04 - Bars, Pubs and Clubs

'Venues (or 'units') of varying sizes, where the sale of alcoholic drinks is typically the core business function, and where entertainment is provided to encourage patronage' (Moss, 2009, p.57).

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18th January, 2017

BBC NewsbeatClub launches for over 40s where young people are banned

Story about 40UP a nightclub to open in Sydney Australia for over 40s only. The venue is seeking to capitalise on an ageing population who still have active leisure lifestyles.
19th October, 2016

Resident AdvisorRichie Hawtin and Pioneer DJ team
up for get played get paid

Richie Hawtin and Pioneer DJ have started a campiagn called 'Get Played Get Paid' to address the issue of royalty distribution to artists whose music is played in clubs.
7th October, 2016

BBC NewsLast call: What's happened to London's nightlife? In the past 5 years, there has been a 50% reduction in nightclubs in London, this article explores some of the factors that have contributed to this.

7th September, 2016MixMagFabric's licence has been revoked and the club will close indefinitely

News story about the closure of London nightclub Fabric.
26th August, 2016The Guardian

Save Fabric: Our clubs are under threat like never before

Article highlighting the problems faced by British nightclubs, including drugs, licensing laws and increasing rents.

18th March, 2016

Resident AdvisorWhat's the way forward for UK nightlife?

Discussion about the challenges faced by UK nightlife operators.
16th March, 2016

BBC NewsWhatever happened to the great British nightclub?

Nightclub entry fees are no longer being counted by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) for their annual 'inflation basket', a reflection of the decline in popularity of these high street venues.
7th February, 2016

BBC NewsHow George Orwell influenced the 21st Century pub

Article around the rise of micro-pubs, and how the ethos behind their simple service and qualities were echoed by George Orwell decades before they even existed.
5th February, 2016

The GuardianSydney's fun police have put out the light of the nightlife. The city's a global laughing stock.

Comment on a viral social media piece that criticises Sydney's 'lock-out laws' and regulation of licensed retail premises in the city, which have been blamed for the closure of numerous premises and the 'decimation' of Sydney's nightlife.

30th December, 2015

BBC NewsHow the craft beer revolution startedIn the face of the merger of brewing giants Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller, this article explores the growth of smaller craft micro breweries, that are becoming increasingly competitive in the pub marketplace.

24th November, 2015

BBC NewsDid 24-hour drinking actually change anything?Article examining the past 10 years in England and Wales since the Licensing Act 2005 allowed bars, pubs and clubs to open 24 hours a day. The social impacts (or not) of this are the focus of this article. 

27th October, 2015

MosaicHow we became the heaviest drinkers in a century

Article exploring the social aspects of drinking in post-war Britain and the rise and fall of drinking trends in bars, pubs, clubs and the home.
23rd September, 2015

Cask MarqueThe Cask Report 2015-16The annual Cask Report highlights (amongst other things) the continuing rising demand for good quality cask beer in pubs, variety of choice and techy savvy consumers who share their experiences on social media.

26th August, 2014

ABC NewsSydney lockout laws: Health experts, local businesses at odds six months after new rules introduced

Feature exploring the impacts of 'lockout laws' that were introduced in Sydney, Australia to curb anti-social behaviour in and around licensed venues in the city.
11th August, 2015

BBC NewsbeatUK nightclubs closing at 'alarming rate', industry figures suggest
The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR) has produced figures that show that there are almost half as many nightclubs in the UK in 2015 than there were in 2005.
26th June, 2015The GuardianEnd of the party: how police and councils are calling time on Britain's nightlife

Article discussing the impacts that stringent licensing rules by local authorities are having on the bars, pubs and clubs sector.
25th September, 2014Cask MattersThe Cask Report 2014-15 Volume 8The latest industry report about the UK pub and beer industry, which highlights that cask ale sales are on the increase in pubs, three new breweries open every week in the UK and a wider demographic are now drinking cask ales, however this is not always being recognised by licensees. 
22nd May, 2014BBC News

Even Ulan Bator has Irish pubs

An examination of the global spread of the Irish pub, along with it's current mixed fortunes in different parts of the world.

