success

News feature about Turkey's booming film industry, which produces more films per year than any other European country apart from France.

24th October, 2012

BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat

Skyfall: Daniel Craig defends Bond product placement

Feature that discusses the reality of product placment in films, and how it has now become a necessity as party of funding for product placement to happen.


3rd October, 2012

BBC News BFI plan to boost UK film by 2017

The British Film Institute is to invest £500m on British films over the next five years, with a focus on investment outside of London, in an initiative called Film Forever.

17th September, 2012  BBC News                     UK film industry worth £4.6bn in 2011, report suggests  This article shows how the film industry has contributed massively to the gross domestic product in the UK. It is clear that the film industry is continually growing. The success of the film industry will continue to create many job opportunities. It also proves to be recession proof as it continuesto expand.   
16th September, 2012 BBC News Harvey Weinstein wants to talk on movie violence

Short news video around the subject of violence in movies, with the possibility of an industry / educational seminar arising around this area. Link
10th August, 2012

BBC News The Turk who saved the world (and other stories)

Feature that highlights how copyright infringement on a grand scale has supported the Turkish film industry.

18th June, 2012

BBC News

Movie-going declines in some Eurozone countries

News story highlighting the possible impact of the current financial crisis sweeping the Eurozone, and how this may be impacting upon the cinema industry, with a reported downturn in attendances.


7th June, 2012

BBC News

The rise and rise of new Bollywood

News feature about Bollywood films being released with storylines and genres that may give them greater mass appeal outside of the Indian sub-continent.


8th May, 2012

BBC News

Blockbuster economics: So you want to make a movie?

Feature analysing how money is spent on film production.


24th April, 2012

BBC News Low-budget film-makers increasingly turn to 'crowdfunding'

Independent film-makers across the world are increasingly turning to 'crowdfunding' in order to make their films.

The novel system uses online websites to find individual donors, who contribute small amounts of money to fund the production of movies.


28th March, 2012

BBC News BBFC anniversary: How banned horror film Island of Souls got a PG rating

Story about declassification of horror films by the British Board of Film Classification.

25th January, 2012

BBC News

Kazakstahn film boom fights back against Borat image

News video about the rising Kazakstahn film industry along with the recognition of its economic importance and potential impacts.


12th December, 2011

BBC News

US box office hits three-year low

The US box office has suffered its lowest takings in three years, the poor weekend leaves total box office revenues for 2011 about four percent down compared to last year.


11th December, 2011

BBC News

Can China's film industry ever rival Hollywood?

Feature examining the growing Chinese film industry, which is having to compete domestically with Hollywood, and is having diffuclty penetrating foregin markets, in 2010, only 47 domestic Chinese films were released overseas.


9th December, 2011 BBC News Drive-in cinemas: Will they survive the digital age?

At their peak, there were more than 4,000 drive-in cinemas in the US. Now only a few hundred have survived against the odds - but could the cost of converting to digital be the final straw?
2nd December, 2011

BBC News Can Martin Scorcese's Hugo save 3D? After the initial hype, the 3D format has not fared as well as it might have in cinema, home TVs and gaming consoles. Martin Scorcese's latest film release 'Hugo' has been created specifically for 3D cinema in a bid to revive the ailing format.

28th October, 2011

BBC News Acting unions criticise IMDb in age row News story about the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) who have criticised the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) for "facilitating age discrimination" by including the ages of actors on the website.

16th October, 2011

BBC News 'Would Walt have done that?' Feature exploring the strategic decisions made by the Walt Disney Company.
10th October, 2011 BBC News Netflix scraps plan to spin-off DVD deliveries News story about a decision by Netflix to abandon plans to split its DVD rental service into a separate division. Damage to brand equity and potential customer difficulties are possibly two of the reasons behind the decision.

10th October, 2011

BBC News Does cinema film have a future? Feature discussing the likely future for cinema, taking into account the digital revolution and the decline of analogue film.
7th October, 2011

BBC News Warp Films' new breed of Brit flick

Case study of Sheffield based independent film production house Warp Films, that explores the history and background of the company, it's portfolio of productions, and the importance of funding to it.