23rd April, 2014

BBC NewsAre late night brawls a thing of the past?Discussion around the changing drinking habits of Britons that have taken place since changes were made to the licensing act in the early part of the 21st Century, and how this has lead to a reduction in late night violent crimes in some urban centres.

1st April, 2014

BBC NewsDo gay people still need gay bars?

Discussion feature based upon the premise that with steps in some countries being made towards legal equality for gay people, will the notion of a separate social culture die out, and could this have a separate knock-on effect on gay themed bars, pubs and clubs?

15th March, 2014

BBC NewsCould Dubai nightlife bubble burst?

Feature exploring the dramatic growth in clubbing in Dubai, along with a warning that such large growth may not be sustainable in the long term.
13th December, 2013

The GuardianSantaCon tries to clean up its act for New York bar-hopping event

Feature about a New York bar crawl themed around Santa Claus which has attracted criticism and legal challenges from both authorities and local residents.
27th September, 2013

BBC Fast TrackParty town bars that anger local residentsVideo feature taken around Budapest where an increase in alcotourism is concerning local residents through increases in noise and anti-social behaviour.

14th August, 2013

BBC News

The places where the pubs are boarded up

Discussion around the continuing decline of the pub industry in the UK, which cites a variety of political, social and economic factors that have contributed to this.


31st July, 2013

BBC News The quiet death of the alcopop

Discussion around the rise and fall of alcopops, alongside a wider narrative around young people's drinking habits, which reveals that there is a decline in alchohol consumption amongst 16 - 24 year olds.

26th June, 2013 BBC News

Digital bar flies: Pub where everybody knows your game

Feature about the Meltdown Pub in London, which is the first British pub to open that is themed around gaming, and may offer an insight into a new avenue for the struggling pub industry to explore.

12th April, 2013

BBC News

US craft beer: How it inspired British brewers

Feature about the rise of small independent breweries in the USA, which have produced beer that has become fashionable in the UK and inspired British start-ups to replicate.



23rd October, 2012

BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat

Beer sales in pubs and supermarkets fall again across UK 

Sales of beer in British pubs fell by 4.8%, with 51 million fewer pints poured, while supermarkets and off-licence sales were down by 6.5%.

The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) is accusing the government of damaging the brewing industry through tax increases.

28th September, 2012

BBC Radio 1 NewsbeatReal ale sales rise for the first time in 20 yearsNews article about the Cask Report 2012-13, which demonstrates that real ale sales have increased in the UK by 1.6%.
4th September, 2012       BBC News         Ian Lucas MP bids to ban glass in violent bars and clubs This article is outlining that nightclubs and pubs with a history of violent incidents should be forced to serve drinks in plastic bottles and cups instead of glass (said by Labour MP Ian Lucas).   

21st August, 2012

BBC News

Rail ale trail concerns residents

Case study feature highlighting a conflict of interests between residents and pubs in villages that are on the route of a 'pub crawl' in Northern England.


18th August, 2012

BBC News Cairo's barflies wait for Brotherhood's take on beer

News article that looks at the potential threat to bars selling alcohol in the Egyptian capital Cairo, in the wake of the appointment of an Islamic President in the Muslim Brotherhood controlled government.

18th July, 2012

BBC News

1940s drinking law 'out of step with modern India'

News video highlighting tensions in the Indian city of Mumbai between people wanting to engage with the city's night-time economy and the local law enforcement. this is seen by some as a clash of old and new values in India.



23rd March, 2012

BBC News Government tries to curb alcohol 'pre loading'

News video featuring an interview with UK Home Secretary Theresa May about proposals to set minimum alcohol prices at 40p per unit. This is in a bid to combat 'pre loading' or 'pre drinking' of pub and club goers before they leave the home. This could work both to the benefit of bars, pubs and clubs but also against them in that it will limit their special offers.


18th March, 2012

BBC News Licensed trade concern at late night levy for pubs and clubs

News feature about concerns over the British government's proposed ruling to charge late opening bars, pubs and clubs an annual fee towards policing the effects of late night drinking in town and city centres. 

16th March, 2012

BBC News

Brewers have started to weaken beer to save on tax

News video higlighting a trend by UK based brewers to weaken the alcohol by volume of their beers and lagers in order to save money in taxes.



2nd March, 2012

BBC News Has Britain fallen out of love with lager?

News story that highlights the decline in popularity of lager in the UK, along with a rise in the popularity of cider and real ales.
13th November, 2011 BBC News Nightclub tragedy highlights the dangers of crowds

Discussion article around the dangers presented by crowds within venues following the deaths of two woman in a UK nightclub stampede.
11th November, 2011

The Guardian  The world's first cocaine bar Case study of Route 36 in La Paz, Bolivia, an illegal cocaine bar, which is attracting drug tourists from around the world.
1st November, 2011

BBC News Scottish parliament to debate minimum price for alcohol

News video about plans to reintroduce a minimum price for a unit of alcohol in Scotland.
30th October, 2011 BBC News

South Wales Police back fingerprinting for clubbers

News story about South Wales Police encouraging nightclubs and licensed venues to use technology to help tackle problems with revellers. This technology includes passport, driving license and finger print scanners - but this has raised civil liberties concerns.

29th October, 2011

BBC News Jimmy Savile: 'I invented the disco'

Interview with the late Sir Jimmy Savile in which he reveals how he invented the concept of the modern disco, whereby he played records for people to dance to on a gramophone. Later Sir Jimmy innovated in dance halls by having two turntables, so as to minimise the gaps between songs.

27th October, 2011 The Stage Luminar enters administration

News story about the UK’s largest nightclub operator, Luminar, which has been placed in administration after its banks refused to guarantee sufficient funds to meet imminent loan repayments.

1st October, 2011 BBC News

Cigarette vending machines banned in England

The sale of tobacco from vending machines has been banned in England, with anyone caught selling cigarettes from a machine facing a fine of up to £2,500. Pub owners have stated that this is another factor that will negatively effect their businesses.

20th September, 2011 BBC News Under 25s in France turn to binge drinking

News video about the 'export' of binge drinking from Britain to France, and the effect that this is having upon French law and society.

10th September, 2012

BBC News

Plans to scrap entertainment licences put forward

News story about British government plans to scrap the need for entertainment licences in venues with less than a 5,000 capacity.


28th June, 2012

BBC News

Time called on pub quiz cheats

Video feature about the threat to the pub quiz by the increased proliferation of internet ready smartphones.


March 2011

Leeds Guide
The rise of real ale
Feature examining the rise in popularity of real ales, which in a shrinking pub market comes as a welcome relief to many in the industry.

17th March, 2011

St Patrick's Day starts boom time for pubs
Feature exploring how pubs utilise cultural celebrations such as St Patrick's Day and events such as The Royal Wedding and Six Nation's rugby to bolster trade.

28th January, 2011

BBC Newsbeat
Five tricks to make you buy more booze
Interest story highlighting five methods which the licensed trade uses to sell more alcohol.

18th January, 2011
Minimum alcohol price levels planned by coalition
News story detailing plans by the British government to introduce a minimum price for alcohol in England and Wales. The minimum pricing would work out at 38p for a can of weak lager and £10.71 for a litre bottle of vodka, which critics argue does not go far enough.

2nd January, 2011
Spanish revellers stub out cigarettes as new law takes force
News story detailing Spain's tough new anti-smoking laws, which some bodies are saying will reduce patronage in bars, pubs and clubs by 10%.


14th October, 2010


Pub sector 'ties' cleared by Office of Fair Trading

News article about pub landlords being forced to buy beer from breweries, being cleared by the OFT. The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) estimate that tied pub landlords pay about £20,000 more for their beer a year which they could not buy on the open market.


7th October, 2010
What does the price of a pint say about a pub?
Discussion article focusing on the varying rates that drinkers pay for a pint of beer in the UK.

 4th June, 2010 BBC
Do you know how much you drink?

Labeling of unit content on alcohol sold in supermarkets, off-licences and pubs must improve and should be mandatory, according to a leading medical expert. This interest story explores the ignorance of many alcohol consumers as to the number of units of alcohol they are consuming.


 1st June, 2010


 New mandatory safety training for bouncers

News video about government plans to implement new safety training for bouncers in the UK. This would involve first aid as well as control and restraint techniques, industry concerns are that the costs for this will be passed on to employers, and ultimately the general public in terms of drink prices.