6th October, 2011

BBC News HMRC gets tough on production companies over no pay practice

News story about the British Revenue & Customs department investigating TV and film production companies over non-payment of performers and interns, who are possibly going against British government guidelines on payment levels.

29th September, 2011

BBC News

Banned movies: the films that vexed the censor

Discussion article about how cinema censorship has changed along with society and changing attitudes towards sex, bad language and violence.


28th September, 2011 BBC News Cinemas in the UK braced for tough 2012

News article revealing that whilst UK cinemas had a bumper Summer in 2011, that a combination of the Olympics, Paralympics, Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Euro 2012, Wimbledon and the British Grand Prix would make 2012 a difficult and challenging year for cinemas.

27th September, 2011

BBC News

3D is a 'gimmick', according to a new UK film poll


News story about reports from a YouGov poll, which suggest that 41% of UK cinema goers believe that 3D is a gimmick with just 19% agreeing that it improves a film.



17th August, 2011

BBC News
Big screen hopes for Scottish economy

Feature about the value to the Scottish economy of films being shot on location in Scotland, in terms of jobs created by movies, and tourists drawn to the country to see film locations.

27th July, 2011

BBC News
Lucas loses Star Wars copyright case at Supreme Court

News story about the legal battle between the prop designer who made the original Stormtrooper helmets for Star Wars, who has won his copyright battle with director George Lucas over his right to sell replicas. Features discussion around copyright and intellectual property.

7th July, 2011
BBC Newsbeat
Illegal UK film downloads up 30%, new figures suggest
News story about research by internet consultancy firm Envisional, which indicates (amongst other things) that the top five box office movies were illegally downloaded in the UK a total of 1.4 million times last year.

28th June, 2011

BBC News

Film industry takes action to prevent illegal downloads

Newsvideo about the film industry, which is taking action to block access to a website which, it says, promotes piracy.

In a legal first, the Motion Picture Association wants to force BT to stop its customers from visiting Newzbin, which provides links to pirate versions of films, music and TV.


4th May, 2011
Cinema, that plucky heroine, will always survive

Discussion around the future of cinema, which argues that there will always be a place for cinema, due to the experience of watching films in these venues, being something that cannot easily be emulated at home.

21st April, 2011 The Stage Unpaid extra wins fight for minimum wage News story about an unpaid extra who worked for four film production companies winning a legal battle to be paid the minimum wage for his services.

1st April, 2011

BBC News

UK Film Council hands over funding control to BFI

Eight months after it was axed by the government, the UK Film Council officially handed over its funding responsibilities to the British Film Institute on Friday.


23rd March, 2011
BBC Kermode Uncut
3D or 3 Dont?
Video blog article from Mark Kermode, in which he discusses the rise in the number of 3D movies, and asks if 3D is really necessary for some titles?

19th March, 2011

BBC Radio 4
Musical sweet spot for 3D sound

Feature about the creation of 3D sound technologies, highlighting the 'virtual barber' invented by Professor Edgar Choueiri, which is now interesting Hollywood movie studios, keen to deepen the movie going experience.

18th March, 2011
BBC Kermode Uncut
The cinema code of conduct: American style

Video blog article from Mark Kermode, where he shares his experience of watching a movie in an American multiplex cinema, where ushers are now in place to monitor audience behaviour, something which has improved the viewing experience.

9th March, 2011
Facebook to start showing Warner Bros films
News story about the decision by film studios Warner Bros to enter into partnership in the USA with Facebook and use the social networking site as a portal by which to 'rent' its movies. This service will initially only be in the US.

8th March, 2011  
Pinewood Shepperton studios to help fund UK films
News story about Pinewood Shepperton, the film and television studios group, that has said it will invest millions of pounds in British films.

1st March, 2011


The long journey to making a potential Oscar-winner

Video demonstrating some of the steps and challenges faced by film-makers and script-writers in making a successful movie.


21st February, 2011
Creative England
First stage consultation now open
Creative England, the new body that will support the growth of the creative industries in England, has embarked upon its first stage of formation by outlining proposed strategic priorities for film for the first year of operation, this page highlights this process. Creative England: A Consultation on Strategic Priorities for Film for 2011/12 sets out the draft film strategy for the coming year, and is now open for responses from the UK film industry. It will be followed by later consultation on proposals for creative industries support.

15th January, 2011
Blue Valentine film 'opened censorship debate'
Article highlighting the censorship debate sparked by the film 'Blue Valentine', which depicts graphic sex scenes. The debate focuses upon the ratings given to films featuring both sex and violence, and questions whether films featuring sex should be rated higher than films featuring violence.

29th December, 2010
What does the future hold for 3D?
News video reviewing the rapid rise in use and popularity of 3D technology for big screen movie entertainment, and how this has now transcended into the home entertainment environment.

 2nd October, 2010
BBC Environmental campaigners axe gory film
News story about the environmental group 10:10 who produced a film in which persons refusing to lower their carbon emissions are exploded. This has lead to controversy and criticism, causing the group to remove the film from their web site.

1st July, 2010
US cracks down on online film piracy
News story about a US crackdown on websites that were illegally trading movies resulting in sites being closed down. The closure of the sites, which had 6.7m visitors combined each month, was described as the "largest takedown of illegal movie and TV websites in a single action" by the government.

23rd June, 2010
US pirate hunters target movies
News article about the US Copyright Group (USCG), which has been working on behalf of a range of movie makers, most notably those behind box office hit The Hurt Locker in bringing litigation against file sharers. The USCG has come under fire from civil liberties groups.

 21st June, 2010
 BBC What is Secret Cinema?
Secret Cinema is a members' club where every month members are emailed a clue to a new secret location, where a film is screened. This is a very immersive cinema experience, which involves the audience and the venue to create atmosphere.

 12th June, 2010
 Filmutopia Is iPad the new theatrical for independent movies?
Blog article about the iPad having the potential to become the new medium for independent movies, due to its ability to personalise the viewing experience, particlarly when users wear headphones.

 7th June, 2010
 DCMS The economic impact of UK film
The Economic Impact of the UK Film Industry, an independent report published by Oxford Economics, was commissioned by the UK Film Council, Pinewood Shepperton plc, Framestore, Cinesite and Double Negative.

It concludes that the UK film industry is substantial, is weathering the recession well, and its long-term trend is one of strong growth and expansion.



Box Office Mojo

Box Office Mojo

Website featuring up to date revenue news about US cinema releases.




UK Film Council

UK Film Council

The UK Film Council is the Government backed lead agency for film in the UK ensuring that the economic, cultural and educational aspects of film are effectively represented at home and abroad.



28th May, 2010


Bollywood film remixed for Hollywood

 Article about the Bollywood movie 'Kites' which was cut from 130 to 90 minutes for US and European audiences, making it the first Bollywood film to be edited specifically for Western audiences.


18th May, 2010


Paying the price for 3D roll-out

News article about Avatar, Clash of the Titans and the upcoming Tintin trilogy - all of them big budget movies made in 3D.    


16th May, 2010

Times Online

'Tory government could spark film revival'


News article about how the Conservative-led government could spark a creative revival in British film, according to one of the country’s leading left-wing directors.



13th May, 2010


The new wave of fan films


News article: A couple of clicks away on the web are scores of films made by fans – by turns hilarious, ingenious and ambitious. Lurking among their makers might be Hollywood's next generation.



12th May, 2010


Live Q&A: Routes into film-making


News article about a panel of producers, directors and film-makers — whose work includes Skins, The Crying Game and Billy Elliot — take questions on careers in film, tomorrow from 1pm, in our live Q&A



6th May, 2010


Sollywood – South Africa's fledgling film genre


News article about how it was a matter of time before someone invented Sollywood, but making only positive films is an artistic straitjacket



2nd May, 2010


3D TV or not 3D TV – that is the question

News article: Tom Lamont dons expensive hi-tech shades and tunes into what manufacturers hope is the future of television


23rd April, 2010


The real pearl of cinema ads


News article about cinema advertising company Pearl & Dean has been sold for £1. It was famous for its theme tune, but the adverts it made for local businesses were also a cultural milestone in themselves.