20th May, 2010


Aged 36 and can't get served

News article about the result of the change in alcohol licensing laws. An increasing number of people - some in their 30s and 40s - are being asked for proof of age when buying alcohol.


20th May, 2010


Coalition policy: Alcohol loss leaders
ban proposed

News article about the UK's coalition government pledging to ban the sale of alcohol below cost price in an effort to cut binge drinking in England and Wales.


22nd April, 2010


Guildford councillors reject Casino's gambling plan


News article about a Surrey nightclub's plan to install fruit machines with a bumper jackpot has been thwarted by a local authority.



23rd February, 2010


Save Ministry of Sound

News article about the iconic nightclub launching petition as its future is threatened.


25th November, 2009


Ten top UK brew pubs

News piece about how despite fears for the future of UK pub culture, independent microbreweries are one industry success story, with over 500 nationwide.


5th November, 2009


Top 10 pubs for gunpowder, rebellion and plots

News piece: If only walls had ears ... these historic pubs have overheard secrets from the Gunpowder Plot to Karl Marx's proletarian revolution and the birth of modern cricket


22nd July, 2009


New life for an old pub

News article about Britain's pubs closing at a rate of 52 a week. In March the Magazine reported on the last days of a village pub in East Sussex. It's reopened, but how does the new landlord hope to make it work?


5th April, 2009


Blow the roof off

News article about the Criminal Justice Bill and the rise of clubbing didn't kill off outdoor raving, says Tom Parker, the scene just went deeper underground


18th March, 2009

Times Online

Luminar chief predicts tough times for nightclubs

News article about the head of Britain's biggest nightclub operator predicted yesterday that half the UK's estimated 2,700 nightclubs could fail over the next 18 months.


4th March, 2009


Pubs Closure Crisis Summit

Video news article about the threat to pubs of a variety of STEEPLE factors, including the recession, increased taxes on alcohol, and the growing trend of buying alcohol in shops to drink at home.


19th January, 2009


Pub Closures on the Increase

Video news feature about threats to pubs, and their need to diversify their business, including becoming coffee shops, and selling take-away pizzas. The article mentions that 39 pubs per week are closing in the UK.


11th January, 2009

Times Online

The new nightclubs for teens

News article about news nightclubs for teens: no booze, no drugs and absolutely no parents. Meet the 18-year-old entrepreneur behind a teen clubbing revolution


23rd November, 2008


Is this the birth of the superpub?

News article about how the Hotel du Vin group is launching a chain of posh pubs with rooms.


7th August, 2008


10 best outdoor dancefloors in the UK

News article about how since the smoking ban, UK punters have embraced outdoor nightlife like never before. So dance beneath the stars at one of these alfresco venues.


11th July, 2008


Dance Club ‘with a conscience’

Video news piece about a London nightclub which claims to be eco-friendly.


10th July, 2008


ECO-club Powered by Dancefloor

Video news article about a London nightclub which claims to be eco-friendly. A nightclub in Kings Cross, which will be powered by its own dancefloor, has been billed the world's first "Eco" dance venue.


9th March, 2008


US Drinkers Upstage Smoking Ban

News story about bars circumventing smoking ban rules in the Minnesota by parading as theatres, with their customers the performers.


23rd September, 2007


Most Smokers ‘not flouting ban’

News story highlighting the positive effects of the smoking ban in England, and how it has largely been respected in licensed venues.


5th March, 2007

Times Online

Clubs and bars warned over laughing gas

News article about nightclubs warned that they could be prosecuted for selling nitrous oxide, better known as laughing gas, to customers.


11th September, 2006


Pubs ‘healthier’ after Smoke ban

News story reflecting the positive aspect of the smoking ban on pubs in Scotland, particularly for employees.


9th December, 2004


Hearing dangers of nightclub work

News article about a report published this week stating nightclub staff face permanent hearing loss because of constant exposure to loud music. Is enough being done to protect the hearing of club workers?


3rd October, 2004

Times Online

Nightclubs to get annual licences for late opening

News article about how nightclubs are to be given annual licences to open late — but they could be revoked if the result is noise and street violence in the middle of the night.