1st April, 2010


British film fund worth £15m is unveiled


News article about the UK Film Council has announced plans for an annual fund for the development of new movies, worth £15m.



5th March, 2010


UK filmakers facing reel struggles


News article and accompanying video about British films up for a clutch of awards at this year's Oscars - but just how easy is it for a director to make a successful film in the current economic climate?



29th January, 2010


What we could learn from Iron Man’s Masters

Article about what lessons Marvel Entertainment might hold for the UK film industry and those who strive to make her sustainable.



24th January, 2010


Tesco sets up film studio to adapt hit novels

News article about how the Tesco chain will base movies on books by authors including Jackie Collins, Philip Pullman and Dick Francis.


19th January, 2010


UK cinema attendances 'at seven-year high'


News article about UK cinema admissions in 2009 were at their highest level since 2002, the Film Council has revealed.



13th January, 2010

Times Online

2010: when 3D makes the shift from cinema to home


News article about TV manufacturers and broadcasters are betting heavily that the era of 3-D has arrived. They have launched 3-D TV sets and channels at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in the hope of persuading the public that 2010 will be the year when the technology moves from the cinema to the living room.





In pictures: How the BBC's new Salford base is taking shape


Text and images of BBC’s new Salford base as the BBC announced its intention to move departments out of London in 2004 after deciding it could no longer justify spending the vast majority of the licence fee in the south-east of England.



20th December, 2009

Times Online

Cinema ticket takings hit £1bn


News article about annual ticket sales at British cinemas will crash through the £1 billion mark for the first time thanks to a slew of blockbuster releases.



14th December, 2009


Create 'UK Silicon Valley', report urges government

News article about British Screen Advisory Council study calls for action to ensure creative industries continue to flourish


13th July, 2009


Bruno cut for under-18 audiences


News article about how UK cinema-goers are to be presented with two alternative versions of hit comedy film Bruno from Friday, 24 July.



20th May, 2009


Record year for UK film takings


News article about Oscar-winning drama Slumdog Millionaire and Mamma Mia! helped UK films generate more than $4bn (£2.58bn) in box office takings worldwide in 2008.



16th April, 2009


Commissioning programmes for television


Video of Sue Davidson talking about her career as commissioning editor for Channel 5, at last year's MediaGuardian International Television Festival



29th January, 2008


Why 3D is About to Break Through

News feature about the advancements in 3D cinema technology, and predictions about how it will become more mainstream.



26th September, 2007


Soggy Summer Boosts UK Box Office

News story detailing a 27% increase in cinema attendance in the UK in August 2007, this is attributed partially to the wet weather.



31st October, 2006


Film Fans Faint at Saw III

News story detailing how special effects had made the movie ‘Saw III’ so gory that it has caused cinema goers to actually faint.



4th September, 2006


Increase in US Cinema Attendance

News story about a rise in US cinema attendance in Summer 2006.



23rd March, 2006


Film Fans get Permanent Downloads

News feature about AOLs movie download service that allows users to download a movie for £19.99 to keep permanently.



1st February, 2006


Digital film: Ask the industry


News article about how the digital age is transforming entertainment.



22nd September, 2005


Film industry 'adds £3.1bn to UK'

News article about the UK film industry contributed £3.1bn to Britain's economy in 2004, a report has said, proving it is far from a "luxury item" say supporters.



12th August, 2004


UK film industry focuses on future

News article about recent impressive headlines that have shown the UK film industry in seemingly robust health, with production and employment numbers up and movie goers flocking to the cinema.



26th September, 2002


Smallest cinema in the world opens its doors

News article about what's being claimed as the smallest cinema in the world opened its doors to the public on Friday 27th September 2002.